Inscriptions on the gravestones in St Andrew’s Churchyard
(Section L)

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The numbers allotted to the graves correspond to those given in the field “Graves” of the Burials table. If you want to search alphabetically for a surname for a burial before 1988, you can do a full search of the Burials Register file to find the grave number (if any)

Section L

LA01: In loving memory of WILLIAM GEORGE PEARDON who passed away 9th September 1985. Also his loving wife BETTY who passed away 12th February 1982. A dearly loved mother and father of Robin. Until we meet again.

LA02: OLIVE WATTS died 25.1.78 aged 86. A.M. MILLER born 1889 died 1974. J.H. MILLER born 1887 died 1958.

LB01: In loving memory of FREDERICK WILLIAM ADCOCK died 12th July 1978 aged 75 years. Also of his wife IVY MAY died 3rd June 1989 aged 78 years.

LB02: WILLIAM G. MARSDEN who died 15th August 1977 aged 78, beloved husband of Doris Hannah for 40 years. In thee, O Lord, do I put my trust. Also of DORIS HANNAH beloved wife of William who died 25th July 1978 aged 64. Reunited. Grandma & grandpa love Mary & Timothy.

LB03: In loving memory of REGINALD NORMAN ROBERT CHUDLEY beloved husband of Margaret died 22nd November 1988 aged 84 years.

LC01: In memory of my beloved husband WILLIAM WOOLACOTT died 20th July 1977 aged 79. Also his beloved wife LILY died 7th April 1999 aged 93.

LC02: GEORGE. (French).

LC03: Treasured memories of PHYLLIS HILL beloved wife of Ron who fell asleep April 28th 1977 aged 49. A devoted wife and mother.

LC04: Dear to the memory of FRED W. BALLAMY died 28th March 1977 aged 55.

LC05: In loving memory of VIOLET MORTIMORE died 5th August 1976 aged 74 years. Also FRANK MORTIMORE died 24th april 1978 aged 76 years.

LC06: In loving memory of ALFRED GEORGE SNOW died 20th March 1976.

LC07: In loving memory of EDITH LEE aged 78 years, born August 23rd 1897 died February 11th 1976. I look for the resurrection of the dead and the life of the world to come.

LC08: In remembrance of WILLIAM PEARDON who passed away March 9th 1977 aged 86, beloved husband of Margaret. Peace perfect peace. Also his loving wife MARGARET died 16th May 1982 aged 86. A dearly loved mother and father. Not gone from memory, Not gone from love. To Dad with love, Margaret.

LC09: In treasured memory of DAVID NORMAN CHUDLEY called to rest July 18th 1974 aged 38 darling husband of Margaret. So deeply loved and so sadly missed. To Dad love Clifford.

LD01: In loving memory of MARGARET M.A. CLAPP (MILLIE) called to rest 5th Nov. 1975 aged 60 years.

LD02: MAY. (Slee).

LD03: TORICK AMEER ALI 1891 – 1975. MARY LOUISE AMEER ALI 1894 – 1980.

LD04: In ever loving memory of LEONARD JAMES UNDERHILL who died 10th June 1975 aged 62 years.

LD05: EDWARD S. POCOCK 1900 – 1975. ELSIE H. POCOCK 1899 – 1979. Reunited. In memory. MICHAEL POCOCK 1931 – 1996. PAUL POCOCK 1936 –

LD06: In loving memory of ZILLAH TROTT died 12th March 1975 aged 82.

LD07: EMILY AGGETT 25.12.74. aged 66.

LD08: In ever loving memory of AGNES ROSALIND GERMON dearly loved wife of Herbert who passed away 25th March 1974 aged 85 years. “We shall meet again”.

LE01: In loving memory of CHARLES H. BRIMBLECOMBE died 13.9.1973 aged 74.

LE02: GILLIAN MARGARET DENNY 1911 – 1973. “Jill”. She was greatly loved.

LE04: In loving memory of GEORGE HATHAWAY.

LE05: Loving memories. CERIDWEN CHUDLEY died 12th Jan. 1973 aged 66. Also of ARTHUR died 22 Nov. 1991 aged 81.

LE07: In loving memory of OWEN CHUDLEY died 22nd October 1972 aged 66 years. Also of his beloved wife NORA KATHLEEN died 19th November 1983 aged 76 years.

LE08: In loving memory of MILLIE FLORENCE AVERY who passed away July 9 1972 aged 53 years.

LE09: In loving memory of KATHLEEN MAY WARRY called to rest 23rd January 1972 aged 52 years.

LE11: In loving memory of DOROTHY YEOMAN 1905 – 1969. Also her husband FRED YEOMAN 1901 – 1991. In loving memory of our dear mother MAY Reg & Doris.

LF01: Sacred to the memory of MARIE LOUISE second daughter of John Henry and Lillian Wills HEYWARD 1897 – 1971.

LF06: In loving memory of ALBERT CROSS died Jan. 21st 1971 and his devoted wife VIOLET MAY died Feb. 11th 1971. Reunited.

LF07: In loving memory of ARTHUR DONALD AISH died 25th December 1970 aged 66 years. Also his beloved wife EDITH died 2nd May 1987 aged 79 years. Reunited.

LF08: In loving memory of EVA JANE YEOMAN died 29th August 1970 aged 78 years. Also of her beloved husband WILLIAM HENRY died 26th June 1973 aged 83 years. Reunited.

LF09: In loving memory of my dear husband BERT WELLINGTON who died 23rd June 1970 aged 69.

LF10: In loving memory of WILLIAM SNELL died 12th June 1970 aged 73 years and ROSINA SNELL died 16th January 1983 aged 87 years.

LG01: In loving memory of FRANCES D. WOTTON of Meacombe beloved wife of William died 13th April 1970 aged 80 years. Also of WILLIAM beloved husband of the above died 14th October 1971 aged 79 years.

LG04: In loving memory of WILLIAM RICHARD FLOYD who died December 8th 1969 aged 63 years.

LG05: In loving memory of WILLIAM MARTIN beloved husband of May 1887 – 1969. R.I.P. Also of his wife MAY died January 21978 aged 86 years. Reunited.

LG06: In loving memory of ELSIE UNDERHILL died 3rd August 1969 aged 73. Love from the grand-children. Rest in peace.

LG07: In loving memory of GERTRUDE BALLAMY died 14th June 1969 aged 75. Also of WILLIAM beloved husband of Gertrude died 5th Jan. 1987 aged 92.

LG08: In loving memory of my dear sister JANE WEBBER who died 9th April 1969 aged 69. Gone, but not forgotten.

LG09: In memory of SAMUEL HILL died 20th Feb. 1969 aged 77.

LG10: In cherished memory of HERBERT FRANCIS WEEKES who entered into rest 13th January 1969 aged 83 years. Loved and remembered by all who knew him.

LG11:┬áIn loving memory of my dear wife ETHEL MAY GOODING died 29th March 1968 aged 58. Also of FRED GOODING died 7th April 1970 aged 62. Reunited in God’s keeping. To NANNIE love from the grandchildren. To Grandad love from the grandchildren.