Inscriptions on the gravestones in St Andrew’s Churchyard
(Section G)

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Section G

G001: In loving memory of JOHN RICHARD CRAGG aged 9 months August 21st 1885. For ever with the Lord. Also of his mother ADELAINE ALEXANDRA CRAGG, whose ashed were here interred Nov. 3rd 1947. R.I.P.

G002: In memory PHILIP H. SCOTT of Narramore, Lustleigh, died February 15th 1869 aged 57 years.

G003: To ANNE the darling babe of Allan and Jean PRESTON died 18Dec. 1931 aged 6 days.

G004: InMemoriam. ELIZABETH TRACE died February 19th 1905 aged 85 years. WILLIAM TRACE died October 30th 1871 aged 63 and was interred in the south side of this yard. FRANK TRACE their son died January 18th 1883 aged 33.

G005: In loving memory of BEATRICE MAY WILLS died 30th April 1991 aged 75. Also of GEORGE JOHN WILLS her devoted husband died 7th November 1995 aged 80.

G006: In loving memory of EMMA TUCKER born October 7th 1852 died July 13th 1899. Thy will be done.

G007: In affectionate remembrance of WILLIAM DADD who died at Kingwell in this parish June 7th 1888 aged 73 years. Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.

G008: In loving memory of SUSANNAH the beloved wife of Richard TAVERNER of Kingwell in this parish who died 17th October 1888 aged 69 years. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord. Also of the above RICHARD TAVERNER who died 6th October 1892 aged 77 years. Then let our sorrows cease to flow, God had recalled His own; But ler our hearts in every woe, Still say “Thy will be done”. Also of our darling FRANKIE dearly beloved child of G.P. & A. BROOK great grandson of the above aged 8 months.

G009: In memory of ELIZABETH WHITE who fell asleep in Jesus December 15th 1900 aged 64 years. The blood of Jesus Christ his son cleanseth us from all sin.

G010: In memory of SUSANNA (widoe of Elias WHITE) who fell asleep March 7th 1891 aged 87 years. Also MARY CONNABEER sister of the above who entered into rest June 17th 1885 aged 80 years. The Lord knoweth them that are his.

G011: In ever loving memory of LUCY dearly loved wife of George WRAYFORD late of Sheldon, Doddiscombsleigh, who departed this life Octr. 11th 1912 aged 64 years. Death did to me short warning give, Therefore be careful how you live, Prepare in time do not delay, For I was quickly called away. Also of the above GEORGE WRAYFORD who died April 29th 1936 aged 89 years. “At rest”. Also of THOMAS LAMBERT died 18th Nov. 1987 aged 92. Also of his wife LUCY died 29th Feb. 1968 aged 84.

G012: In ever loving memory of FRANK PETERS who died Oct. 2nd 1914 aged 71. “Thy will be done”. Also of MARY JANE beloved wife of the above who departed this life Nov. 25th 1920 aged 73 years. “Peace perfect peace”. Also of FRANK beloved son of G.P. & A. BROOK died Nov. 7th 1908 aged 77 years.

G013: In tender and ever loving memory of FRED the dearly beloved son of G.P. & A. BROOK who entered into rest Janry. 16th 1933 aged 27 years. “One of the dearest, one of the best, God grant him eternal rest”. Also of ADA loving mother of the above and devoted wife of George who passed away March 23rd 1953 aged 76 years. And of GEORGE who passed away December 24th 1959 aged 87 years.

G014: In loving memory of JOHN ELLIS the beloved husband of Mary died 1st May 1977 aged 69. Also of MARY his devoted wife died 21st April 1991 aged 82.

G015: Remembr HETTIE EUGENIE HORTOP 1899 – 1977. And her husband SYDNEY 1902 – 1983.

G016: To the memory of HERBERT ROCKE late Brevet Major 49th Regt. He served in the eastern campaign of 1854 including the battles of Alma and Inkerman, the siege of Sebastopol and the sorties of the 26th Oct. He died 3rd March 1873 aged 46 years. Lead me in the way everlasting. Psalm 139. Also of his wife FRANCES JANE eldest daughter of Edmund Francis Dayrell and secondly wife of R.W. CRUMP of Wray in this parish. She died on the 25th March 1899 aged 74.

G017: Sacred to the memory of JANETTE infant daughter of Commander E.M. DAYRELL R.N. who died Sept. 1871 aged 3 months. Suffer little children to come unto me.

G018: To the memory of LETITIA widow of Edmund Francis DAYRELL of Lillingstone Dayrell born 1800 died October 6th 1880. As sorrowful yet alway rejoicing, As poor yet making rich, As having nothing and yet possessing all things. 2 Cor. …..

G019: In affectionate remembrance of HUMPHREY HARVEY who died at Wooston in this parish February 17th 1883 aged 80 years.

G020: In affectionate remembrance of JAMES DADD died December 3rd 188aged 72 years.

G021: In loving remembrance of JOHN H. MAJOR who fell asleep in Jesus July 11th 1881 aged 59 years. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord. Also of JANE MAJOR wife of the above who died April 17th 1904 aged 74 years. Fell asleep in Jesus.

G022: M.C. /PEARL /K.P.

G023: In loving memory of ANN TRACE (NANCY) daughter of William and Martha Trace died December 18th 1911 aged 74 years. Also of GEORGE TRACE who passed away Novr. 19th 1917 aged 69 years. The Lord stood with me and strengthened me. 2 Tim. iv. 17.

G024: In loving memory of GEORGE UNDERHILL son of George and Susan Underhill died May 19th 1885 aged 14 years. Accepted in the beloved ….. Also of HARRY son of the above who died in Winnepeg March 17th 1907 aged 38 years. Also of their brother FRED died Decr. 12th 1935. Rest after weariness, Sweet rest at last.

(Reverse side): In loving memory of SUSAN the beloved wife of George UNDERHILL died Sept. 25th 1895 aged 53 years. For ever with the Lord. Also of the above-named GEORGE UNDERHILL died December 23rd 1899 aged 60 years. And of their daughter ANNE HORNE (NANCY) died April 11th 1940. At rest.

G025: In loving memory of ELIZA HAMLYN who died Oct. 25th 1934 aged 79 years. Also of her husband THOMAS HAMLYN who died Dec. 27th 1935 aged 81 years. “Rest in peace”. Also of their son JAMES who died April 17th 1962 aged 71 years. At rest. And his brother CHARLES who died April 17th 1976 aged 82 years. May he rest in peace. Daughter of the above ADA KATHLEEN HAMLYN died June 24th 1977 aged 76. Also their sons ARTHUR HAMLYN died July 1983 aged 83. WILLIAM WEBBER HAMLYN died December 14th 1983 aged 97. All at rest. Also MARGIT MARY HAMLYN died 9th November 1992 aged 90, wife of Charles.

G026: In loving memory of HARRIET AMELIA the beloved wife of Charles WILLS who died at Lowton March 29th 1921 aged 39 years.

G027: In loving memory of CHARLES EDWARD beloved husband of Annie KEMP died June 15th 1921 aged 57 years. Also of ANNIE KEMP died April 3 1932 aged 70 years. “At rest”.

G028: To the dear memory of LOUISA WEBB (nee Ponsford) who entered into rest December 31st 1936. “To live in the hearts of those we love is not to die”.

G029: In tender loving memory of RICHARD JAMES TREGASKIS the dearly loved husband of May Tregaskis who passed away Feb. 28th 1921 aged 43 years. “And with the morn those angel faces smile, Which we have loved long since and lost awhile”. Also of EDITH MAISIE BROWETT beloved daughter of R.J. & M. Tregaskis died 9th March 1961 aged 52. Also of his wife MAY TREGASKIS died 15th January 1964 aged 89 years. Reunited with her loved ones.

G030: In loving memory of WILLIAM HARVEY of Laployd Barton, Bridford, who departed this life January 15th 1912 aged 77 years.

G031: In loving memory of RICHARD JOHN HILL who fell asleep in Jesus April 21st 1884 aged 14 months. And also of MARY ELLEN HILL sister of the above whom Jesus swe….. called to rest November 20 1884 aged years.(A possible quotation).

G032: In memory of ERNEST WIVELL who died 13th May 1977. Also of ETHEL MARY WIVELL who died 24th June 1978. Also ANNA his wife died 16th Oct. 1956 aged 85 years. WILLIAM HANNAFORD died February 21st 1946 aged 72. At rest.

G033: In loving memory of LAURA beloved wife of George BRIMBLECOMBE who fell asleep 21st Jan. 1936 aged 60 years. A devoted wife and mother. Also of her husband GEORGE who fell asleep 6th Aug. 1944 aged 71 years. Peace perfect peace.

G034: In loving memory of LEWIS beloved husband of Mary BRIMBLECOMBE died Sept. 15th 1937 aged 41. Also of GORDON their son died Feb. 22 1930 aged 5 months. Also his loving wife MARY ANN died Jan. 27 1983 aged 88. MARGARET and GLEN.

G035: In memory of MATILDA SNELL beloved wife of John Snell died August 23rd 1935 aged 63 years. Rest in peace.

G036: In tender memory of JOHN the infant son of W. & M. PEARDON died Sept. 15th 1930. Our bud in heaven.

G037: In loving memory of GEORGE ELLIS of Brinning who passed away Feb. 24th 1931 aged 63 years. Also of SUSANNAH ELLIS wife of the above died July 25th 1952 aged 87 years. And of their son ARTHUR REDDAWAY ELLIS beloved husband of Hazel died Nov. 18th 1965 aged 61 years.

G038: In loving memory of ELIZABETH TOZER eldest daughter of John & Charlotte Tozer who entered into rest April 29th 1882 in her 17th year. The cup was bitter, the sting severe, To part with a child we loved so dear, The trial is hard, we’ll not complain, But trust in Christ to meet again. Also JOHN TOZER father of the above who died Sept. 29th 1898 aged 59 years. Also CHARLOTTE his beloved wife who died Nov. 30th 1906 aged 75 years.

G039: In loving memory of WILLIAM HENRY son of W. & J. HILL died August 3rd 1904 aged 24. Also of ELIZA sister of the above who died August 10th 1909 aged 27 years. “Thy will be done”. Also of their brother GEORGE THOMAS HILL died April 1 1929 aged 45. In loving memory of ALBERT HILL beloved husband of Mabel who passed away Feb. 12th 1964 aged 68 years. Also of MABEL died March 24th 1988 aged 80 years. Rest in peace. Treasured memories of JOE REDWOOD beloved husband of Bertha passed away Dec. 1st 1955. Until we meet again. Also to the loving memory of BERTHA loving wife of Joe passed away May 6th 1965. Reunited. Also of their father and mother WILLIAM HENRY HILL died Sept. 3rd 1925 aged 73. JENETTE HILL died Nov. 13th 1922 aged 68.

G04: In loving memory of JAMES BRIMBLECOMBE died March 30th 1919 aged 44. Also ELIZABETH his wife died February 15th 1963 aged 87 years. At rest.

G041: In loving memory of JOHN MUGFORD died October 24th 1917 aged 70. Also of EMMA MUGFORD his wife died January 23rd 1931 aged 85 years. At rest.

G042: In loving memory of ELIZABETH BRIMBLECOMBE who died 1st Feby. 1910 aged 59 years. Also of AARON BRIMBLECOMBE husband of the above died 13th Septr. 1939 aged 88 years.

G043: In tender and loving memory of WILLIAM SEARLE who died December 13th 1906 aged 75 years. Thy will be done. Also of ANN SEARLE wife of the above who died August 14th 1915 aged 84 years. “Rest for evermore”. Also EMMA ELIZA daughter of the above who died Nov. 26th 1942. Her end was peace.

G044: In loving memory of a dear husband and father PERCY P. BAKER died 11th July 1941 aged 42 years. “Peace perfect peace”. Also CHARLES EDWARD brother of the above died 13th February 1976 aged 82.

G045: In loving memory of ALBERT HILL beloved husband of Gladys died 7th Jan. 1973 aged 72. Also his beloved wife GLADYS died 16th June 1996 aged 95.

G046: In beloved memory of ELIZAETH KNEEBONE born Oct. 9th 1849 died Feb. 8th 1925. Also of WILLIAM EDWARD KNEEBONE beloved husband of the above born Nov. 4th 1845 died May 21st 1928.

G047: In loving memory of WILLIE WILSON who died May 13th 1885 aged 10 months. Suffer little children to come unto me.

G048: In loving memory of MARY ANN beloved and only daughter of A.E. & E. FRENCH of Great Doccombe who peacefully fell asleep June 10th 1907 aged 23 years. Gone but not forgotten.

G049: In loving memory of ALFRED CHARLES SAUNDERS who died Novr. 16th 1932 aged 39 years. Peace perfect peace.

G050: In loving remembrance of MARTHA JANE infant daughter of John & Jane BASTOW who died April 5th 1881 aged 6 months.

G051: In loving memory of the beloved twin children of C. & M.J. LORAM – CHARLES HENRY who died April 4th 1894 aged 10 weeks, and GLADYS MAY who died Novr. 28th 1900 aged 6 years. Safe in the arms of Jesus.

G052: In tender and loving memory of JOHN PONSFORD who passed peacefully away 17th January 1928 aged 58 years. At rest. Also of ANNIE PONSFORD sister of the above whose beautiful life ended 23rd September 1949 in her 68th year. A ray of sunshine in a troubled world. An abiding inspiration. Also of GEORGE PONSFORD brother of the above who died 30th May 1953 aged 75 years. In God’s good keeping.

G053: In memory of ANNIE the beloved daughter of J. & A. PONSFORD died January 19th 1881 aged 13 years. “In the midst of life we are in death”. Also of JOHN PONSFORD father of the above who departed this life on the 29th day of September 1912 aged 73 years. “For ever with the Lord”. Also of ANN PONSFORD devoted wife and mother born Septr. 29th 1841 died Septr. 5th 1918. “Peace perfect peace”. Also of HENRY PONSFORD died August 6th 1955 aged 75 years. Reunited.

G054: In loving memory of ELIZABETH the beloved wife of William PARKER who died December 23 1906 aged 61 years. Also of WILLIAM PARKER husband of the above died May 8th 1925 aged 85 years. “At rest”.

G055: In loving memory of MARY daughter of the late John TREGO of Plymouth died June 24th 1905. I know that my redeemer liveth.

G056: In ….. JOHN CHAPEL GREEP who died August 23rd 188aged 46 years. Also three of his children. Also of SARAH ANN wife of the above who died April 19th 1901 aged 56.

G057: In loving memory of JOHN CAKE beloved husband of Mary BAKER who passed Dec. 12th 1942 aged 77 years. Also of GEORGE our son who fell asleep May 3rd 1901 aged 9 years. “Jesus called a little child”. Also of the above MARY BAKER devoted wife and mother who fell asleep August 9th 1953 aged 86 years. “At rest”.

G058: In loving memory of GEORGE loving babe of A. & G. HILL aged 14 months.

G059: In loving memory of NELLIE the beloved wife of Henry WILLIAMS died 23rd August 1936 aged 59. Also of her beloved husband HENRY died 8th Jan. 1965 aged 88. At rest. Also in memory of their daughter ROSAMUND MAY WILLIAMS 1909 – 1997.

G060: ALICE MARY LARSEN October 11th 1935. LAURITZ JOHN JOSEPH LARSEN April 26th 1957. The souls of the righteous are in the hands of God. LAURITZ GEORGE JOHN LARSEN son of the above died August 25th 1980 aged 81 years. OLGA MARIE daughter of the anove and beloved wife of Cryil LARK died Nov. 11th 1980 aged 64 years. Rest in peace.

G061: In affectionate memory of EMMA TRUMAN who died June 15th 1882 aged 48 years. Also ELIZABETH TRUMAN daughter of the above died October 29th 1942 aged 83.

G062: In loving memory of JOHN HUTCHINGS who died at Battenbury May 29th 1906 aged 74 years. Also of HANNAH his wife died Dec. 18th 1920 aged 80 years. Peace perfect peace.

G063: In loving memory of WILLIAM JOHN BROWNE who died March 5th 1916 aged 73 years. Also of ELIZABETH his wife who died June 7th 1906 aged 64 years. Until the day break and the shadows flee away.

G064: PATRICIA HOWE beloved wife of William 1925 – 1968. BETTY HEALE 1918 – 6 months. WILLIAM H. HEALE, R.N., M.A.A. 1892 – 1939. EMILY HEALE 1892 – 1969.

G065: In loving memory of WILLIAM LORAM who died February 19th 188aged 79 years. Also of MARY LORAM wife of the above who died November 25th 1880 aged 64 years. Also of FLORENCE JANE the beloved wife of Frederick G. RHODES and grand-daughter of the above died August 31st 1914 aged 29 years.

G066: In ever loving memory of ALICE the dearly loved wife of Albert James WILLIAMS who died January 10th 1910 aged 32 years. Sleep on dear loved one, sleep on, And take thy well earned rest. “Lead kindly light”. Also to the dear memory of the above-named ALBERT JAMES WILLIAMS died November 20th 1929 aged 54 years. “Bid them rest in peace”.

G067: In ever loving memory of MARY JANE dearly beloved wife of Charles LORAM who died May 21st 1926 aged 73 years. “Her end was peace”. Also of the above CHARLES LORAM who passed peacefully away July 31st 1927 aged 73 years. “Thy will be done”.

G068: In loving memory of GEORGE WAYE died May 20th 1880 aged 37 years. Watch therefore for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come. Mat. xxiv. 12. Also of JANE WAYE widow of the above who died June 1st 1933 aged 91 years. Eternal love in thee they rest, For ever sure, for ever blest.

G069: Sacred to the memory of FRANK the dearly husband of L.M. PARKER fell asleep June 6th 1922 aged 44 years. Thy word is true, thy will is just, To thee we leave him, Lord, in trust. Also of HILDA MARY PARKER daughter fell asleep Dec. 8th 1927 aged 17 years.

G070: In loving memory. PAUL born 16.3.1931, died 3.2.1932. CAIA IVERSEN born 20.8.1894, died 10.11.1966. EMILY born 8.10.71, died 13.3.72. God bless them. Gud velsigne dem.

G071: In loving memory of ALFRED ENOS belove husband of Ellen FRENCH of Doccombe died June 4th 1935 aged 81. Also of ELLEN wife of above died December 30th 1936 aged 80.


G073: In loving memory of WILLIAM TURNER born at Berwick-upon-Tweed 6th February 1834 fell asleep November 28th 1919. “He trusted in God”.

G074: In loving memory of CECIL WILLIAM SAUNDERS R.N. 30th June 1959 and his sister ETHEL MAUD (JOAN) THOMAS 15th July 1959 and his dearly loved JOAN.

G075: In loving remembrance of JOHN PEDRICK who died April 29th 1881 aged 21 years. He sleeps in blissful hope, Constrained in Jesus’s love, He said I soon shall be called up, To be with Christ above.

G076: In loving memory of ELIZABETH the beloved wife of Samuel HILL who died May 15th 1880 aged 63 years. Also of SAMUEL HILL died April 23rd 1900 aged 89 years.

G077: In ever loving memory of JACK HUXTABLE who died April 14th 1907 aged 7 years. Jesus call a little child to him …..

G078: In loving memory of EDWIN HILL who fell asleep December 8th 1892 aged 11 years. Thy will be done.

G079: In affectionate remembrance of EVA the beloved child of W.C. & E.M. ABRAHAM who fell asleep May 5th 1893 aged 6 years and 7 months.

G080: In affectionate remembrance of ALBERT JOHN RIHLL who died Febry. 15th 1905 aged 59 years. “At rest”. Also of ELSIE the beloved twin daughter of the above who died March 6th 1880 aged 1 year & 8 months. “For of such is the kingdom of heaven”. Also of NATHANIEL BLAKE RIHLL grandson of the above who died Novr. 10th 1941 aged 34 years.

G081: In loving memory of VIOLET SARAH ANN POLLARD who died April 5th 1888 aged 6 months.

G082: In affectionate remembrance of Dear Little WILLIE the beloved son of William & Elizabeth Ellen DOWN who died April 20th 1879 aged 1 year and 7 months. Suffer little children to come unto me.

G083: In loving memory of JOHN LASKEY of Beerland in this parish who entered into rest June 15th 1884 aged 76 years.

G084: In the hope of a joyful resurrection through the merits of a merciful redeemer. Also of MARY ANN wife of the above born January 1st 1813 died May 30th 1891. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord. Also ANN AMELIA LASKEY died May 1st 1934 aged 47 years, and of THOMAS EDWARD her beloved husband died June 1st 1955 aged 76 years.

G085: In loving memory of THOMAS EWART son of Thomas & Annie BOUNDY who died July 9th 1901 aged 18 months. Jesus called a little child. Also of BERNARD BOUNDY who died June 20th 1904 aged 18 months.

G086: In ever loving memory of WILLIAM H. POLLARD beloved husband of Louisa Pollard who passed away February 9th 1931 aged 47 years. “Until the day break and the shadows flee away”. To the dear memory of THOMAS POLLARD the beloved husband of Florence Pollard and son of Louisa and the late William Pollard passed peacefully away 28th Sept. 1955 aged 42 years. In God’s keeping. Also in memory of LOUISA the beloved wife of William H. POLLARD who passed away June 20th 1956 aged 69 years. Peace perfect peace.

G087: In remembrance of ISABELLA COE died October 11th 1919 aged 75 years.

G088: In memory of LOUISA beloved wife of Frank EAST fell asleep Nov. 26th 1918. Also of FRANK EAST who passed peacefully away 6th June 1936. “Peace perfect peace”. Also of their two sons PERCY WILLIAM EAST fell in action in France Oct. 15th 1916. ALBERT JOHN (BERT) EAST fell in action in Palestine Nov. 3rd 1917. Also of their son EDWARD (TED) EAST R.N. lost at sea by enemy action March 11th 1943.

G089: In loving memory of PEARL VIVIAN who died Sept. 26th 1904 aged 8 months.

G090: In loving memory of VERA the darling child of W. & L. POLLARD who fell asleep March 18th 1915 aged 5 years. Jesus called a little child.

G091: In loving memory of ELLEN HIBBERD who died Sept. 23rd 1917 aged 58 years. Also of ELIZABETH MARY HIBBERD sister of the above died July 10th 1929 aged 73 years. Peace perfect peace.

G092: Sacred to the memory of NANCY the beloved wife of Robert SUTHERLAND who died at Chard Sept. 15th 1917.

G093: In loving memory of SUSAN SOPER who died Septr. 11th 1881 aged 71 years. She sleeps in Jesus.

G094: R.I.P. To live in the hearts of those we love is not to die. In memory of ROBERT JOHN CLODE Lt. Colonel T.F. (Retired) D.L. and dearly loved husband of Mary Louisa Clode died February 20th 1929 aged 71 years. Also of MARY LOUISA CLODE died 4th July 1949 aged 75 years.

G095: In loving memory of WILLIAM SERCOMBE born 17th October 1811 died 31st August 1881. Absent from the body, Present with the Lord. Also of MARY his wife who died November 1887 aged 75 years.

G096: In loving memory of RICHARD HENRY DOWN who departed this life July 4th 1901 aged 57 years. Thy will be done. Also in memory of EVA FRANCES his wife who died on February 26th 1943 aged 83 years. “May light eternal shine upon them O Lord”. And their son WILLIAM AUBREY DOWN who died on May 5th 1981 aged 84 years.

G097: Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord. In loving remembrance of CHARLOTTE wife of W.W. SPARKE who died at Langhill January 26th 1881 aged 52 years.

G098: Sacred to the memory of WILLIAM WOOLLAND died Decr. 9th 1918 aged 79 years. Also ELIZABETH his wife died Decr. 13th 1907 age 69 years. Also of JOHN COLRIDGE grandson of the above died June 13th 1934 aged 45 years.

G099: In loving memory of SARAH the beloved wife of Thomas Henry Chown POLLARD late of the White Hart Hotel, Moretonhampstead who died April 6th 1881 aged 69 years. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. Also of the above-named THOMAS HENRY CHOWN POLLARD who died April 1st 1899 aged 84 years. He rested in the Lord and waited patiently for him.

G100: In loving memory of SUSAN the beloved wife of John POLLARD who died Novr. 12th 1907 aged 68 years.At rest. Also of the above JOHN POLLARD who died 3rd Novr. 1922 aged 74 years. R.I.P. Also of their son JOHN POLLARD who died 10th May 1944 aged 70 years. Now the labourer’s task is over.

G101: In memory of JOHN MAY of Uppacott died February 24 1877 aged 51 years. Also of ELIZABETH wife of the above died March 26th 1914 aged 89 years. God is love. He giveth his beloved sleep.

G102: Lynscott. Sacred to the memory of CHARLES CUMING who died June 6th 1903 aged 65 years. Also to the memory of ALBERT PHILIP CUMING who died July 6: 1910 aged 70 years. ANNA M. CUMING who died June 13: 1919 aged 88 years.

G103: In loving memory of MARY TROAKE widow of the late W. Troake who entered into rest on Wednesday in Holy Week 1908. R.I.P.

G104: In memoriam. ALFRED RICHARD TILBY who entered into rest January 17th 1908 aged 78. My peace I give unto you.

G105: In tender remembrance of PAULINE EUGENIE TILBY. Who loving all and loved by all., Passed from an earthly life, Consecrated to God from her earliest years to her eternal rest. 6th December 1903. We weep but it is we alone. She dwells in perfect peace.

G106: In loving memory of MARY ANNE wife of Thomas DAND C.E. Exeter formerly of Liverpool who died 29th July 1879 aged 44 years. Thy will be done.

G107: In loving memory of ELIZA ALICE SUTHERLAND one of Cross Tree House who died at Chard 27th Feb. 1915 aged 73 years.