Inscriptions on the gravestones in St Andrew's Churchyard
(Section P)

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Section P

PA01: In loving memory of LESLIE BROCK died 14th June 1983.

PA02: In loving memory of my dear husband LOUIS DAVEY died 7th Dec. 1990 aged 82. Also his beloved wife DOROTHY died 6th Sept. 1999 aged 82. Reunited.

PA03: In loving memory of PEGGY GWENDOLINE PALMER late of Bowden Coombe 1927 - 1991. ALAN ROBERT PALMER 1920 - 1997 of Bowden Farm. Safely gathered in.

PA04: In loving memory of DORIS SHARP died 10th Nov. 1991. Also PERCY died 14th Feb. 1996. Mum and dad reunited.

PA05: ROBERT ANDREW BOX 5th January 1957 15th February 1992. Much loved husband of Mellisande and father of Francesca. His dignity and humour enriched our lives.

PA06: In loving memory of my dear husband RONALD JAMES BREND died 5.7.1992 aged 69. And his beloved wife LUCY died 24.12.1994 aged 75. Reunited.

PA07: In loving memory of HAROLD HENRY JEFFERY 5.8.1917 - 21.9.1992.

PA08: In loving memory of JANET PALMER 1.2.1918 - 20.1.1993.

PA09: In loving memory of MABEL HOWAT beloved wife of William 1910 - 1992.

PA10: In loving memory of FRANK JAMES NORRISH died 19th October 1994 aged 90 years.

PA11: In loving memory of ETHEL MAY OPIE 1910 - 1994.

PA12: In loving memory of GEORGE WILLIAM ARNOLD died 16th Oct. 1994 aged 74 years.

PA13: In memory of WILFRED SIDNEY CHUDLEY passed away 5th Jan. 1995 aged 80 years.

PA14: In loving memory of RUTH MARY SALTER 1916 - 1995.

PA15: Here lies HANNAH ELIZABETH STEVENS (nee Sullivan) grandaughter of Hannah Elizabeth Endicott born Moretonhampstead 6th February 1913 died 14th December 1994. In loving memory from her sons David, Colin and their families.

PA16: In loving memory of EILEEN ALICE HOWE 1916 - 1995 beloved wife of William.

PA17: In loving memory of CLARENCE WILLIAM GREENING died 2nd October 1995 aged 85.Also his beloved wife LILY died 11th September 1997 aged 86.

PA18: In loving memory of DEREK WILLS died 14th Dec. 1995 aged 65 years.

PA20: Treasured memories of LES BRIDLE died 16th December 1995 aged 66 years.

PA21: In loving memory of FREDERICK SKEATS died 3rd April 1996 aged 84 years.

PA22: Remembered with love. OLIVER WILLIAM YEOMAN 2.11.1918 - 3.7.1997.

PA23: BRIAN W. LYNCH 1946 - 1997. Forever in our hearts and in our thoughts.

PB01: In loving memory of a dear dad & grandad MAURICE RICHARD APLIN died 7th Jan. 1989 aged 62.

PB02: In loving memory of RUSSELL BRIMBLECOMBE who died 27th March 1989 aged 84 years.

PB03: In loving memory of WALTER WANNELL died 11th Sept. 1989. Also of his wife IRIS ROSINA MARY died 20th June 1990. Reunited. Rest in peace.

PB04: In loving memory of CHRISTOPHER JOHN BRIMBLECOMBE died 9th Jan. 1989 aged 50 years.

PB05: In loving memory of my most endearing son ALAN BROOKES 1.8.1923 - 26.9.1989. Also his beloved mother DAISY VICTORIA 18.5.1900 - 15.5.1995.

PB06: ANNE A. THEOBALD 5 Sept. 1906 - 7 April 1990.

PB07: To the dear memory of JOHN REGINALD SLADE died 22nd June 1990 aged 62 years.

PB08: In loving memory of EMMA GRACE WINSOR died 13th Sept. 1990 aged 68.

PB10: LEWIS RICHARD FERRIS born 15th November 1906 died 22nd October 1990 aged 83. Rest in peace.

PB11: Treasured memories of JOHN SHEARME COTTLE who died 30th Dec. 1990 aged 70 years. A much loved husband, dad & grandad. For ever in our thoughts.

PB12: In loving memory of my husband MEDLAND HERBERT GERMON born 23rd Nov. 1923 died 28th Jan. 1991. Eternal peace.

PB13: GERALD NEVILLE OWEN (JERRY) 15:7:1942 - 15:5:1991.

PB15: In loving memory of GEOFFREY MICHAEL LAURENCE WEBSTER born 7 August 1945 died 7 June 1992.

PC01: Forever in our thoughts now and always. KATHLEEN MAY LYNCH died 11th March 1990 aged 68 years.

PC02: Treasured memories of HARRY ENGLAND died 27th July 1992 aged 81 years. Always in our thoughts.

PC03: In memory of JACK PAFFETT 28.11.1922 - 24.7.1992.

PC05: In loving memory of ALLAN CHUDLEY died 15th Jan. 1993 aged 61 years. Beloved husband and father.

PC06: JOHN CORNISH 18.11.1925 - 18.3.1993.

PC07: In loving memory of IDA E. MAY nee Brimblecombe 16.4.1909 - 27.6.1993. Wife of Nathaniel and mother of David & Terry.

PC08: In fond memory of KATHLEEN PHYLLIS (KAY) HUNTER 1908 - 1996. Loving sister of Marjorie, aunt to Cedric & John, Great-aunt to Ritchie & Clare. A happy member of Moretonhampstead community for 27 years.

PC09: In loving memory of ARTHUR E. LEWIS 1933 - 1994. R.I.P.

PC10: E.A. GLYNJONES 1906 - 1994.

PD01: RICKY NICHOLAS FULLFORD 1972 - 1994. A kind and loving lad, cherished son and loved brother. "Sweet dreams my precious".

PD02: In loving memory of ROSEMARY ANNE SIMM born 13th October 1939 died 21st August 1995.

A lovely lady.

PD03: In memory of HAROLD NORMAN DICKER died 4th October 1995 aged 74 years.

PD04: In loving memory of EDNA EVERELL who died 1st November 1995 aged 89 years. A very dear mother.

PD05: In loving memory of ANNE MARGUERITE BURGOYNE 4th July 1903 16th March 1996. Dearly loved by all her family.

PD06: Forever in our thoughts. LAWRENCE EDWARD DRAPER who passed away 21st May 1996 aged 57 years. Beloved husband and father.

PD07: In memory of J.P. (JOE) CUMING 16 June 1916 - 22 July 1996.

PD09: In loving memory of ALBERT GEORGE HOLMES died 13th Sept. 1996 aged 76 years. At rest.

PE01: In loving memory of EDWIN ELLIS passd away June 2nd 1996 aged 55 years.

PE03: Baby EMILY ROSE CURTIS 7th September 1996. Forever in our thoughts.

PF01: In loving memory of ROY EDWARD GERMON A dear husband and father died 8th December 1996 aged 76 years. Also of PHYLLIS MAY GERMON beloved wife of the above died 12th January 1998 aged 76 years. Always in our hearts.

PF03: In Loving Memory of LIONEL FRANCIS COLWILL died 14th Sept. 1998 aged 78 years.

PF04: In loving memory of HORACE JAMES FLOYD aged 88. Also his wife DAISY aged 81. Who both died in 1997.

PF05: Baby LILY CUMING died 2nd September 1997. Our love always with you.

PG01: In loving memory of JOHN JAMES DOIDGE died Sept. 17th 1997 aged 88 years.

PH01: In Loving Memory of ETHEL WINIFRED MALLETT 4th July 1911 - 9th January 1999.

PH02: ERIC JAMES MARTIN 3.3.1922 - 10.1.1999. A gentle moorland man rests here, Remembered by all who held him dear.

PZ01: Sqn. Ldr. F.W. HILLMAN died 30th December 1982. MARCELLE HILLMAN died 19th April 1995. ELSA VIOLA BROOKMAN died 30th October 1985. F.C. BROOKMAN died 1st June 1987. Remembered with love always.

PZ02: In loving memory of JOYCE ELIZABETH HEAD 1920 - 1992. WILLIAM JOHN HEAD 1915 - 1994. Rest in peace.

PZ03: MICHAEL A. SHARPE 1915 - 1997.