White Hart Deeds - Summary of Documents


Abstract of title of Mrs Lissie Varwell Townsend, widow, Ilfracombe, of the fee simple inheritance of the White Hart - starts 8 Oct 1861 - Bulky, includes plan


Schedule of Title deeds & documents relating to the White Hart Inn, Moretonhampstead

starts 1793 - 1896 -  2 copies - (see below)


Receipt as trustee for sale under the will of William Earl of Devon of Mr Thomas Pollard ..1page

Burial recpt Robert Hutchings 1850


28 July 1896   Conveyance, Mrs S. V. Townsend and her mortgagee to Messr Norman Pring.  Large, with seals, good plan.   Also (brief, see below) from Walter J. Pring (solicitor, Exeter) - Conditions of sale, bill of costs,  requisitions of title, draft indenture with plan.


Local people named

1793     Jacob Heard, James Alway, John Stevens, John Pinsent (trustee for James Alway)

1812     James Alway, Wm. Bellew

1812     William Bellew, John Coleby

1821     John Cole, Samuel Cann

1825     Wm Bishop, Samuel Cann

1830     Samuel Cann will

1832     Samuel Cann, Susanna Heyward

1853     Mary Cann Will

1854     John German to Samuel Cann

1861     G.A. Bragg, Thomas Heyward, Thomas Pollard

1881     Thomas Pollard to Frederick Townsend (mortgage)


From the files:  Samuel Cann (I) no bapt., married Mary Dayment 1799, died 20/12/1829 age 55 (  , Mary Cann d. 18/2/1853 age 75 (B044)

Samuel Cann (II), son of Samuel, bapt 30/5/1802, married Susan Heyward (not here), buried 4/5/1861 age 58 (D060); Susan b. 1896 age 85 (D060), living in N. Bovey.



Schedule of deeds and documents relating to the White Hart Inn Moretonhamsteasd Devon the property of Mrs F. Townsend (Walter J. Pring, solicitor, Exeter)

(2 copies)


1793 May 17th

Indenture between Mr Jacob Heard and Mr James Alway, release

1793 May 17th

Indenture between Mr John Stevens & Mr Jacob Heard & Mr John Pinsent in trust for Mr James Alway, assignment

1812 May 30/31

Indentures Mr James Alway to Wm Bellew Esq, lease & release

1814 May 30/31

Indentures William Bellew Esq to John Coleby, Lease & Release

1821 Jan 11/12

Indentures John Cole Esq to Mr Samuel Cann, lease & release

1825 Apr 4th

Indentures Mr Wm Bishop to Mr Samuel Cann, release

1830 May 5th

Probate of the Will of Samuel Cann Esq decd.

1832 Dec 20th

Indenture Mr Samuel Cann to Miss Susanna Heyward, marriage settlement

1853 Aug 18th

Probate of the Will of Mrs Mary Cann decd.

1854 May 4th

Indre Mr John German (as trustee under the Will of the late Mrs Mary Cann decd.) to Mr Samuel Cann, reconveyance

1861 Oct 8th

Indenture Mr G.A. Bragg & Thomas Heyward to Mr Thomas Pollard, conveyance  (plan attached)

1863 Nov. 11th

Receipt for £1.10.0 the consideration money for the sale of free rents issuing out of the above mentioned property.

1881 Sept 29th

Indenture Mr Thomas Pollard to Mr F Townsend, conveyance

1881 Dec 17th

Indenture Mr F. Townsend to Messrs C.J. & H.H. Wippell, mortgage

1895 Feb 19th

Indenture Mr F Townsend to Mr J Westlake, lease

1896 July 28

Indenture Mrs L.V. Townsend  & H.H. Wippell to Walter Pring, James Norman, James Norman, John Evomy Norman & Thomas Carter Pring, conveyance





1863 Nov. 19th   Receipt signed by ? Westlake Kekewich  as Trustee for sale under the Will of William 9th Earl of Devon of  £1.10.0 as consideration for the free rents issuing out of the lands specified in the Schedule paid by Thomas Pollard. 

Schedule:  yearly rents -  part of the George -  10½d ; White Hart Inn  1½d; total 1/-.


1896 - 4 documents all from Walter J. Pring, solicitor, Exeter:


1.  What amount of mortgage money still remains due on the Indre of 17/12/1881.  Is any interest due.

2.  Mr Henry Hugh Wippell must join in the Conveyance to the partners

3.  What is the date of the death of Charles Joseph Wippell

4.  What was the date of the death of Frederick Townsend

5.  Are the premises let if so to whom and on what terms.  If in writing this document should be abstracted.

6.  Are the premises insured if so in what office in what amount under what premium and when payable.  Will the purchaser have the benefit of such insurance.

7.  Will all the abstracted deeds & documents be handed over (except the Probate) on completion.

8.  Is there any land tax tithe or tithe rent charge payable in respect of these premises.

9.  The Vendor or her tenants must satisfy the purchasers by the production of the licence that the Public House contracted to be sold is properly licensed and must refer all necessary documents & do all necessary acts for transferring the same to the purchasers or their tenants

10.  The Purchaser reserves the right to make any further requisition .


B.  Conditions of sale (in part)

The purchaser shall take at the sum of £25 the Billiard table and accessories.  The purchaser shall also take the property subject to the provisions and with the benefit of an agreement dated 6th March 1896 made between the Vendor of the first part John Westlake of the 2nd part & Richard Ford of the 3rd part.

The title shall commence with an Indenture dated the 8th day of October 1861 & made between George Augustus Bragg & Thomas Hayward of the 1st part Susanna Cann of the 2nd part the sd Thomas Hayward & William Cann of the 3rd part Thomas Pollard of the 4th part & John Gidley of the 5th part being a conveyance in fee of the property to the sd. Thomas Pollard.

Particulars:  All that messuage or dwellinghouse hereditaments & premises known as the White Hart Hotel with stables and tap adjoining and two plots of garden ground the one on the west side and the other on the east side of the Station Road all which premises are situate in the parish of Moretonhampstead in the county of Devon and are delineated in the plan hereto annexed and theon coloured blue.

C.  Solicitors bill of costs

D.  Indenture - rough draft with scribbled comments, good plan attached..

This Indenture made the 28 day of July 1896 between Henry Hugh Wippell of the City of Exeter Mercer of the 1st part Lissie Varwell Townsend of Ilfracombe in the County of Devon Widow of the 2nd part & WalterPring, James Norman, John Evomy Norman, & Thomas Casrter Pring, all of the sd City of Exeter Brewers & co partners hereinafter called the Purchasers of the 3rd part.  Whereas FrederickTownsend being seized in fee of the hereditaments hereinafter describede & intended to be hereby conveyed by an indenture dated the 17th day of December 1881 & made between the said Frederick Townsend of the one part & Chareles Joseph Wippell & the sd H.H. Wipppell of the other part, the said heereditaments were conveyed by the sd. F. Townsend unto the said CJ Wippell & HH Wippell....on payment by the sd F. Townsend to the sd Wippells of the sum of £2000 with interest thereon on a dsay now past, and whereas the said C.J. Wippell diede on the 28th of March 1895 and whereas the sd F. Townsend by his Will dated 3rd April 1894 gave & bequeathed ll he possessed to his dear wife the sd L.V. Townsend & appointed heer sole executrix of his sd Will and whereas the sd F. Townsend died in ... 1894 & his sd Will was duly proved on the 5th day of July 1894.. and whjereas the sd L.V. Townsend has agreed to sell the sd hereditaments to the purchasers for the sum of £12150 and whereas the sd sum of $2000 is still due on the security of the sd indenture of mortgage but all interest for the same has been paid ...