Summer carnivals commenced in 1921 as a fund raising event for the Hospital. A Carnival Queen was elected for the first time in 1935 and for the next half century this was a much sought after honour before differing social attitudes among young women resulted in a lack of willing entries for the contest after 1985.

1935  Nina Willcocks       Maud Williams Nora Crout
1936  Florence Loram       Mary Cuming Monica Loram
1937  Maisie Endacott      Betty Prowse Susie Webber
1938  Agnes Banbury        Edna Wright Barbara Moore
1939  Joan Butler          Mrs Lena Underhill Mavis Doney
1945  Doreen Hill          Sylvia Wotton Evelyn Aggett
1946  Jean Huish           Amy Brown Amy Luxton
1947  Evelyn Aggett        Amy Luxton Joan Brimblecombe
1948  Amy Luxton           Mary Bryan Monica Crump
1949  Dorothy Partridge    Kathleen Archer Jeanette Pike & Margaret Floyd
1950  Yvonne Perring       Audrey Stevens Betty Brimblecombe
1951  Phyllis Crout        Sylvia White Jean Eva
1952  Rona Rowcliffe       Edith Floyd Yvonne Norrish
1953  Barbara Brimblecombe Jennifer West Audrey Stevens
1954  Doris Yeoman         Pearl Hill Margaret Peardon
1955  Edith Floyd          Yvonne Norrish Margaret Peardon
1956  Doreen Floyd         Mary Curnow Pearl Hill
1957  Shirley Aggett       Margaret Peardon Joyce Clapp
1958  Mrs Margaret Chudley Mary Reddaway Wendy Creese
1959  Susan Burwash        Christine Aggett Julie Dodd
1960  Jeanette Cherrington Barbara Bell Christine Aggett
1961  Valerie Brock        Gillian Burnett Marilyn Aggett
1962  Pauline Brooks       Marilyn Aggett Geraldine Stevens
1963  Mrs Margaret Chudley Mary Reddaway Janet Underhill
1964  Shirley Powlesland   Elizabeth Wordsworth Elizabeth Taylor
1965  Shirley Reddaway     Patricia Yeoman Elizabeth Taylor
1966  Shirley Powlesland   Rosie Aggett Audrey Chisholm
1967  Elizabeth Taylor     Jean Avery Carol Reeman
1968  Rosie Aggett         Elizabeth Marley Ann Sharp
1969  Christine Lampkin    Pauline Brock Jillian Aggett
1970  Susan Chudley        Ann Marie Evans Jean Avery
1971  Sharron Duff         Kathryn Carroll ?
1972  Ann Yeoman           Ann Marie Evans Rose Quick
1973  Mrs Elizabeth Williams Kathryn Carroll Linda Chudley
1974  Vicki Avery          Shirley Cottle Elizabeth Roberts
1975  Ruth Peardon         Marion Chudley Hazel Chudley
1976  Barbara Tindall      Carol Hill Hazel Chudley
1977  Julie Willcocks      Hazel Chudley Tina Hands
1978  Melissa Piggott      Tracey Jones Susan Wills
1979  Lesley Hill          Anne Perring Gina Gay
1980  Debbie Kerslake
1981  Nicola Wills         Mandy Battershall Julie Richardson
1982  Carla Matthews       Sharon Muldrew Mandy Battershall
1983  Mandy Battershall    Kirsty Reynolds
1984  Belinda Browning     Hayley Browning