Inscriptions on the gravestones in St Andrew's Churchyard
(Section J)

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Section J

JA01: Treasured memories of ALFRED the beloved husband of Lydia CURNOW fell asleep Aug. 29th 1953 aged 58 years. "In God's keeping". Dear dad from Mary.

JA02: In loving memory of a dear husband and father FRANK SIBLEY died 14th Feb. 1954 aged 86 years. Also of his beloved wife ADA CROUT SIBLEY died 1st Feb. 1960 aged 86 years. And their son FRANCIS WILLIAM died 13th June 1980 aged 64 years.

JA03: In loving memory of FRANCIS HENRY MASTERS died 22nd Feb. 1954 aged 67. Also FLORENCE LOUISE his wife died 23rd December 1958 aged 70. At peace.


JA05: To JACK from his friends. (Jack Eva).

JA06: In loving memory of my dear husband WILLIAM FRANK RICE died 26th Jan. 1955 aged 37.

JA08: In memory of KATE SHEPPARD born 2nd November 1864 died 28th February 1956 aged 91 years. And of her husband WALTER WILLIAM SHEPPARD interred at Merton, Surrey, died 21st August 1943 aged 74 years. "Safe in God’s keeping".

JB03: In loving memory of JOHN WILLIAM ROBERTS beloved husband of Beatrice died 14th May 1953 aged 76 years. Also of BEATRICE MARY his beloved wife died 25th April 1954 aged 74 years. Reunited.

JB04: In loving memory of FREDERICK ARNOLD FORWARD who died August 11th 1953 aged 40. "Thy will be done". To Fred from his friends at the Union Inn.

JB06: In loving memory of CLARA (KIT) the beloved wife of William Bowden DAVEY died 5th Aug. 1954. Rest in peace. Also WILLIAM BOWDEN DAVEY died 15th Feb. 1970 aged 86 years. At rest.

JB07: In loving memory of STANLEY PRINCE died 11th Oct. 1955 aged 79. Also of his wife AGNES LOUISE died 21st Feb. 1956 aged 81.

JB08: In loving memory of BERTRAM JOHN LANE died 25th Feb. 1956 aged 66 years. Also LOUISA beloved wife of the above died 23rd Sept. 1956 aged 70 years. Reunited.

JC02: In loving memory of SAM WELLINGTON who passed away May 2nd 1952 aged 66 years. At rest. And of his wife ALICE reunited Feb. 28th 1958 aged 80 years.

JC03: In loving memory of ALMA MARY dearly beloved wife of Edwin BOWDEN passed peacefully away June 30th 1952 aged 66 years. Peace perfect peace. Also of EDWIN passed away February 11th 1968 aged 83 years. Reunited.

JC04: In fond remembrance of IVY YEOMAN devoted wife of Reginald and mother of Roy and Rex who fell asleep July 16th 1952 aged 57. Also of REGINALD YEOMAN died Aug. 1st 1982 aged 82. The day thou gavest. Also of DAISY MAY YEOMAN wife of Reginald died Aug. 6th 1993 aged 84. Abide with me.

JC05: In loving memory of JASPER DAW died 29th July 1952 aged 75 years. "In heavenly love abiding". Also BELVIDERA wife of the above died 5th March 1956 aged 80 years. Also of their son FREDERICK STUART and dearly loved husband of Netta died 7th Dec. 1959 aged 58.

JC06: In loving memory of GEORGE HERBERT beloved husband of Annie COTTLE died 3rd July 1954 aged 69 years. Rest in peace. Also of his beloved wife ANNIE COTTLE died 16th February 1956 aged 77 years. Reunited in eternal life. Also of their daughter BEATRICE MARY died January 13th 1970 aged 54 years. Always remembered.

JC08: In loving memory of EDITH MAUD beloved wife of W. FLOYD died 25 April 1956 aged 74. And of her husband WILLIAM reunited 11 Sept. 1957 aged 80.

JD01: In loving memory of GRACE DODD who passed away August 23rd 1951 aged 72. Also of ALFRED husband of the above died March 16th 1973 aged 95 years. At rest. And their children LESLIE DODD 1916 - 1988. DOROTHY COLE 1918 - 1994. CECIL DODD 1909 - 1995. FLORENCE DODD 1910 - 1996.

JD02: In loving memory of EMILY beloved wife of Fred EAST who passed peacefully away Dec. 27th 1951 aged 69 years. Also of FRED husband of the above died July 24th 1954 aged 71 years. Reunited.

JD04: In loving memory of BESSIE WEBBER died Feb. 9th 1952 aged 57 years. Rest in the Lord.

JD05: In loving memory of JACK beloved husband of Clarice AGGETT died 14th Feb. 1952 aged 58. To Jack from his pals. Also his beloved wife CLARICE died 2nd August 1997 aged 93.

JD06: In loving memory of GEORGE LUSCOMBE died 26th Oct. 1953 aged 77. And ALICE AGGETT LUSCOMBE died 22nd May 1976 aged 97. Reunited.

JD07: In loving memory of FRANK SOPER the dearly beloved husband of Lily who died Dec. 18th 1955. At rest. Also of his loving wife LILY who died June 3oth 1973 aged 88. Reunited.

JD08: In memory of IDA SAWYER born Aug. 1890 died Aug. 1956. Also of her beloved husband ROBERT born Dec. 1879 died March 1961. Reunited. A mother, friend & a pal.

JE01: In loving memory of WILLIAM beloved husband of Annie GREENING died 15th Dec. 1950 aged 72. Also ANNIE GREENING died 29th May 1971 aged 89.

JE02: In loving memory of my dear parents EMILY MORTIMORE died Jan. 13th 1951 aged 72 years. FRANK MORTIMORE died Nov. 5th 1954 aged 75. Reunited.

JE03: In loving memory of JOHN beloved husband of Ellen OUGH died 30th Jan. 1951 aged 82. At rest. Also of his wife ELLEN died 12th Oct. 1964, aged 88. Reunited.

JE04: In loving memory of HERBERT GEORGE FRIEND beloved husband of Rose who passed away May 8th 1951 aged 62 years. "Until the day breaks". Also of ROSE ELLEN his loving wife died March 28th 1977 aged 86 years. R.A.O.B. In loving memory of my darling husband CHARLIE died Nov. 8th 1976 aged 57. R.I.P.

JE05: In loving memory of ALBERT EDWARD JOHN OPIE died July 18th 1951 aged 23 years. "In God’s keeping". Also of ELIZABETH JANE OPIE mother of the above died March 5th 1954 aged 55 years. R.I.P.

JE06: In loving memory of HARRY OPIE who passed away on March 3rd 1953 aged 66 years. Thy will be done.

JE07: In loving memory of our dear parents ALFRED MARTIN died 18th January 1956 aged 75 years. OLIVE MAY MARTIN died 3rd February 1956 aged 62 years. At rest.

JE08: In loving memory of ROBERT beloved husband of Catherine WANNELL died Sept. 14th 1956 aged 69 years.

JF01: In loving memory of JOHN UNDERHILL (JACK) who passed peacefully away June 8th 1950 aged 78. He suffered patiently, and long at rest.

JF02: In loving memory of HILDA LOUISE beloved wife of Laurence WISKEN called to rest Aug. 20th 1950 aged 30 years. "Thy will be done". In loving memory of Mummy.

JF03: In loving memory of ROBERT P. HOLT who passed away Sept. 8th 1950 aged 54 years. "Thy will be done". Dad.

JF04: To the dear memory of THOMAS GILLBERT died Nov. 30th 1950 aged 71. At rest. Also of BLANCHE his dearly loved wife reunited Nov. 21st 1968 aged 79. In cherished memory of WILLIAM ARTHUR HIRON died 29th October 1987 aged 78 years.

JF05: In loving memory of MEAY wife of Colonel Charles HAROLD born September 1881 died October 1951. R.I.P.

JF07: In loving memory of LAWRENCE E. JAMES beloved husband of Edith died 16th Sept. 1956. Also of his beloved wife EDITH died 7th July 1962.

JF08: H.B.S. KEMP died Nov. 13th 1956. M. KEMP died June 10th 1973.

JG02: Treasured memories of a devoted husband and father JOHN LEA called to rest Jan. 16th 1960 aged 66 years. Also of his dear wife MINNIE LEA called to rest Nov. 13th 1955 aged 75 years. Granny & Grandad from Joy. Resting where no shadows fall.


JG07: In loving memory of LUCY the beloved wife of Joseph ADDEMS who fell asleep April 8th 1957 aged 66 years. Also of the above JOSEPH ADDEMS who died November 3rd 1958 aged 74 years.

JG08: CHARLES HENRY WESTLAKE died 27th July 1957 aged 69. Also his beloved wife ANNIE MAUD died 23rd December 1968 aged 85.

JH02: In loving memory of JOHN LUSCOMBE who passed away September 5th 1949 aged 78. "Peace perfect peace". Also SUSAN LUSCOMBE beloved wife of the above died 4th July 1951 aged 78. At rest.

JH03: In loving memory of WILLIAM beloved husband of Susan MOORE died Oct. 25th 1949 aged 64 years. Also SUSAN beloved wife died June 20th 1965 aged 74 years. R.I.P. In memory of BILL MOORE died 22 March 1980. Also of DORA beloved wife of the above died 10 Sept. 1989.

JH04: In loving memory of SGT. DOUGLAS J. REEMAN beloved husband of Betty who departed this life April 20th 1951 aged 30. "Resting in God's garden". Also of his mother SARAH LILIAN and beloved wife of Herbert James died July 10th 1959 aged 66. Life's work well done. In loving memory of HERBERT JAMES REEMAN died 2nd April 1967 aged 82.

JH07: In loving memory of EUNICE BEATRICE MARY beloved wife of Frank WANNELL died 24th Jan. 1958 aged 75. Also of FRANK her beloved husband died 30th May 1960 aged 72. Reunited.

JH08: In loving memory of GEORGE SNELL died 27th July 1957 aged 83. Also his wife SELINA died 26th Feb. 1959 aged 84. At rest.

JJ01: In loving memory of MELINDA LILY beloved wife of Jack LAWLEY died May 14th 1949 aged 40 years. Also of her husband JACK who died 5th August 1952 aged 66 years. "Reunited". "At rest".

JJ02: In ever loving memory of JOHN GREENAWAY COLMAN died 19th July 1949 aged 82. Also of EMILY his wife who passed peacefully away April 15th 1954 aged 81. "Until".

JJ04: In memory of BESSIE HARWOOD died April 5th 1951. At rest.

JJ06: PERCY SIMPSON died 21st August 1953. ETHEL SIMPSON died 19th June 1964.

JJ08: In loving memory of WINIFRED PERRING 7.3.1958 aged 57. Also RICHARD 16.12.1976. aged 82.

JK01: In loving memory of MARIA BEALE who died February 28th 1949 aged 82 years.

JK02: In loving memory of HANNAH SMITH died March 3rd 1949. Also of her sister ANN SMITH who died April 1st 1951.

JK03: In loving memory of ALICE MARY beloved wife of Reginald Miller AGGETT passed away 23rd March 1949 aged 32 years. At rest.

JK04: In loving memory of KELVIN beloved child of J. & E. CORNISH died 26th Sept. 1950 aged 5 months. NIMMY.

JK05: In loving memory of JENNIFER ANNE DAWE died 2nd August 1952 aged 10.

JK06: In loving memory of SYBIL MARGARET beloved wife of Richard Halstead DOBSON who died 22nd May 1953 aged 30 years.