Census 1841-1901    See also Census Routes,  Record office reference numbers


Note that much less information was given in 1841, and that ages (except for children) were to the nearest 5 years (and not accurate !)


Column Headings

Rec ? this code (eg A01a) serves to keep the file in its original sequence, and consists of Section of census (A), number of  household, excluding empty properties (01 or 001), and individual (a).   See Census Routes for the significance of the Section code.

Address:  in Moretonhampstead there were no house numbers before 1891, only a few then, and very few named houses.  See Census Routes for a description of the enumerator?s route.

Relationships: see abbreviations below

Age:  ages of infants are given in the ?occupations? column.  Can be hard to read.

Marital statemarried, widow, wdr, and single or umarried.  No entry for ages below 16.

Occupation:  sometimes abbreviated, or omitted when obvious (?farmer?s daughter?).  The terms used varied in different years and between enumerators.   The term ?on own means? introduced in 1901 has been rendered as ?independent?, which was more commonly used earlier.  Handicaps if recorded have been added to this column.

Where Born:  spelling variable, often difficult to read.  County (if not Devon) not always included, but put first here if present.  M = Moretonhampstead, NB or N = North Bovey.


Terms and abbreviations used in Relationships column

Note:  always the relationship to the head of the household (H).  Very occasionally no head was named in the original:  in these cases we have applied H to the first named (e.g. a servant left in charge) and added the original term.  Practice varied with district and year, we have made some changes in the interests of consistency in searching.  Use of  lodger, boarder, visitor, servant is very variable.

appr ? apprentice     

asst ? assistant



bro - brother

bro/l ? brother in law


d ? daughter

d/law ? daughter in law

empl ? employee (eg governess)

fath/l ? father in law


grandd ? granddaughter

grandson ? grandson

gtniece ? greatniece

H ? head of household

jnyman ? journeyman


moth/l ? mother in law




ptner ? partner


rel ? relative

s ? son

s/law ? son in law

serv ? servant (includes various employees)

sis/l ? sister in law

sis  - sister

stepd ? stepdaughter

stepfa ? stepfather

stepmo - stepmother




w ? wife