Inscriptions on the gravestones in St Andrew’s Churchyard
(Section D)

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Section D

D01: In loving memory of ALMA LOUISA LOVEYS died 29th April 1952. “The loveliest change the last”.

D02: In loving memory of EMILY LANG died 19th Jany. 1939 aged 70 years. R.I.P. Also of her beloved husband GEORGE died 19th Octr. 1947 aged 79 years. Also their daughter OLIVE died 7th March 1977.

D03: KATE YEWE died 16th August 1947. THOMAS GOSS YEWE died 24th Janry. 1936.

D04: In loving memory of MARY BREND died January 2nd 1961 aged 66 years. Also her beloved husband FRANK died October 31st 1969 aged 76 years.

D05: Sacred to the memory of HARRIETT the beloved wife of Mr. Robert SOUTHARD of the City of Exeter, Plasterer, who departed this life July the 6th 1855 aged 42 years.

D06: In memory of MARY NICHOLS who died 24th Nov. 1863 aged 56 years. Also of JOHN LEY NOSWORTHY brother of the above who died 16th Nov. 1873 aged 67 years. In the midst of life we are in death.

D09: ARTHUR DOUGLAS MEERES 1858 – 1936. ANN PHOEBE MEERES 1867 – 1954. Fidelis.

D10: In loving memory of ELIZA GRAY who died on December 15th 1936 aged 80 years. Also of her husband JOHN GRAY who died on August 28th 1939 aged 88 years. Be ye kind to one another.

D11: Sacred to the memory of JAMES TARR who died the 25th of July 1826 aged 67. Also ELIZABETH wife of the above died 14th December 1856 aged 92.

D12: …… the memory of WILLIAM HEYWARD who departed this life June 21st 1828 aged 39. Also of his children HENRY HEYWARD died September 16th 1853 aged 38. WILLIAM HEYWARD died January 8th 1855 aged 30. Also of ELIZABETH wife and mother of the above died February 15th 1860.

D13: Sacred to the memory of Lieut. WILLIAM HOOPER, R.N. who died on the 14th day of October 1838 aged 55 years. In the world ye shall have tribulation but be of good cheer I have overcome the world. Also of ANN wife of the above and daughter of the late Nicholas GERMON of this parish who died on the 20th day of June 1842 aged 54 years.

D14: In memory of GEORGE BRAGG born Decr. 13th 1787 died Augt. 14th 1852. Also of ELIZABETH his wife daughter of the late Nicholas GERMON of this parish born Feby. 17th 1789 died Novr. 25th 1857.

D15: In memory of GEORGE AUGUSTUS BRAGG born at Forder Nov. 18th 1827 died there Feb. 16th 1896. Also of SUSANNA BRAGG widow of the above entered into rest March 22nd 1906 aged 81 years.

D16: JOHN NICHOLAS LIGHTFOOT died 6th January 1824 aged 17. NICHOLAS EDWARD LIGHTFOOT died 9 February 1835 aged 25. AUGUSTUS LIGHTFOOT died 7 October 1826 aged 18. HENRY LIGHTFOOT died 28th May 1838 aged 23. GABRIEL LIGHTFOOT died 26 April 1863 aged 92 years. Also their second son WILLIAM PHILLIPS, Assistant Paymaster, R.N. died 2 Nov. 1866 aged 26. MARY BABBACOMBE his wife died 2nd March 1866 aged 83 years. And their children. MARY BABBACOMBE wife of William PHILLIPS of Newton Abbot died 3rd March 1844 aged 31. Also their youngest son CHARLES PHILLIPS died 6th February 1867 aged 23 years. ANNE AUGUSTA LIGHTFOOT born Feb. 10 1823 died Dec. 6 1883. R.I.P.

D17: Sacred to the memory of RICHARD MEDLAND GERMON born 22nd January 1785 died 20th March 1845. SUSANNA his wife born 23rd August 1783 died 3rd February 1874. ELIZABETH their daughter born 7th January 1820 died 3rd March 1859. MARY ANN their daughter born 7th July 1821 died 9th June 1898. Right dear in the sight of the Lord is the death of the saints. NICHOLAS GERMON died 4th February 181aged 57 years. SUSANNA his wife died 2nd April 1835 aged ……years. ANNA GERMON their daughter died 22nd June 1877 aged 84 years. MARIA TESSIER their daughter died 9th April 1827 aged 33 years.

D18: Sacred to the memory of JOHN CLACK Esq. who died March 1st 1862 aged 78 years. LOUISA CLACK who died April 25th 1866 aged 52 years.

D19: Sacred to the memory of Mr. GEORGE CUTLIFFE Esq. eldest son of George Cutliffe Esq. Surgeon of Ashburton who departed this life the 4th of December 1847 aged 34 years.

D20: Sacred to the memory of JULIA CANNELL-DAVY second daughter of G.C. & Mary DAVY who died the 12th of September 1818 in the 5th year of her age.

D21: Erected to the memory of HARRIET TARR who departed this life May the 11th 1832 aged 29 years. Also of HARRIET infant daughter ……

D22: In loving memory of SAMUEL HAROLD the beloved husband of Helen NECK died 10th October 1949 aged 76 years. Also of their son COLIN GLOVER NECK Pilot Officer R.A.F. killed by enemy action at Antwerp 23rd December 1944 aged 32 years. Also of the above HELEN NECK died 6th August 1952 aged 68 years. HAROLD RAYMOND NECK 29 March 1909 – 17 January 1977.

D23: In memory of GEORGE NELSON COLLYNS (Surgeon) born at Dulverton 1: June: 1833 died at Moretonhampstead 28: Nov: 1893. He practised here nearly 40 years. Honoured and respected. Also of his sons JOHN MOORE who died in infancy 1867.JOHN HERBERT who died 21: Nov: 1891 aged 21 years. Greatly beloved. SUSANNAH MILLARD COLLYNS wife of George Nelson Collyns born 2nd April 1838 died 9th May 1919. SUSANNAH WILSON WHITE mother of the above born 12td Sept.1803 died 11th Sep. 1889. Also GEORGE NELSON COLLYNS 5th son of the above born May 13th 1868 died July 21st 1948. In ever loving memory of our mother SUSANNAH MILLARD COLLYNS whose untiring energy was freely given for the welfare and advancement of her children. A good wife, perfect mother and true friend. Peace perfect peace with loved ones far away, In Jesus’s keeping we are safe and they.

D24: A tribute of affection to the memory of a beloved husband WILLIAM CUMING of Yalworthy who slept in Jesus May 29th 1844 aged 40. Also in affectionate remembrance of AARON LOVEYS who died August 24th 1873 aged 67. And of ELIZABETH JANE LOVEYS wife of the above who fell asleep May 20th 1896 aged 76. The memory of the just is blessed.

D25: Sacred to the memory of ELIAS CUMING late of Bowden in this parish who departed this life the 1st of June 1820 aged 70 years. Also of JANE wife of the above who departed this life 10th July 1823 aged 57 years. And of BETSY the beloved wife of Elias CUMING of Linscott in this parish died August 1st 1883 aged 82 years. Also of the above ELIAS CUMING of Linscott died February 3rd 1890 aged 88 years.

D26: In memory of SAMUEL WRAYFORD who died March 14th 1851 aged 81 years. Also of his wife ELIZABETH WRAYFORD who died March 184aged 78 years. Also of SAMUEL WRAYFORD son of the above who died May 22nd 1872 aged 66 years. Also of his wife MARY WRAYFORD who died January 18th 1889 aged 79 years. Also of their daughter JANE WRAYFORD who died 12th April 1942 aged 2 months. Happy spirits you are blest, You have entered into rest.

D27: Sacred to the memory of THIRZA the beloved wife of Daniel ROWE who departed this life Febry. 15th 1857 aged 29 years. Also of HENRY their son who died June 11th 1854 aged 14 weeks. No pain, nor grief, nor anxious fear, Invades their peace, no mortal woes, Can reach the lovely sleepers here, For angels watch their soft repose.

D28: Sacred to the memory of SUSANNA wife of John WAYCOTT who departed this life Oct. the 15th 1808 aged 42. Also of JOHN WAYCOTT husband of the above who died March the 5th 1836 aged 69 years.

D29: In memory of THOMAS NECK died 26th October 1912 aged 80 years. Also of ANNIE FURNEAUX NECK his wife died 9th January 1920 aged 83 years. Also of MABEL FURNEAUX NECK their daughter died 16th December 1947 aged 72 years.

D30: To the memory of JOHN MAY (of Uppacott in this parish) who died October 19th 1836 aged 52 years. Also of MARIA his wife who died December 5th 1849 aged 50 years. Also two infant children. Also of ELIZABETH MARY MAY their daughter who died Sept. 12 1828 aged 17 weeks.

D31: (Deeply sunken in the ground). Sacred to the memory of GEORGE WRAYFORD of Woodbrook in the parish of Cheriton Bishop ……

D32: In loving memory of REBECCA the loving wife of John UNDERY who departed this life 26th February 1898 aged 74 years. Not gone from memory, Not gone from love, But gone to our Father’s home above. Also of JOHN UNDERY beloved husband of the above who died at Dawlish 8th February 1907 aged 90 years. His end was peace.

D33: Here are deposited the mortal remains of SARAH wife of Richard ROWE (of Pipperdon in the parish of Lustleigh) who died the 9th day of September 1844 aged 51 years. Also two of their children who died in infancy. Happy spirits you are blest, You have entered into rest. Freed from sin, released from pain, You have proved to die is gain. Also of the above RICHARD ROWE who died August 12th 1874 aged 86 years.

D34: In loving memory of THOMAS WINSOR NECK beloved son of Thomas & A.E. Neck who entered into rest September 21st 1893 aged 32 years.

D35: In loving memory of MARY ETHEL NECK who fell asleep April 27th 1905 aged 33 years. Also of ETHEL DOREEN NECK only child of the above who followed on July 5th 1931 aged 31 years. Also of JOHN HERBERT NECK husband and father respectively of above who followed Oct. 29th 1945 aged 74 years.

D36: Sacred to the memory of WILLIAM STEVENS who died January 24th 1855 aged 63 years.

D37: Sacred to the memory of HARRIET NOSWORTHY who died the 3rd of May 1835 in the 40th year of her age.

D38: Sacred to the memory of GEORGE ELLETT who departed this life May 8th anno domini 1853 aged 32 years.

D39: In affectionate remembrance of JOHN R. HILL born 28th January 1797 died 9th January 1866. And of three of his children who died in their infancy. The Lord taketh pleasure in them that fear Him in those that hope in His mercy.

(On the west face): J.R.H. 1866. A.H. 1879.

D40: In memoriam. MINNIE LOUISE STEVENS-NECK born January 1874 died October 1904. Also of JOHN STEVENS-NECK husband of the above born September 11th 1859 died July 4th 1940. Also of his wife JULIA ELLEN TRIMBLE STEVENS-NECK born February 1873 died May 23rd 1964.

D41: Sacred to the memory of ELIZABETH the wife of William PETERS of Steward in this parish who departed this life the 22nd day of May 1828 aged 37 years. If honesty and integrity of heart gained her the respect and esteem of her connections generally how great the loss to a husband and eight children who enjoyed in her all the good qualities of an affectionate wife and fond mother. Also of MARY ANN their daughter who died the 10th day of September 1844 in the 19th year of her age. Also of the above WILLIAM PETERS who died June 3rd 1868 aged 83 years. Also of ELIZABETH PETERS their grand-daughter who died Sept. 29th 1863 aged 5 years. Also of SUSAN H. PETERS sister of the above who died 3rd August 1868 aged 14 years.

D42: Sacred to the memory of MARGARET wife of William PETERS who departed this life June 4 1820 aged 72. Affliction sore long time I bore, Physicians were in vain, When it did please my God to ease, and free me from my pain. Also of the above WILLIAM PETERS who departed this life October 28th 1829 aged 78. Who lived respected and died lamented.

D43: Sacred to the memory of WILLIAM PETERS who departed this life March 9th 1870 aged 56 years.

D44: In loving memory of RICHARD GROSE CRABB who died March 27th 1913 aged 79 years. At rest. Also of JANE his wife who died Novr. 21st 1917 aged 85 years. R.I.P.

D45: (Very indistinct). E.H.C. 1862. In loving memory of R.W. CRUMP who died Feby. 10th 1914 aged 86. FRANCES CHARLOTTE HARRIS youngest daughter of the above who died 28th August 1938 aged 78 years.

D46: In memory of SAMUEL GOSS THOMAS who died at Thorverton February 16th 1904 aged 49 years.

D47: In memory of SAMUEL THOMAS who died January 28th 1847 aged 63 years. Also ALICE THOMAS wife of the above who died May 15th 1878 aged 78 years.

D48: In affectionate remembrance of BETSY the beloved wife of Robert Goss THOMAS who died at Higher Sloncombe May 3rd 1880 aged 59 years. Also of the above ROBERT GOSS THOMAS who died at Thorverton December 16th 1886 aged 61 years. We cannot Lord thy purpose see, But all is well that’s done in thee.

D49: In memoriam. MATILDA PARTRIDGE NECK born May 1831 died March 13th 1883. SIMON NEWCOMBE NECK husband of the above born December 1827 died September 30th 1909.

D50: In memoriam. AVIS NECK died 11th Febryary 1876 aged 76 years. SIMON NEWCOMBE NECK died 22nd September 1880 aged 88 years. JOHN HANNAFORD NECK July 4th 1845 aged 20 years.

D51: Sacred to the memory of SILVESTER TRELEAVEN, Hairdresser in this town, who departed this life on the 9th of May 1824 aged 65.

Amidst the regions of the silent dead// Where neither death nor power can aught avail:// Ah! Snatch one moment from life’s busy head// Let other thoughts and other scenes prevail.// Like the dark close of some bright summer morn// With clouds overcast and tempests darking gloom// Man sinks to dust, of every hope forlorn// And share the gloomy mansions of the tomb.// Yet to this cold and senseless clod of clay// Are brighter hopes and fairer prospects given// Then the glad soul springs to eternal day// And on the wings of faith aspires to heaven.

Also of GRACE TRELEAVEN wife of the above who died March 7th 1834 aged 71 years.

D52: Nigh this place lyeth the body of JAMES HILLMAN who departed this life the 16th February 1783 aged 74 years. Also MARY his daughter died October the 8th 1770 aged 2. Also EDWARD his son died January the 2nd …… aged 4. Also ELIZABETH ……daughter died April the …… (The remainder is below ground level):1782 aged 4. Also ELIZABETH daughter died April the …… 1783 in the 17th year of her age.

D53: ANNE PONSFORD wife of William Ponsford, Surgeon, died April 12th 1825 aged 70. WILLIAM PONSFORD, Surgeon, died June 19th 1829 aged 74. ANN PONSFORD their daughter died September 14th 1836 aged 40. LUKE PONSFORD their son died March 4th 1850 aged 61. JOHN PONSFORD, Surgeon; the son of William and Ann Ponsford died 30th May 1853 aged 71 years. WILLIAM BRAGG, Furlong House, Drewsteignton, died 18th March 1845 aged 69. MARY wife of William BRAGG and daughter of William and Ann Ponsford 12th Nov. 1864 aged 78.

D54: THOMAS GILBERT CROSS, Organist, died 31st December 1949. Semper Eadem.

D55: MICHAEL HENRY CANN who died January 30th 1875.

D56: In loving memory of FRANK CRUMP who died September 4th 1925 aged 52 years. At rest. Also of BESSIE ANNIE wife of the above who died May 21st 1953 aged 80 years. Cremated at Golders Green.

D57: In affectionate remembrance of MARK CRUMP who died Aug. 29th 1867 aged 33 years. I know that my redeemer liveth. Also of THIRZA ELEANOR wife of the above who died October 12th 1901 aged 66 years. He hath delivered my soul in peace.

D58: In memory of MARY the beloved wife of William Newcombe NECK died 1st April 1931 aged 62 years. Also of the above WILLIAM NEWCOMBE NECK who passed away 19th October 1941 aged 78 years.

D59: In memory of THOMAS NECK died November 26th 1847 aged 69 years. And MARY his wife died July 19th 1860 aged 77 years. Also THOMAS NECK died March 29th 1827 aged 21 years. JOHN NECK died November 15th 1829 aged 19 years. SIMON NECK died April 5th 1835 aged 20 years. Sons of the above. “They that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament: and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever”. 12: chap. Daniel 3: verse.

D60: Sacred to the memory of SAMUEL CANN who died April 29th 1861 aged 59 years. Also in loving memory of SUSAN the beloved wife of Samuel CANN who died June 21st 189aged 84 years.

D61: Sacred to the memory of MARTHA the beloved wife of John STEVENS who slept in Jesus March 1st 1863 aged 68. The blood of Jesus Christ his son cleanseth us from all sin. 1 John. 1 chap. 7 var. Also of the above JOHN STEVENS who died 31st July 1866 aged 76.

D62: A tribute of affection to the memory of a beloved son JOHN son of John and Martha STEVENS (of this parish) slept in Jesus December 18th 1855 aged 34. For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him. 1 Thess. Ch. 4 v. 14. Also of MARY their daughter slept in Jesus December 18th 1859 aged 36.