Inscriptions on the gravestones in St Andrew's Churchyard
(Sections J-Q)

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This list is divided into sections A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, K, L, M, N, P, Q corresponding to the areas of the graveyard.

The numbers alloted to the graves correspond to those given in the field "Graves" of the Burials table. If you want to search alphabetically for a surname buried before 1988, you can do a full search of the Burials file to find the grave number (if any), then look here.


Section J

JA01: Treasured memories of ALFRED the beloved husband of Lydia CURNOW fell asleep Aug. 29th 1953 aged 58 years. "In God's keeping". Dear dad from Mary.


JA02: In loving memory of a dear husband and father FRANK SIBLEY died 14th Feb. 1954 aged 86 years. Also of his beloved wife ADA CROUT SIBLEY died 1st Feb. 1960 aged 86 years. And their son FRANCIS WILLIAM died 13th June 1980 aged 64 years.


JA03: In loving memory of FRANCIS HENRY MASTERS died 22nd Feb. 1954 aged 67. Also FLORENCE LOUISE his wife died 23rd December 1958 aged 70. At peace.




JA05: To JACK from his friends. (Jack Eva).


JA06: In loving memory of my dear husband WILLIAM FRANK RICE died 26th Jan. 1955 aged 37.


JA08: In memory of KATE SHEPPARD born 2nd November 1864 died 28th February 1956 aged 91 years. And of her husband WALTER WILLIAM SHEPPARD interred at Merton, Surrey, died 21st August 1943 aged 74 years. "Safe in God's keeping".


JB03: In loving memory of JOHN WILLIAM ROBERTS beloved husband of Beatrice died 14th May 1953 aged 76 years. Also of BEATRICE MARY his beloved wife died 25th April 1954 aged 74 years. Reunited.


JB04: In loving memory of FREDERICK ARNOLD FORWARD who died August 11th 1953 aged 40. "Thy will be done". To Fred from his friends at the Union Inn.


JB06: In loving memory of CLARA (KIT) the beloved wife of William Bowden DAVEY died 5th Aug. 1954. Rest in peace. Also WILLIAM BOWDEN DAVEY died 15th Feb. 1970 aged 86 years. At rest.


JB07: In loving memory of STANLEY PRINCE died 11th Oct. 1955 aged 79. Also of his wife AGNES LOUISE died 21st Feb. 1956 aged 81.


JB08: In loving memory of BERTRAM JOHN LANE died 25th Feb. 1956 aged 66 years. Also LOUISA beloved wife of the above died 23rd Sept. 1956 aged 70 years. Reunited.


JC02:In loving memory of SAM WELLINGTON who passed away May 2nd 1952 aged 66 years. At rest. And of his wife ALICE reunited Feb. 28th 1958 aged 80 years.


JC03: In loving memory of ALMA MARY dearly beloved wife of Edwin BOWDEN passed peacefully away June 30th 1952 aged 66 years. Peace perfect peace. Also of EDWIN passed away February 11th 1968 aged 83 years. Reunited.


JC04: In fond remembrance of IVY YEOMAN devoted wife of Reginald and mother of Roy and Rex who fell asleep July 16th 1952 aged 57. Also of REGINALD YEOMAN died Aug. 1st 1982 aged 82. The day thou gavest. Also of DAISY MAY YEOMAN wife of Reginald died Aug. 6th 1993 aged 84. Abide with me.


JC05: In loving memory of JASPER DAW died 29th July 1952 aged 75 years. "In heavenly love abiding". Also BELVIDERA wife of the above died 5th March 1956 aged 80 years. Also of their son FREDERICK STUART and dearly loved husband of Netta died 7th Dec. 1959 aged 58.


JC06: In loving memory of GEORGE HERBERT beloved husband of Annie COTTLE died 3rd July 1954 aged 69 years. Rest in peace. Also of his beloved wife ANNIE COTTLE died 16th February 1956 aged 77 years. Reunited in eternal life. Also of their daughter BEATRICE MARY died January 13th 1970 aged 54 years. Always remembered.


JC08: In loving memory of EDITH MAUD beloved wife of W. FLOYD died 25 April 1956 aged 74. And of her husband WILLIAM reunited 11 Sept. 1957 aged 80.


JD01: In loving memory of GRACE DODD who passed away August 23rd 1951 aged 72. Also of ALFRED husband of the above died March 16th 1973 aged 95 years. At rest. And their children LESLIE DODD 1916 - 1988. DOROTHY COLE 1918 - 1994. CECIL DODD 1909 - 1995. FLORENCE DODD 1910 - 1996.


JD02: In loving memory of EMILY beloved wife of Fred EAST who passed peacefully away Dec. 27th 1951 aged 69 years. Also of FRED husband of the above died July 24th 1954 aged 71 years. Reunited.


JD04: In loving memory of BESSIE WEBBER died Feb. 9th 1952 aged 57 years. Rest in the Lord.


JD05: In loving memory of JACK beloved husband of Clarice AGGETT died 14th Feb. 1952 aged 58. To Jack from his pals. Also his beloved wife CLARICE died 2nd August 1997 aged 93.


JD06: In loving memory of GEORGE LUSCOMBE died 26th Oct. 1953 aged 77. And ALICE AGGETT LUSCOMBE died 22nd May 1976 aged 97. Reunited.


JD07: In loving memory of FRANK SOPER the dearly beloved husband of Lily who died Dec. 18th 1955. At rest. Also of his loving wife LILY who died June 3oth 1973 aged 88. Reunited.


JD08:In memory of IDA SAWYER born Aug. 1890 died Aug. 1956. Also of her beloved husband ROBERT born Dec. 1879 died March 1961. Reunited. A mother, friend & a pal.


JE01: In loving memory of WILLIAM beloved husband of Annie GREENING died 15th Dec. 1950 aged 72. Also ANNIE GREENING died 29th May 1971 aged 89.


JE02: In loving memory of my dear parents EMILY MORTIMORE died Jan. 13th 1951 aged 72 years. FRANK MORTIMORE died Nov. 5th 1954 aged 75. Reunited.


JE03: In loving memory of JOHN beloved husband of Ellen OUGH died 30th Jan. 1951 aged 82. At rest. Also of his wife ELLEN died 12th Oct. 1964, aged 88. Reunited.


JE04: In loving memory of HERBERT GEORGE FRIEND beloved husband of Rose who passed away May 8th 1951 aged 62 years. "Until the day breaks". Also of ROSE ELLEN his loving wife died March 28th 1977 aged 86 years. R.A.O.B. In loving memory of my darling husband CHARLIE died Nov. 8th 1976 aged 57. R.I.P.


JE05: In loving memory of ALBERT EDWARD JOHN OPIE died July 18th 1951 aged 23 years. "In God's keeping". Also of ELIZABETH JANE OPIE mother of the above died March 5th 1954 aged 55 years. R.I.P.


JE06: In loving memory of HARRY OPIE who passed away on March 3rd 1953 aged 66 years. Thy will be done.


JE07: In loving memory of our dear parents ALFRED MARTIN died 18th January 1956 aged 75 years. OLIVE MAY MARTIN died 3rd February 1956 aged 62 years. At rest.


JE08: In loving memory of ROBERT beloved husband of Catherine WANNELL died Sept. 14th 1956 aged 69 years.


JF01: In loving memory of JOHN UNDERHILL (JACK) who passed peacefully away June 8th 1950 aged 78. He suffered patiently, and long at rest.


JF02: In loving memory of HILDA LOUISE beloved wife of Laurence WISKEN called to rest Aug. 20th 1950 aged 30 years. "Thy will be done". In loving memory of Mummy.


JF03: In loving memory of ROBERT P. HOLT who passed away Sept. 8th 1950 aged 54 years. "Thy will be done". Dad.


JF04: To the dear memory of THOMAS GILLBERT died Nov. 30th 1950 aged 71. At rest. Also of BLANCHE his dearly loved wife reunited Nov. 21st 1968 aged 79. In cherished memory of WILLIAM ARTHUR HIRON died 29th October 1987 aged 78 years.


JF05: In loving memory of MEAY wife of Colonel Charles HAROLD born September 1881 died October 1951. R.I.P.


JF07: In loving memory of LAWRENCE E. JAMES beloved husband of Edith died 16th Sept. 1956. Also of his beloved wife EDITH died 7th July 1962.


JF08: H.B.S. KEMP died Nov. 13th 1956. M. KEMP died June 10th 1973.


JG02: Treasured memories of a devoted husband and father JOHN LEA called to rest Jan. 16th 1960 aged 66 years. Also of his dear wife MINNIE LEA called to rest Nov. 13th 1955 aged 75 years. Granny & Grandad from Joy. Resting where no shadows fall.




JG07: In loving memory of LUCY the beloved wife of Joseph ADDEMS who fell asleep April 8th 1957 aged 66 years. Also of the above JOSEPH ADDEMS who died November 3rd 1958 aged 74 years.


JG08: CHARLES HENRY WESTLAKE died 27th July 1957 aged 69. Also his beloved wife ANNIE MAUD died 23rd December 1968 aged 85.


JH02: In loving memory of JOHN LUSCOMBE who passed away September 5th 1949 aged 78. "Peace perfect peace". Also SUSAN LUSCOMBE beloved wife of the above died 4th July 1951 aged 78. At rest.


JH03: In loving memory of WILLIAM beloved husband of Susan MOORE died Oct. 25th 1949 aged 64 years. Also SUSAN beloved wife died June 20th 1965 aged 74 years. R.I.P. In memory of BILL MOORE died 22 March 1980. Also of DORA beloved wife of the above died 10 Sept. 1989.


JH04: In loving memory of SGT. DOUGLAS J. REEMAN beloved husband of Betty who departed this life April 20th 1951 aged 30. "Resting in God's garden". Also of his mother SARAH LILIAN and beloved wife of Herbert James died July 10th 1959 aged 66. Life's work well done. In loving memory of HERBERT JAMES REEMAN died 2nd April 1967 aged 82.


JH07: In loving memory of EUNICE BEATRICE MARY beloved wife of Frank WANNELL died 24th Jan. 1958 aged 75. Also of FRANK her beloved husband died 30th May 1960 aged 72. Reunited.


JH08: In loving memory of GEORGE SNELL died 27th July 1957 aged 83. Also his wife SELINA died 26th Feb. 1959 aged 84. At rest.


JJ01: In loving memory of MELINDA LILY beloved wife of Jack LAWLEY died May 14th 1949 aged 40 years. Also of her husband JACK who died 5th August 1952 aged 66 years. "Reunited". "At rest".


JJ02: In ever loving memory of JOHN GREENAWAY COLMAN died 19th July 1949 aged 82. Also of EMILY his wife who passed peacefully away April 15th 1954 aged 81. "Until".


JJ04: In memory of BESSIE HARWOOD died April 5th 1951. At rest.


JJ06: PERCY SIMPSON died 21st August 1953. ETHEL SIMPSON died 19th June 1964.


JJ08: In loving memory of WINIFRED PERRING 7.3.1958 aged 57. Also RICHARD 16.12.1976. aged 82.


JK01: In loving memory of MARIA BEALE who died February 28th 1949 aged 82 years.


JK02: In loving memory of HANNAH SMITH died March 3rd 1949. Also of her sister ANN SMITH who died April 1st 1951.


JK03: In loving memory of ALICE MARY beloved wife of Reginald Miller AGGETT passed away 23rd March 1949 aged 32 years. At rest.


JK04: In loving memory of KELVIN beloved child of J. & E. CORNISH died 26th Sept. 1950 aged 5 months. NIMMY.


JK05: In loving memory of JENNIFER ANNE DAWE died 2nd August 1952 aged 10.


JK06: In loving memory of SYBIL MARGARET beloved wife of Richard Halstead DOBSON who died 22nd May 1953 aged 30 years.



Section K

KA01: In memory of JAMES POWLESLAND who died 23rd July 1967 aged 77.


KA02: In loving memory of ELIZABETH A. PLEACE died 10th August 1967 aged 75 years. Also her husband ERNEST GEORGE PLEACE died 20th April 1979 aged 91 years. Reunited.


KA03: In loving memory of our dear mother LILLIAN LANDICK died 16th September 1967 aged 83 years. At rest.


KA04: In remembrance of ALFRED LEGG died January 28th 1969. Also his beloved wife GWENDOLINE DOROTHY RICHARDS LEGG died Nove,ber 28th 1988. At rest.


KA06: In loving memory of WILLIAM WOOLLAND COLRIDGE beloved husband of Hilda Ellen died 22nd August 1968 aged 76 years. R.I.P. Also of his loving wife HILDA died 26th April 1979 aged 79 years. Reunited.


KB01: In loving memory of JAMES WOTTON passed away 26th January 1967 aged 82 years. Also of OLIVE SUSAN CLARK WOTTON his wife who died January 8th 1970 aged 85 years.


KB02: In memory of MARY ADELINE beloved wife of Percy LEIGH died 29th Dec. 1966 aged 74 years. And of her dear husband PERCY who died 20th May 1969 aged 79 years.


KB03: In memory of GEORGE RATCLIFF beloved husband of May who died 11th July 1966 aged 93. And of his loving wife EMMELINE MAY who died 7th Feb. 1969 aged 72. Rest in peace.


KB05: In memory of WILLIAM CECIL COLLINS die 26th Nov. 1965 aged 65.


KB06: JOHN DAVID PRINCE died 8th October 1965 aged 24 years.


KC01: In loving memory of MARGARET JOAN HILL who died 12th December 1966 aged 33 years. Our dear sister.


KC02: In loving memory. GWENLLIAN PERTWEE died 4th Oct. 1965 in her 98th year.


KC03: In loving memory of CYRIL JOHN SHEARS the beloved husband of Winifred died 17th Aug. 1965 aged 53 years. At rest. In memory of CYRIL from his workmates.


KC05: Sacred to the memory of a dear husband and father JAMES RICHARD FARR called to rest 7th April 1965. Resting where no shadows fall. Also KATHLEEN MARY FARR called to rest 20th Feb. 1990.


KC06: Cherished memories of ALBERT EDWARD HILL beloved husband of Dorothy Agnes died 1st March 1965 aged 70 years. Also of his dearest wife DOROTHY AGNES died 23rd May 1982 aged 85 years. Sweet is the memory of those that loved them.


KD01: In memory of GEOFFREY H. GIBSON 1913 - 1965. Rest in peace.


KD02: In loving memory of LILIAN BALL died 27th November 1964 aged 72 years. One is nearest God?s heart in a garden.


KD03: Here rests JANET HAMILTON EARNSHAW M.A. who died September 8th 1964. Resting with her beloved husband JAMES WILLIAM EARNSHAW M.A. who died February 6th 1968. The Lord bless thee and give thee his peace.


KD04: In ever loving memory of GEORGE HOOPER of Narramore Farm died April 29th 1964 aged 78 years. And his brother ERNEST beloved husband of Elsie Mary died May 13th 1980 aged 84 years.


KD06: In loving memory of ELLAIONA DONEY died 3rd September 1963. Also HERBERT husband of the above died 21st January 1967.


KE01: In loving memory of our sister B.F. BISHOP (BEE) passed away 29th Dec. 1962.


KE02: In loving memory of MAY ELIZABETH beloved wife of James E.B. PRICE died 9th March 1963.


KE03: In loving memory of WILLIAM JOHN TAYLOR beloved husband of Elizabeth passed away February 8th 1964 aged 83 years. And of ELIZABETH passed away april 26th 1965 aged 84 years. Reunited.


KE04: In loving memory of FREDERICK EDWARD HEYWARD beloved husband of Edith Mary died 19th Jan. 1964 aged 84. Also of EDITH MARY HEYWARD died 2nd May 1962 aged 91. Reunited.


KE06: In loving memory of ALBERT J.G. PARTRIDGE the beloved husband of Gladys and dear father of Dorothy died 12th March 1963 aged 70 years. To HARRY from his friends at the Plymouth Inn.


KF02: In loving memory of BERTIE PELLOWE 1891 - 1962. FLORENCE LUCY PELLOWE 1902 - 1989. Sadly missed.


KF04: In loving memory of SIDNEY LANGWORTHY who passed away May 17th 1962 aged 65 years. Also LENA WILLIAMS carried home March 10th 1970 aged 77 years. Also in loving memory of GWILYM WILLIAMS devoted husband of Lena who passed away December 5th 1973 in his 75th year.


KF06: In loving memory of CHARLES REX YEOMAN died 7th March 1962 aged 31 years. Thy will be done. Also of his twin brother ROY WILLIAM YEOMAN died 19th December 1996 aged 65 years.


KG03: In loving memory of REGINALD MOORE who fell asleep Nov. 4th 1961 aged 65 years. "The day thou gavest". ALICE HANNAH MOORE March 17th 1977 aged 86 years. Reunited.


KG04: RICHARD MALLETT 1913 - 1961. Rest in peace. DORA ELIZABETH MALLETT 1912 - 1964.


KG05: In loving memory of EMILY HANNAH LAMACRAFT who fell asleep Jan. 17th 1961 aged 66 years. "Until the day break".


KG06: DAVID beloved son of R. & P. HILL fell asleep 7th Jan. 1961 aged 2 years. Ever in our thoughts, darling. Love from Sylvia. With love from grans & grandads.


KH03: P.F. BRITTAIN ("BRITT") 1878 - 1960.


KH04: In ever loving memory of ELSIE ARAM SANDERS who fell asleep 29th March 1960 aged 63 years. Peace perfect peace.


KH05: In ever loving memory of WILLIAM HENRY dearly loved husband of Violet Marianne SANDERS and father of Hilary fell asleep 4th February 1960 aged 69 years. At rest. Also his beloved wife VIOLET mother of Hilary fell asleep 3rd December 1997 aged 89 years.


KH06: SCOTT CRAWSHAW 17 December 1906 - 24 November 1959. I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills. Darling Scott. Remembered always with love by Mary & Gay.


KJ04: In loving memory of HARRIET ANN beloved wife of William Richard RICE died 27th Jan. 1960 aged 76 years. Also of her husband WILLIAM RICHARD died 3rd Oct. 1963 aged 79 years. Reunited. At rest. In memory of their beloved daughter VIOLET E. VOISEY and dear wife of Reg. died 6th Oct. 1974 aged 65. Also her husband REG died 17th March 1994 aged 88. Reunited.


KK01: In loving memory of MARY JANE widow of John COLWILL of Hartland and Rowlands Castle born 8 Sept. 1870 died 13 May 1959. Father in thy gracious keeping, Leave we now our loved one sleeping.


KK04: A.M. MILLER born 1889 died 1974. J.H. MILLER born 1887 died 1958.


KK05: In loving memory of father and mother.


KK06: In loving memory of SIDNEY JOHN COLWILL passed away 16th Sept. 1958 aged 73 years. Also of his wife BESSIE passed away 21st May 1966 aged 78 years.


Section L

LA01: In loving memory of WILLIAM GEORGE PEARDON who passed away 9th September 1985. Also his loving wife BETTY who passed away 12th February 1982. A dearly loved mother and father of Robin. Until we meet again.


LA02: OLIVE WATTS died 25.1.78 aged 86. A.M. MILLER born 1889 died 1974. J.H. MILLER born 1887 died 1958.


LB01: In loving memory of FREDERICK WILLIAM ADCOCK died 12th July 1978 aged 75 years. Also of his wife IVY MAY died 3rd June 1989 aged 78 years.


LB02: WILLIAM G. MARSDEN who died 15th August 1977 aged 78, beloved husband of Doris Hannah for 40 years. In thee, O Lord, do I put my trust. Also of DORIS HANNAH beloved wife of William who died 25th July 1978 aged 64. Reunited. Grandma & grandpa love Mary & Timothy.


LB03: In loving memory of REGINALD NORMAN ROBERT CHUDLEY beloved husband of Margaret died 22nd November 1988 aged 84 years.


LC01: In memory of my beloved husband WILLIAM WOOLACOTT died 20th July 1977 aged 79. Also his beloved wife LILY died 7th April 1999 aged 93.


LC02: GEORGE. (French).


LC03: Treasured memories of PHYLLIS HILL beloved wife of Ron who fell asleep April 28th 1977 aged 49. A devoted wife and mother.


LC04: Dear to the memory of FRED W. BALLAMY died 28th March 1977 aged 55.


LC05: In loving memory of VIOLET MORTIMORE died 5th August 1976 aged 74 years. Also FRANK MORTIMORE died 24th april 1978 aged 76 years.


LC06: In loving memory of ALFRED GEORGE SNOW died 20th March 1976.


LC07: In loving memory of EDITH LEE aged 78 years, born August 23rd 1897 died February 11th 1976. I look for the resurrection of the dead and the life of the world to come.

LC08: In remembrance of WILLIAM PEARDON who passed away March 9th 1977 aged 86, beloved husband of Margaret. Peace perfect peace. Also his loving wife MARGARET died 16th May 1982 aged 86. A dearly loved mother and father. Not gone from memory, Not gone from love. To Dad with love, Margaret.


LC09: In treasured memory of DAVID NORMAN CHUDLEY called to rest July 18th 1974 aged 38 darling husband of Margaret. So deeply loved and so sadly missed. To Dad love Clifford.


LD01: In loving memory of MARGARET M.A. CLAPP (MILLIE) called to rest 5th Nov. 1975 aged 60 years.


LD02: MAY. (Slee).


LD03: TORICK AMEER ALI 1891 - 1975. MARY LOUISE AMEER ALI 1894 - 1980.


LD04: In ever loving memory of LEONARD JAMES UNDERHILL who died 10th June 1975 aged 62 years.


LD05: EDWARD S. POCOCK 1900 - 1975. ELSIE H. POCOCK 1899 - 1979. Reunited. In memory. MICHAEL POCOCK 1931 - 1996. PAUL POCOCK 1936 -


LD06: In loving memory of ZILLAH TROTT died 12th March 1975 aged 82.


LD07: EMILY AGGETT 25.12.74. aged 66.


LD08: In ever loving memory of AGNES ROSALIND GERMON dearly loved wife of Herbert who passed away 25th March 1974 aged 85 years. "We shall meet again".


LE01: In loving memory of CHARLES H. BRIMBLECOMBE died 13.9.1973 aged 74.


LE02: GILLIAN MARGARET DENNY 1911 - 1973. "Jill". She was greatly loved.


LE04: In loving memory of GEORGE HATHAWAY.


LE05: Loving memories. CERIDWEN CHUDLEY died 12th Jan. 1973 aged 66. Also of ARTHUR died 22 Nov. 1991 aged 81.


LE07: In loving memory of OWEN CHUDLEY died 22nd October 1972 aged 66 years. Also of his beloved wife NORA KATHLEEN died 19th November 1983 aged 76 years.


LE08: In loving memory of MILLIE FLORENCE AVERY who passed away July 9 1972 aged 53 years.


LE09: In loving memory of KATHLEEN MAY WARRY called to rest 23rd January 1972 aged 52 years.


LE11: In loving memory of DOROTHY YEOMAN 1905 - 1969. Also her husband FRED YEOMAN 1901 - 1991. In loving memory of our dear mother MAY Reg & Doris.


LF01: Sacred to the memory of MARIE LOUISE second daughter of John Henry and Lillian Wills HEYWARD 1897 - 1971.


LF06: In loving memory of ALBERT CROSS died Jan. 21st 1971 and his devoted wife VIOLET MAY died Feb. 11th 1971. Reunited.


LF07: In loving memory of ARTHUR DONALD AISH died 25th December 1970 aged 66 years. Also his beloved wife EDITH died 2nd May 1987 aged 79 years. Reunited.


LF08: In loving memory of EVA JANE YEOMAN died 29th August 1970 aged 78 years. Also of her beloved husband WILLIAM HENRY died 26th June 1973 aged 83 years. Reunited.


LF09: In loving memory of my dear husband BERT WELLINGTON who died 23rd June 1970 aged 69.


LF10: In loving memory of WILLIAM SNELL died 12th June 1970 aged 73 years and ROSINA SNELL died 16th January 1983 aged 87 years.


LG01: In loving memory of FRANCES D. WOTTON of Meacombe beloved wife of William died 13th April 1970 aged 80 years. Also of WILLIAM beloved husband of the above died 14th October 1971 aged 79 years.


LG04: In loving memory of WILLIAM RICHARD FLOYD who died December 8th 1969 aged 63 years.


LG05: In loving memory of WILLIAM MARTIN beloved husband of May 1887 - 1969. R.I.P. Also of his wife MAY died January 28 1978 aged 86 years. Reunited.


LG06: In loving memory of ELSIE UNDERHILL died 3rd August 1969 aged 73. Love from the grand-children. Rest in peace.


LG07: In loving memory of GERTRUDE BALLAMY died 14th June 1969 aged 75. Also of WILLIAM beloved husband of Gertrude died 5th Jan. 1987 aged 92.


LG08:In loving memory of my dear sister JANE WEBBER who died 9th April 1969 aged 69. Gone, but not forgotten.


LG09: In memory of SAMUEL HILL died 20th Feb. 1969 aged 77.


LG10: In cherished memory of HERBERT FRANCIS WEEKES who entered into rest 13th January 1969 aged 83 years. Loved and remembered by all who knew him.


LG11: In loving memory of my dear wife ETHEL MAY GOODING died 29th March 1968 aged 58. Also of FRED GOODING died 7th April 1970 aged 62. Reunited in God's keeping. To NANNIE love from the grandchildren. To Grandad love from the grandchildren.



Section M

MA01: OHN JAMES BROWNE 24th January 1940. EMMA BROWNE 23rd March 1949.


MA02In: loving memory of RICHARD GROSS CRABB died Aug. 1st 1941 aged 59. R.I.P. Also of SELINA his wife died April 10th 1969 aged 85. Reunited. In loving memory of DULCIE LYDIA CLEAVE beloved wife of George died Jan. 8th 1989 aged 71 years. Also THOMAS GEORGE CLEAVE died July 13th 1991 aged 76 years. Reunited for ever.


MA04: In loving memory of EDITH MAY beloved wife of W.J. SPRAGUE died Feb. 18th 1941, and WILLIAM JOHN died Jan. 31st 1980. At rest.


MA05: In loving memory of MARJORIE MARY beloved daughter of John REDDAWAY died Decr. 17th 1943 aged 33 years. Peace perfect peace.


MA06: In loving memory of LEONORA BEATRICE POTTER died October 14th 1944 aged 68 years.


MB03: In loving memory of JAMES beloved husband of Jessie BEER died April 30th 1942 aged 76. Also his wife JESSIE passed away January 31st 1946 aged 69 years. At rest.


MB05: EVA PRICE-JONES 25th Sept. 1943. WINIFRED THOMAS 19th Sept. 1945.


MB06: In loving memory of FRANK COLE late of Adley, Chagford, who died June 12th 1944 and of MABEL ALICE COLE his beloved wife died July 17th 1951 aged 72 years.


MB07: In treasured memory of THOMAS BROOKS died Jan. 3rd 1945. In silence remembered. Also of his beloved wife MATILDA GLADYS died June 10th 1949. Reunited. To grandad. In loving memory of ROWLAND CHARLES BROOKS beloved husband of Agnes who passed away 31st Oct. 1978.


MC02: In loving memory of ELLEN ELIZABETH wife of William MORGAN who died May 1st 1941 aged 72 years. Also of WILLIAM MORGAN died January 21st 1946 aged 73 years.


MC05: MARY SHEDDEN MURRAY died Sept. 11th 1943. Widow of Colonel S.J. Murray D.S.O. Connaught Rangers. Beloved mother of Ruby, Keith, Alec.


MC06: In loving memory of MARY JOANNA BUES died April 30th 1944 aged 76 years. Also LEWIS JOHN BUES died Sept. 15th 1945 aged 75 years. At rest.


MC07: In loving memory of ANN BLATCHFORD 1911 - 1944. A loving wife and mother.


MD01: In loving memory of RICHARD PAIN who passed away Sept. 24th 1940 aged 85 years. "Thy will be done". Also of ANN JANE his wife who joined him Jan. 16th 1956 aged 100 years. At rest.


MD02: G. RENDEL HARRIS husband of Jane Harris of Plymouth June 1886 April 1941. A wonderful life spent in the service of others.


MD03: A Traveller lingers here.


MD07: In loving memory of SUSANNAH the beloved wife of Charles H. DICKER died Oct. 13th 1944 aged 76 years. Also of CHARLES H. DICKER died June 7th 1961 aged 91 years.


ME03: In loving memory of ALICE the beloved wife of Edwin John CROUT died Dec. 22nd 1941 aged 61 years. Also EDWIN JOHN CROUT died June 13th 1951 aged 74. Peace perfect peace. Reunited. ALEC HENRY CROUT son of Edwin and Alice 1913 - 1992.


ME05: In loving memory of LENA the beloved wife of John UNDERHILL who died Aug. 1st 1943 aged 34 years. In God?s keeping.


ME06: C. BALL 1944.


ME07: In loving memory of SELINA beloved wife of W.F. SANDERS who died Sep. 8th 1944 aged 83 years. Also WILLIAM FREDERICK husband of the above who passed away Nov. 18th 1945 aged 83 years. Peace perfect peace. Also of ROBERT CECIL son of the above who passed away April 11th 1966 aged 73 years. Reunited.


MF01: In loving memory of EDMUND TOMLINSON died 1st Dec. 1940 aged 61.


MF02: In ever loving memory of CECIL FRANK COLRIDGE who passed away March 12th 1941 aged 38 years. In God's keeping.


MF03: In loving memory of JOSHUA JILL died October 1st 1941 aged 78.


MF04: In loving memory of CHARLES JOHN HEALE who passed peacefully away July 1st 1942 aged 59 years. Deep in our hearts a memory is kept of one we loved and will never forget. Also of SELINA his beloved wife died Oct. 17th 1951 aged 71 years. Reunited.


MF05: In loving memory of BEATRICE MORGAN died 2nd June 1943. Also her sons CHARLES REGINALD, THOMAS DUDLEY.


MF07: In loving memory of ELIZA WEBBER who fell asleep July 28 1944 aged 73 years. Also of her sister CATHERINE ROACH WEBBER who fell asleep Sept. 28th 1944 aged 79 years. They live in our hearts always.


MG01: To the loving memory of ELIZABETH ANN beloved wife of George Robert FRIEND who passed away December 25th 1940 aged 75 years. Free from all pain and sorrow. Also of the above GEORGE ROBERT FRIEND who passed away November 25th 1948 aged 80 years. At rest.


MG02: JOHN the darling son of Jack & Ena ROUTLEY died 17th February 1941 aged 23 months.


MG03: In loving memory of BEATRICE MARY beloved wife of W.H. TUCKER died Sept. 19th 1941 aged 63 years. God's will be done.


MG04: In loving memory of GEORGINA GARNISH died June 14th 1942. "At rest". Also of FREDERICK WILLIAM GARNISH her husband died August 18th 1943.


MG05: CHARLES HEY LAYCOCK died 28th March 1943.


MG07: In fondest memory of LESLIE the dearly loved husband of Maude PALMER died July 16th 1944. "Resting where no shadows fall". Also of BEATRICE MAUDE PALMER beloved wife of the above died April 5th 1952. "Until the day break".


MH01: Sacred to the memory of FLORENCE M. GRATWICKE for 19 years Matron of Moretonhampstead Convalescent Home died December 28th 1940. At rest.


MH02: Blessed memories of FLORENCE EMILY beloved wife of Alfred Brice COCKLAND 1941. Greatly loved by her children.


MH05: In loving memory of ALICE CONSTANCE SWALES who passed away March 20th 1943 aged 78 years. "At rest".


MH06: In loving memory of HARRY beloved husband of Harriet GOODING died 19th Dec. 1943 aged 72 years. Also his wife HARRIET died Nov. 25th 1947. Reunited. "Thy will be done".


Section N

NA02: In ever loving memory of GLADYS ARCHER who passed peacefully away Sept. 18th 1948 aged 38 years. "Resting where no shadows fall". Also JOHN husband of the above died April 26th 1976 aged 67 years. Reunited.


NA03: In loving memory of JOHN LUSCOMBE who died August 28th 1947 aged 70 years. And of his beloved wife ELIZABETH ANN who died September 11th 1968 aged 88 years.


NA05: In loving memory of WILLIAM the beloved husband of Jessie TAYLOR died 1st Aug. 1946 aged 67 years. He giveth his beloved sleep. Also of his beloved wife JESSIE died 3rd Oct. 1961 aged 80 years. Reunited.


NB03: 1902324 L. Cpl. H.E. DRODGE Royal Engineers. 8th August 1947 age 34. The dearly loved husband of Rosemary Drodge. Peace perfect peace.


NB05: In loving memory of LILY beloved wife of Edwin HARVEY died June 6 1946 aged 65. Also of EDWIN HARVEY died July 7th 1953 aged 65 years. At rest. Mother and father.


NC01: In loving memory of ROBERT C. DIXON beloved husband of Elizabeth passed away 19th Feb. 1949 aged 73 years. Also of ELIZABETH his beloved wife passed away 15th March 1956 aged 82 years.


NC02: In loving memory of darling PADDY MOYLE B.A. (Hons.) Lond. the beloved wife of Thomas S. Moyle who passed away 11th April 1948 aged 22. Although learned, her charming simplicity endeared her to all who knew her. The world is better for her passage through it. The world has lost a saint - ?tis heaven?s gain. In heavenly love abiding, No change my heart shall fear, And safe is such confiding, For nothing changes here.


NC03: In loving memory of GERTRUDE EMMA SCALES who died June 6th 1947 aged 69 years. And of her husband CHARLES HERBERT died April 23rd 1960 aged 90 years.


NC04: In loving memory of ALBERT AUSTIN who died March 9th 1947 aged 44 years. In memory of LINDA JEAN COX died 28th Dec. 1969 aged 17. In loving memory.


NC05: In loving memory of LAURA beloved wife of William SNOW died May 2nd 1946 aged 76 years. Also of WILLIAM HENRY SNOW died February 28th 1948 aged 86 years. At rest.


ND01: RICHARD H. BRIMBLECOMBE 1879 - 1948. "Just resting". ELSIE OLIVE BRIMBLECOMBE 1895 - 1992. Reunited.


ND02: In ever loving memory of WILLIAM BOWDEN aged 74 years. "Life?s work well done".

In loving memory of HENRY POWLESLAND who passed away 6th June 1947 aged 78. Also of his beloved wife LUCY 

ND03: EMILY POWLESLAND who passed away 8th June 1961 aged 84. Reunited.


ND05: In ever loving memory of FREDERICK BADCOCK who died April 16th 1946 aged 47. Also his beloved wife IVY EMILY who died April 10th 1064 aged 68. Reunited.


NE01: In loving memory of FREDERICK ANDREWS 1892 - 1948. R.I.P. Also BESSIE ANDREWS 1896 - 1972. R.I.P.


NE02: In loving memory of WILLIAM HENRY the beloved husband of Sarah WILLS died 17 December 1947 aged 81. "Peace perfect peace". Also of his beloved wife SARAH died 30 November 1961 aged 94. Reunited.


NE03: In affectionate remembrance of MARY JANE YEOMAN died May 24th 1947 aged 80 years. "Peace perfect peace". Also of her beloved husband WILLIAM died August 25th 1956 aged 89 years. To dear mother & father. Also of their son ALBERT LEONARD died Oct. 8th 1973 aged 66 years.


NF01: In loving memory of NELLIE beloved wife of Humphrey HELYER died Oct. 9th 1948 aged 71 years. Also of HUMPHREY HELYER died 3rd February 1958 aged 86 years.


NF02: In loving memory of THOMAS JONES 1869 - 1947, and RHODA his wife 1869 - 1948. At rest.


NF03: In loving memory of JESSIE wife of W.H. SIMMONS died April 4th 1947 aged 74. Also of WILLIAM HENRY SIMMONS died Jan. 22nd 1950 aged 76.


NF04: In memory of JOHN GORDON CRABB 1883 - 1947. Also of SIDNEY DOWNING CRABB 1886 - 1951.


NF05: In loving memory of THIRZA the dearly beloved wife of Albert OPIE who passed away March 22nd 1946 aged 64 years. Peace perfect peace. Also of ALBERT died Dec. 17th 1957 aged 84 years. Reunited.


NF06: Sacred to the memory of BESSIE WITHECOMBE passed away Aug. 29th 1945. And her husband CHARLES who passed away March 24th 1947. Eternally reunited.


NG01: In loving memory. FLORENCE EMILY CROUT died 5th October 1948 and LANGFORD CROUT died 27th July 1957. Also HENRY CROUT dearly loved husband of Dorothy, father of Terry, who passed away Jan. 22nd 1976. "Always in our thoughts".


NG02: C.S. PEARDON Officer?s Steward D/LX. Royal Navy 21st September 1947 aged 25. He has sailed his last commission now anchored at his port of rest. To C.S. Peardon from his friends. "Until we meet again".


NG03: In loving memory of CAROLINE the dearly loved wife of John REYNOLDS died 17th March 1947 aged 81. Also of JOHN REYNOLDS died 24th August 1953 aged 85. Reunited. And also of their son SAMUEL REYNOLDS died 19th February 1969 aged 70. Together again.


NG06: In loving memory of ANNIE COLRIDGE died 10th Aug. 1945 aged 71. At rest.


NH01: W.R. PARR 1894 - 1973. OLIVE PARR 1895 - 1982.


NH02: PHYLLIS SHEARER R.I.P. May 30th 1972.


NH03: ANNE LIPPMAN 1902 - 1971. CLAUDE LIPPMAN 1899 - 1983. R.I.P.


NH04: In loving memory of WILLIAM HORE died 30th May 1948 aged 40 years.



Section P

PA01: In loving memory of LESLIE BROCK died 14th June 1983.


PA02: In loving memory of my dear husband LOUIS DAVEY died 7th Dec. 1990 aged 82. Also his beloved wife DOROTHY died 6th Sept. 1999 aged 82. Reunited.


PA03: In loving memory of PEGGY GWENDOLINE PALMER late of Bowden Coombe 1927 - 1991. ALAN ROBERT PALMER 1920 - 1997 of Bowden Farm. Safely gathered in.


PA04: In loving memory of DORIS SHARP died 10th Nov. 1991. Also PERCY died 14th Feb. 1996. Mum and dad reunited.


PA05: ROBERT ANDREW BOX 5th January 1957 15th February 1992. Much loved husband of Mellisande and father of Francesca. His dignity and humour enriched our lives.


PA06: In loving memory of my dear husband RONALD JAMES BREND died 5.7.1992 aged 69. And his beloved wife LUCY died 24.12.1994 aged 75. Reunited.


PA07: In loving memory of HAROLD HENRY JEFFERY 5.8.1917 - 21.9.1992.


PA08: In loving memory of JANET PALMER 1.2.1918 - 20.1.1993.


PA09: In loving memory of MABEL HOWAT beloved wife of William 1910 - 1992.


PA10: In loving memory of FRANK JAMES NORRISH died 19th October 1994 aged 90 years.


PA11: In loving memory of ETHEL MAY OPIE 1910 - 1994.


PA12: In loving memory of GEORGE WILLIAM ARNOLD died 16th Oct. 1994 aged 74 years.


PA13: In memory of WILFRED SIDNEY CHUDLEY passed away 5th Jan. 1995 aged 80 years.


PA14: In loving memory of RUTH MARY SALTER 1916 - 1995.


PA15: Here lies HANNAH ELIZABETH STEVENS (nee Sullivan) grandaughter of Hannah Elizabeth Endicott born Moretonhampstead 6th February 1913 died 14th December 1994. In loving memory from her sons David, Colin and their families.


PA16: In loving memory of EILEEN ALICE HOWE 1916 - 1995 beloved wife of William.


PA17: In loving memory of CLARENCE WILLIAM GREENING died 2nd October 1995 aged 85.Also his beloved wife LILY died 11th September 1997 aged 86.


PA18: In loving memory of DEREK WILLS died 14th Dec. 1995 aged 65 years.


PA20: Treasured memories of LES BRIDLE died 16th December 1995 aged 66 years.


PA21: In loving memory of FREDERICK SKEATS died 3rd April 1996 aged 84 years.


PA22: Remembered with love. OLIVER WILLIAM YEOMAN 2.11.1918 - 3.7.1997.


PA23: BRIAN W. LYNCH 1946 - 1997. Forever in our hearts and in our thoughts.


PB01: In loving memory of a dear dad & grandad MAURICE RICHARD APLIN died 7th Jan. 1989 aged 62.


PB02: In loving memory of RUSSELL BRIMBLECOMBE who died 27th March 1989 aged 84 years.


PB03: In loving memory of WALTER WANNELL died 11th Sept. 1989. Also of his wife IRIS ROSINA MARY died 20th June 1990. Reunited. Rest in peace.


PB04: In loving memory of CHRISTOPHER JOHN BRIMBLECOMBE died 9th Jan. 1989 aged 50 years.


PB05: In loving memory of my most endearing son ALAN BROOKES 1.8.1923 - 26.9.1989. Also his beloved mother DAISY VICTORIA 18.5.1900 - 15.5.1995.


PB06: ANNE A. THEOBALD 5 Sept. 1906 - 7 April 1990.


PB07: To the dear memory of JOHN REGINALD SLADE died 22nd June 1990 aged 62 years.


PB08: In loving memory of EMMA GRACE WINSOR died 13th Sept. 1990 aged 68.


PB10: LEWIS RICHARD FERRIS born 15th November 1906 died 22nd October 1990 aged 83. Rest in peace.


PB11: Treasured memories of JOHN SHEARME COTTLE who died 30th Dec. 1990 aged 70 years. A much loved husband, dad & grandad. For ever in our thoughts.


PB12: In loving memory of my husband MEDLAND HERBERT GERMON born 23rd Nov. 1923 died 28th Jan. 1991. Eternal peace.


PB13: GERALD NEVILLE OWEN (JERRY) 15:7:1942 - 15:5:1991.


PB15: In loving memory of GEOFFREY MICHAEL LAURENCE WEBSTER born 7 August 1945 died 7 June 1992.


PC01: Forever in our thoughts now and always. KATHLEEN MAY LYNCH died 11th March 1990 aged 68 years.


PC02: Treasured memories of HARRY ENGLAND died 27th July 1992 aged 81 years. Always in our thoughts.


PC03: In memory of JACK PAFFETT 28.11.1922 - 24.7.1992.


PC05: In loving memory of ALLAN CHUDLEY died 15th Jan. 1993 aged 61 years. Beloved husband and father.


PC06: JOHN CORNISH 18.11.1925 - 18.3.1993.


PC07: In loving memory of IDA E. MAY nee Brimblecombe 16.4.1909 - 27.6.1993. Wife of Nathaniel and mother of David & Terry.


PC08: In fond memory of KATHLEEN PHYLLIS (KAY) HUNTER 1908 - 1996. Loving sister of Marjorie, aunt to Cedric & John, Great-aunt to Ritchie & Clare. A happy member of Moretonhampstead community for 27 years.


PC09: In loving memory of ARTHUR E. LEWIS 1933 - 1994. R.I.P.


PC10: E.A. GLYNJONES 1906 - 1994.


PD01: RICKY NICHOLAS FULLFORD 1972 - 1994. A kind and loving lad, cherished son and loved brother. "Sweet dreams my precious".


PD02: In loving memory of ROSEMARY ANNE SIMM born 13th October 1939 died 21st August 1995.

A lovely lady.


PD03: In memory of HAROLD NORMAN DICKER died 4th October 1995 aged 74 years.


PD04: In loving memory of EDNA EVERELL who died 1st November 1995 aged 89 years. A very dear mother.


PD05: In loving memory of ANNE MARGUERITE BURGOYNE 4th July 1903 16th March 1996. Dearly loved by all her family.


PD06: Forever in our thoughts. LAWRENCE EDWARD DRAPER who passed away 21st May 1996 aged 57 years. Beloved husband and father.


PD07: In memory of J.P. (JOE) CUMING 16 June 1916 - 22 July 1996.


PD09: In loving memory of ALBERT GEORGE HOLMES died 13th Sept. 1996 aged 76 years. At rest.


PE01: In loving memory of EDWIN ELLIS passd away June 2nd 1996 aged 55 years.


PE03: Baby EMILY ROSE CURTIS 7th September 1996. Forever in our thoughts.


PF01: In loving memory of ROY EDWARD GERMON A dear husband and father died 8th December 1996 aged 76 years. Also of PHYLLIS MAY GERMON beloved wife of the above died 12th January 1998 aged 76 years. Always in our hearts.


PF03: In Loving Memory of LIONEL FRANCIS COLWILL died 14th Sept. 1998 aged 78 years.


PF04: In loving memory of HORACE JAMES FLOYD aged 88. Also his wife DAISY aged 81. Who both died in 1997.


PF05: Baby LILY CUMING died 2nd September 1997. Our love always with you.


PG01: In loving memory of JOHN JAMES DOIDGE died Sept. 17th 1997 aged 88 years.


PH01: In Loving Memory of ETHEL WINIFRED MALLETT 4th July 1911 - 9th January 1999.


PH02: ERIC JAMES MARTIN 3.3.1922 - 10.1.1999. A gentle moorland man rests here, Remembered by all who held him dear.


PZ01: Sqn. Ldr. F.W. HILLMAN died 30th December 1982. MARCELLE HILLMAN died 19th April 1995. ELSA VIOLA BROOKMAN died 30th October 1985. F.C. BROOKMAN died 1st June 1987. Remembered with love always.


PZ02: In loving memory of JOYCE ELIZABETH HEAD 1920 - 1992. WILLIAM JOHN HEAD 1915 - 1994. Rest in peace.


PZ03: MICHAEL A. SHARPE 1915 - 1997.

Section Q


QA01: In loving memory of LEONARD GORDON OPIE 23.3.1925 - 13.10.1997.


QA02: HERBERT CLARK 27.12.1918 - 19.5.1998. GRACE CLARK 20.1.1920 - 10.2.1997. "Together forever".


QA03: Remembered with love. MARY STALEY 1921 - 1997.


QA04: GEORGE FREDERICK CRIMP died 20th July 1999 aged 85 years.


QA05: ARTHUR JOHN GRAY HARVEY died 9th October 1999 aged 91 years.