References to Prisoners of War in Napoleonic Times

Trevor James, Prisoners of War in Dartmoor Towns (French and American Officers on Parole, 1803-1815), Orchard Publications, published 2000,  price £3.95, 55pp.  ISBN 1 898964 39 4.  The most recent book.

Anthony Greenstreet, Dartmoor Magazine, 1997. 48, 14-15. Parole Prisoners of War around Dartmoor.  Mentions French officers? buttons found near Princetown thought to be from 'broke-paroles' from Tavistock, Ashburton, Moreton, or Okehampton.   Mentions a plot to 'spring' General Reynaud and his ADC from Moreton in 1812 by Waddell, a Dymchurch smuggler (betrayed by Robins of Moreton).   In 1812 Richard Tapper, carrier of Moreton, and two Vinnacombes, Cheriton Bishop smugglers, were given transportation for life for aiding escape (recaptured at Exmouth).  Also stories about General Rochambeau.

Susan Laithwaite (in Devon Documents, ed. Todd Gray, publ. Devon & Cornwall Notes & Queries), 1996  p. 116-9.  A Dutch Officer in Moretonhampstead, c. 1807.  A partial transcript and commentary on some letters in the Devon Record Office from a Dutch PoW who wrote to his English friends 30 years later (gives quite a different view of how the parole regulations were interpreted).

Elizabeth Stanbrook, Devon Historian 1991 42, 3-8 A Dartmoor Legend:  Two French Generals at the Ockery, Princetown.   Details of General Rochambeau?s time in England, including Moretonhampstead, and possibilty of  his having stayed at Ockery cottage, near Princetown, on their final journey to Plymouth.

Rufus Endle, Dartmoor Prison,  Bossiney Books, 1979, 79 pp (only pp.1-24 relevant, the rest is the modern prison).  ISBN 0 906456 13 4.

Francis Abell, Prisoners of War in Britain, 1756-1815  (book) O.U.P. 1914.

Basil Thomson, The Story of Dartmoor Prison, 1907, Heineman. 

J.D. Prickman, Trans. Devonshire Ass., 1901, 33, 309-21.   Fragmentary notes on the French Prisoners in the West of England and other places in the early part of the 19th Century. Mentions Princetown and the parole towns (scrappy).



There is a list of all the French prisoners (but not other nationalities) in Moretonhampstead in the West Country Studies Library in Exeter, giving their dates of capture and repatriation departure.  The original records are in the Public Record Office in London.