Inscriptions on the gravestones in St Andrew’s Churchyard
(Section N)

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The numbers allotted to the graves correspond to those given in the field “Graves” of the Burials table. If you want to search alphabetically for a surname for a burial before 1988, you can do a full search of the Burials Register file to find the grave number (if any)

Section N

NA02: In ever loving memory of GLADYS ARCHER who passed peacefully away Sept. 18th 1948 aged 38 years. “Resting where no shadows fall”. Also JOHN husband of the above died April 26th 1976 aged 67 years. Reunited.

NA03: In loving memory of JOHN LUSCOMBE who died August 28th 1947 aged 70 years. And of his beloved wife ELIZABETH ANN who died September 11th 1968 aged 88 years.

NA05: In loving memory of WILLIAM the beloved husband of Jessie TAYLOR died 1st Aug. 1946 aged 67 years. He giveth his beloved sleep. Also of his beloved wife JESSIE died 3rd Oct. 1961 aged 80 years. Reunited.

NB03: 1902324 L. Cpl. H.E. DRODGE Royal Engineers. 8th August 1947 age 34. The dearly loved husband of Rosemary Drodge. Peace perfect peace.

NB05: In loving memory of LILY beloved wife of Edwin HARVEY died June 6 1946 aged 65. Also of EDWIN HARVEY died July 7th 1953 aged 65 years. At rest. Mother and father.

NC01: In loving memory of ROBERT C. DIXON beloved husband of Elizabeth passed away 19th Feb. 1949 aged 73 years. Also of ELIZABETH his beloved wife passed away 15th March 1956 aged 82 years.

NC02:┬áIn loving memory of darling PADDY MOYLE B.A. (Hons.) Lond. the beloved wife of Thomas S. Moyle who passed away 11th April 1948 aged 22. Although learned, her charming simplicity endeared her to all who knew her. The world is better for her passage through it. The world has lost a saint – ’tis heaven’s gain. In heavenly love abiding, No change my heart shall fear, And safe is such confiding, For nothing changes here.

NC03: In loving memory of GERTRUDE EMMA SCALES who died June 6th 1947 aged 69 years. And of her husband CHARLES HERBERT died April 23rd 1960 aged 90 years.

NC04: In loving memory of ALBERT AUSTIN who died March 9th 1947 aged 44 years. In memory of LINDA JEAN COX died 28th Dec. 1969 aged 17. In loving memory.

NC05: In loving memory of LAURA beloved wife of William SNOW died May 2nd 1946 aged 76 years. Also of WILLIAM HENRY SNOW died February 28th 1948 aged 86 years. At rest.

ND01: RICHARD H. BRIMBLECOMBE 1879 – 1948. “Just resting”. ELSIE OLIVE BRIMBLECOMBE 1895 – 1992. Reunited.

ND02: In ever loving memory of WILLIAM BOWDEN aged 74 years. “Life’s work well done”.

ND03: In loving memory of HENRY POWLESLAND who passed away 6th June 1947 aged 78. Also of his beloved wife LUCY EMILY POWLESLAND who passed away 8th June 1961 aged 84. Reunited.

ND05: In ever loving memory of FREDERICK BADCOCK who died April 16th 1946 aged 47. Also his beloved wife IVY EMILY who died April 10th 1064 aged 68. Reunited.

NE01: In loving memory of FREDERICK ANDREWS 1892 – 1948. R.I.P. Also BESSIE ANDREWS 1896 – 1972. R.I.P.

NE02: In loving memory of WILLIAM HENRY the beloved husband of Sarah WILLS died 17 December 1947 aged 81. “Peace perfect peace”. Also of his beloved wife SARAH died 30 November 1961 aged 94. Reunited.

NE03: In affectionate remembrance of MARY JANE YEOMAN died May 24th 1947 aged 80 years. “Peace perfect peace”. Also of her beloved husband WILLIAM died August 25th 1956 aged 89 years. To dear mother & father. Also of their son ALBERT LEONARD died Oct. 8th 1973 aged 66 years.

NF01: In loving memory of NELLIE beloved wife of Humphrey HELYER died Oct. 9th 1948 aged 71 years. Also of HUMPHREY HELYER died 3rd February 1958 aged 86 years.

NF02: In loving memory of THOMAS JONES 1869 – 1947, and RHODA his wife 1869 – 1948. At rest.

NF03: In loving memory of JESSIE wife of W.H. SIMMONS died April 4th 1947 aged 74. Also of WILLIAM HENRY SIMMONS died Jan. 22nd 1950 aged 76.

NF04: In memory of JOHN GORDON CRABB 1883 – 1947. Also of SIDNEY DOWNING CRABB 1886 – 1951.

NF05: In loving memory of THIRZA the dearly beloved wife of Albert OPIE who passed away March 22nd 1946 aged 64 years. Peace perfect peace. Also of ALBERT died Dec. 17th 1957 aged 84 years. Reunited.

NF06: Sacred to the memory of BESSIE WITHECOMBE passed away Aug. 29th 1945. And her husband CHARLES who passed away March 24th 1947. Eternally reunited.

NG01: In loving memory. FLORENCE EMILY CROUT died 5th October 1948 and LANGFORD CROUT died 27th July 1957. Also HENRY CROUT dearly loved husband of Dorothy, father of Terry, who passed away Jan. 22nd 1976. “Always in our thoughts”.

NG02: C.S. PEARDON Officer’s Steward D/LX. Royal Navy 21st September 1947 aged 25. He has sailed his last commission now anchored at his port of rest. To C.S. Peardon from his friends. “Until we meet again”.

NG03: In loving memory of CAROLINE the dearly loved wife of John REYNOLDS died 17th March 1947 aged 81. Also of JOHN REYNOLDS died 24th August 1953 aged 85. Reunited. And also of their son SAMUEL REYNOLDS died 19th February 1969 aged 70. Together again.

NG06: In loving memory of ANNIE COLRIDGE died 10th Aug. 1945 aged 71. At rest.

NH01: W.R. PARR 1894 – 1973. OLIVE PARR 1895 – 1982.

NH02: PHYLLIS SHEARER R.I.P. May 30th 1972.

NH03: ANNE LIPPMAN 1902 – 1971. CLAUDE LIPPMAN 1899 – 1983. R.I.P.

NH04: In loving memory of WILLIAM HORE died 30th May 1948 aged 40 years.