Inscriptions on the gravestones in St Andrew's Churchyard
(Section Q)

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The numbers allotted to the graves correspond to those given in the field "Graves" of the Burials table. If you want to search alphabetically for a surname for a burial before 1988, you can do a full search of the Burials Register file to find the grave number (if any)

Section Q

QA01: In loving memory of LEONARD GORDON OPIE 23.3.1925 - 13.10.1997.

QA02: HERBERT CLARK 27.12.1918 - 19.5.1998. GRACE CLARK 20.1.1920 - 10.2.1997. "Together forever".

QA03: Remembered with love. MARY STALEY 1921 - 1997.

QA04: GEORGE FREDERICK CRIMP died 20th July 1999 aged 85 years.

QA05: ARTHUR JOHN GRAY HARVEY died 9th October 1999 aged 91 years.