Who was who in Moreton

It has to be said that not many Moretonians have gone on to achieve worldwide fame. Of those who have settled here, most achieved eminence prior to arriving on the edge of Dartmoor, for obvious reasons. The most notable exception is George Bidder, the "Calculating Boy", who in the early nineteenth century performed feats of mental arithmetic in front of gentle and noble audiences in much the same way that child prodigy musicians performed sonatas. As for those he left behind, well, there were characters and businessmen, farmers and the odd diarist. And, of course, the very unfortunate Jonathan May, whose claim to fame lies in his violent murder in 1835.

Silvester Treleaven, mid 19th cent

George Parker Bidder - civil engineer
Bowring family
Ann Browne - centenarian
Colridge family
Crump family
England family
Frederick Engelbach - doctor
James Fynes - clergyman
John Hancock - innkeeper
Charlie Laycock - collector and folklorist
Jonathan May - farmer and murder victim
Neck family
Rihll family
Sainthill family
Searle family
William F.D. Smith - Lord Hambleden
Smith family
Southmead family  - of Wray Barton
Cecil Torr - author of Small Talk at Wreyland
Treleaven family
White family
Wills family