(This transcript was made by Harvey Neck and included with his transcript of Treleaven’s Diary, but after the year 1802.  He presumably found the original papers with Treleaven’s diary). 

1792  July 16.  At a meeting held at the White Hart Inn for the purpose of concerting better measures for the conveyance of letters to and from this town,  Mr Henry Hankes in the chair.

  • 1.  Resolved that the thanks of this meeting be presented by the chairman to John Cole Esq for his endeavours to obtain a Post for this town & adjoining parishes.
  • 2.  That this meeting will gratefully accept the offer of a bag to be left at Crockernwell containing letters for this town and neighbourhood & that the chairman shall signify the same to the said John Cole Esq. and request that the bag be left on Mondays, Thursdays & Saturdays.
  • 3.  That Messrs Hankins & Puddicombe are hereby appointed to engage a person at Crockernwell to receive the said bag & to convey it directly to the house of Mr John Treleaven, who shall pay for the conveyance of it the sum agreed upon by Messrs Hankins & Puddicombe.
  • 4.  That the said Mr Treleaven, immediately on the receipt of the bag, shall take an account of the number of letters & deliver them to their respective owners, if residing in this town, charging for the same the postage alone.
  • 5.  That the said Mr Treleaven shall be answerable to the Postmaster for the postage of the letters which he shall receive.
  • 6.  That to perfect this scheme, every person who approves of it shall subscribe these resolutions & deposite in the hands of Mr J. Isaac the sum opposite to his name.
  • 7.  That the said Mr Treleaven shall receive of Mr Isaac the pay of the carrier of the bag & one shilling per week for his own trouble, for the first quarter, & also the expense of making conveniences.
  • 8.  That either of the subscribers, in conjunction with the chairman, may at any time give one day’s public notice of a meeting, for the purpose of examining the success of this scheme, & considering anything calculated to promote it.
  • 9.  That the thanks of this meeting be given to the chairman for the propriety with which he has conducted the business of the meeting.  Signed on behalf of the meeting by H. Hankes, Chairman.

H. Hankes Chairman     2/6              George Gray                2/6

J. Isaac                      3/-                   Wm Smale                  2/6      

J. Rowland)                 4/-                 Tho. Dunsford             1/-

– Wilkins   )                                        Wm Peters                 1/-

J. Handon                   2/6                 J. Heave                     1/-

Wm Bragg                   2/6                Jane Alway                 1/-

J. Cole                       2/6                  J.K. Southmead           2/6

Geo Mardon                 2/6              John Westlake             2/-

Wm Nosworthy             2/6             Rev Mr Lock               2/6

J Soady                      1/-                 Mr Woolmer               2/6

Richard Hawkins           2/6            Mr John Cole Mearch    5/-

J Puddicombe               1/-             Jno Hawkins              2/6

J Pinsent                     2/-               John Pethybridge         2/-

Jabez Jackson              2/6            Brt Fd                     1/11/-

                                1/11/-                                           2/19/-    

                                Bag – Expences  –                            –  Cr

Aug 29 Deal    Cutting     do.                                                  5  0

            Nails 6d  hinges 4d  beery putty  3½ d                           1  1½

            Carpenters labour.      1¼  days                                   2  0

            Mr Treleaven’s house expence at Crockernwell                  1  5

            Do. to Exeter 2/- his oath as postmaster 1/-                    3  0

            12 weeks pay to the bag carrier at 3/6 per week            2  2  0

Oct 17 Do  Do  Treleaven @  1/-      do                                      12 0

            sash glass                                                                 8  0

            door & lock                                                               2  6

      21  crying the meeting                                                          2

            seal for the bag                                                         2  6

            expences of this week                                                 4  6

                                                                                   £4   4  2½ 

                        Debtors side                                             2  19   0

                                                Remr                              1   5  2½          

Nov 22   At a meeting of the inhabitants at the White Hart, Mr Wm Bragg in the chair.  Resolved that one penny be charged on every letter delivered out of the office & that the letters received into it shall pass free as before for one quarter of a year.  That the foregoing statement of debtor & creditor pass as true.  Signed on behalf of meeting by  Wm Bragg, Chairman.

Dec 30   Recvd of Mr Treleaven £1.5.2½ the balance of the foregoing.  J. Isaac