Inscriptions on the gravestones in St Andrew’s Churchyard
(Section C)

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The numbers allotted to the graves correspond to those given in the field “Graves” of the Burials table. If you want to search alphabetically for a surname for a burial before 1988, you can do a full search of the Burials Register file to find the grave number (if any)

Section C

C01: East side: 1695 ETM WHI (?) West side: 1684 -T MAY AT-ER MARY 1692.

C02: In loving memory of JAMES WILTON died 22nd November 1862 aged 57 years. Also of ANN his wife died 28th May 1879 aged 77 years. ANN HURLEY died 23rd February 1911 aged 72 years.

C03: In loving memory of JAMES WILTON died August 1st 1905 aged 64. “At rest”. Also of GEORGE HARVEY nephew of the above who died Nov: 8: 1905 aged 37. “Thy will be done”.

C04: In loving memory of GEORGE HARVEY who departed this life Jan. 30th 1898 aged 67. Also his two sons. Also of MARIA beloved wife of the above who passed peacefully away October 17th 1908 aged 74. Their end was peace.

C05: In memory of LAWRENCE ALLER who died November the 8 1759 aged 76 years. Also MARY his wife.

C06: In loving memory of HENRY the beloved husband of Emma WHITE who died 6th March 1908 aged 69. Also of the above EMMA WHITE who died 3rd Jan. 1931 aged 86.

C08: 1669 AL (Anna Lightfoot ?) (Very indistinct)

C09: …… died the 12th of September 1844 aged 67 years.

C10:    [NB This gravestone is officially listed as:  Headstone, approx. 11 m. SW of tower, probably C18.  Granite with segmental top.  Carved on front is angel’s head & wings.  Worn inscritpion].

Here lyeth in hopes of a joyful resurrection the body of JOHN GERMON of th…… who departed …… April the 27 1770….. 72 year of his age. JOHN his son died Feb. the 17th 1770 aged 19.

C11: In memory of ELIZ. GERMON who departed this life the year 1807 aged 1. Also MARIA sister …… th ……I5th July 1812 a…… 1?…… months.

C12: Sacred to the memory of JOSEPH PETHYBRIDGE who died the 3rd October 1871 aged 65 years. Also of SARAH his wife who died 20th March 1885 aged 81 years. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.

C13: In memory of ROBERT CROOT who departed this life Jan. 31 1869 aged 70 years.

C14: Erected to the memory of THOMAS CUMING late of Yalworthy in this parish who died Sept. 16th 1832 aged 60 years. Also of MARY wife of the above who died April 23rd 1858 aged 84 years.

C15: Sacred to the memory of JOHN CUMING late of Yalworthy in this parish who died Oct. 19th 1836 in the 23rd year of his age.

C16: Sacred to the memory of ELIZABETH wife of John SILLIFANT Saddler of this town, who departed this life 30 of November 1809 aged 30 years. Also of the above JOHN SILLIFANT who departed this life the 28th of December 1843 aged 64 years.

C17: Here lieth in hope of a joyful resurrection the body of WILLIAM CUMING who departed this life Oct. 26th 1781 aged 34. Also of MARY CUMING wife of the above who departed this life the 9th of December 1826 in the 72nd year of her age.

C18: To the memory of SAMUEL WILLS who was born December 30th 1850 died October 6th 1879 aged 28 years.

C20: In memory of MARGARET LOVEYS who died Nov. 8th 1837 in the 61st year of her age. Happy spirit thou are blest, Thou hast entered into rest, Freed from sin, released from pain, Thou hast proved to die is gain.

C21: Erected to the memory of ELIZABETH the wife of Aaron LOVEYS who departed this life July 8th 1841 aged 35 years. Affliction sore long time I bore, Physicians were in vain, Then it did please my God to ease, And free me from my pain.

C22: Sacred to the memory of ELIZABETH SILLIFANT who died the 10th of March 1823 aged 84 years. Also of JOHN SILLIFANT husband of the above who died the 27th of January 1829 aged 84 years.

C23: A symbol of victory and a memorial to the men of Moretonhampstead who fell in the Great War 1914-1918. “Their name liveth for evermore”.