Inscriptions on the gravestones in St Andrew’s Churchyard
(Section M)

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The numbers allotted to the graves correspond to those given in the field “Graves” of the Burials table. If you want to search alphabetically for a surname for a burial before 1988, you can do a full search of the Burials Register file to find the grave number (if any)

Section M

MA01: OHN JAMES BROWNE 24th January 1940. EMMA BROWNE 23rd March 1949.

MA02: In loving memory of RICHARD GROSS CRABB died Aug. 1st 1941 aged 59. R.I.P. Also of SELINA his wife died April 10th 1969 aged 85. Reunited. In loving memory of DULCIE LYDIA CLEAVE beloved wife of George died Jan. 8th 1989 aged 71 years. Also THOMAS GEORGE CLEAVE died July 13th 1991 aged 76 years. Reunited for ever.

MA04: In loving memory of EDITH MAY beloved wife of W.J. SPRAGUE died Feb. 18th 1941, and WILLIAM JOHN died Jan. 31st 1980. At rest.

MA05: In loving memory of MARJORIE MARY beloved daughter of John REDDAWAY died Decr. 17th 1943 aged 33 years. Peace perfect peace.

MA06: In loving memory of LEONORA BEATRICE POTTER died October 14th 1944 aged 68 years.

MB03: In loving memory of JAMES beloved husband of Jessie BEER died April 30th 1942 aged 76. Also his wife JESSIE passed away January 31st 1946 aged 69 years. At rest.

MB05: EVA PRICE-JONES 25th Sept. 1943. WINIFRED THOMAS 19th Sept. 1945.

MB06: In loving memory of FRANK COLE late of Adley, Chagford, who died June 12th 1944 and of MABEL ALICE COLE his beloved wife died July 17th 1951 aged 72 years.

MB07: In treasured memory of THOMAS BROOKS died Jan. 3rd 1945. In silence remembered. Also of his beloved wife MATILDA GLADYS died June 10th 1949. Reunited. To grandad. In loving memory of ROWLAND CHARLES BROOKS beloved husband of Agnes who passed away 31st Oct. 1978.

MC02: In loving memory of ELLEN ELIZABETH wife of William MORGAN who died May 1st 1941 aged 72 years. Also of WILLIAM MORGAN died January 21st 1946 aged 73 years.

MC05: MARY SHEDDEN MURRAY died Sept. 11th 1943. Widow of Colonel S.J. Murray D.S.O. Connaught Rangers. Beloved mother of Ruby, Keith, Alec.

MC06: In loving memory of MARY JOANNA BUES died April 30th 1944 aged 76 years. Also LEWIS JOHN BUES died Sept. 15th 1945 aged 75 years. At rest.

MC07: In loving memory of ANN BLATCHFORD 1911 – 1944. A loving wife and mother.

MD01: In loving memory of RICHARD PAIN who passed away Sept. 24th 1940 aged 85 years. “Thy will be done”. Also of ANN JANE his wife who joined him Jan. 16th 1956 aged 100 years. At rest.

MD02: G. RENDEL HARRIS husband of Jane Harris of Plymouth June 1886 April 1941. A wonderful life spent in the service of others.

MD03: A Traveller lingers here.

MD07: In loving memory of SUSANNAH the beloved wife of Charles H. DICKER died Oct. 13th 1944 aged 76 years. Also of CHARLES H. DICKER died June 7th 1961 aged 91 years.

ME03: In loving memory of ALICE the beloved wife of Edwin John CROUT died Dec. 22nd 1941 aged 61 years. Also EDWIN JOHN CROUT died June 13th 1951 aged 74. Peace perfect peace. Reunited. ALEC HENRY CROUT son of Edwin and Alice 1913 – 1992.

ME05: In loving memory of LENA the beloved wife of John UNDERHILL who died Aug. 1st 1943 aged 34 years. In God’s keeping.

ME06: C. BALL 1944.

ME07: In loving memory of SELINA beloved wife of W.F. SANDERS who died Sep. 8th 1944 aged 83 years. Also WILLIAM FREDERICK husband of the above who passed away Nov. 18th 1945 aged 83 years. Peace perfect peace. Also of ROBERT CECIL son of the above who passed away April 11th 1966 aged 73 years. Reunited.

MF01: In loving memory of EDMUND TOMLINSON died 1st Dec. 1940 aged 61.

MF02: In ever loving memory of CECIL FRANK COLRIDGE who passed away March 12th 1941 aged 38 years. In God’s keeping.

MF03: In loving memory of JOSHUA JILL died October 1st 1941 aged 78.

MF04: In loving memory of CHARLES JOHN HEALE who passed peacefully away July 1st 1942 aged 59 years. Deep in our hearts a memory is kept of one we loved and will never forget. Also of SELINA his beloved wife died Oct. 17th 1951 aged 71 years. Reunited.

MF05: In loving memory of BEATRICE MORGAN died 2nd June 1943. Also her sons CHARLES REGINALD, THOMAS DUDLEY.

MF07: In loving memory of ELIZA WEBBER who fell asleep July 28 1944 aged 73 years. Also of her sister CATHERINE ROACH WEBBER who fell asleep Sept. 28th 1944 aged 79 years. They live in our hearts always.

MG01: To the loving memory of ELIZABETH ANN beloved wife of George Robert FRIEND who passed away December 25th 1940 aged 75 years. Free from all pain and sorrow. Also of the above GEORGE ROBERT FRIEND who passed away November 25th 1948 aged 80 years. At rest.

MG02: JOHN the darling son of Jack & Ena ROUTLEY died 17th February 1941 aged 23 months.

MG03: In loving memory of BEATRICE MARY beloved wife of W.H. TUCKER died Sept. 19th 1941 aged 63 years. God’s will be done.

MG04: In loving memory of GEORGINA GARNISH died June 14th 1942. “At rest”. Also of FREDERICK WILLIAM GARNISH her husband died August 18th 1943.

MG05: CHARLES HEY LAYCOCK died 28th March 1943.

MG07: In fondest memory of LESLIE the dearly loved husband of Maude PALMER died July 16th 1944. “Resting where no shadows fall”. Also of BEATRICE MAUDE PALMER beloved wife of the above died April 5th 1952. “Until the day break”.

MH01: Sacred to the memory of FLORENCE M. GRATWICKE for 19 years Matron of Moretonhampstead Convalescent Home died December 28th 1940. At rest.

MH02: Blessed memories of FLORENCE EMILY beloved wife of Alfred Brice COCKLAND 1941. Greatly loved by her children.

MH05: In loving memory of ALICE CONSTANCE SWALES who passed away March 20th 1943 aged 78 years. “At rest”.

MH06: In loving memory of HARRY beloved husband of Harriet GOODING died 19th Dec. 1943 aged 72 years. Also his wife HARRIET died Nov. 25th 1947. Reunited. “Thy will be done”.