Sun. Jan. 2nd.  Mr. Richard Heard, Shoemaker, chosen Clerk of the New Dissenting Meeting in the room of William Browne, Woolcomber, who is gone to Salisbury.

Fri. Jan. 14th.  Died aged 80 Joseph Tremlett, Taylor

Sat. Jan. 15th.  20s/ worth of Bread given to the Poor, it being the amount of a fine, levied on Mr. John Rowdon for carrying a Gun.  Informer, the Rev Mr. Gregory Vicar of Dunsford and Lord of Dockham Manour.  The amount of the above fine was immediately rose by subscription.

Tue. Jan. 18th.  Mr. James Hillman, Saddler, arrested for debt.

Wed. Jan. 19th.  Mr. Hillmans business settled.

Sat. Jan. 22nd.  A Sale for Mr. James Hillman’s Household Goods and furniture, for the purpose of paying his debts.

Sun. Jan. 23rd.  The Rev Mr. Rowland, with his three children satt off in a Chaise for Tavistock to see Miss Cornish, who had left him about a month since, after living with him five and half years

Mon. Jan. 24th.  Departed this life aged 75 Eliz. Tremlett, she was a woman of small stature, and had lived in the Corn Market Chamber 50 years.  About 7 this evening intellegence was brought from Tavistock, by the Driver of the Chaise, that the Rev Mr. Rowland died of an apoplectic fit about 2 this afternoon at Colicombe in the Parish of Lamerton (near Tavistock) where he went to see Miss Cornish.

Wed. Jan. 26th.  The Corpse of Mr. Rowland brought home in a Hearse, and lodged in his own House, before interment.

Thur. Jan. 27th.  The remains of Mr. James Rowland interred in the Church-Yard, in a grave by the side of his late wife.  He had been Pastor of the Presbyterians Meeting in this place 26 and half years and kept a grammar school about 18 years was a native of St.David’s in Pembroke Shire, South Wales, and about 47 years old at his death.  By his will he has given all his property to the Rev. James Manning of Exeter and Mr. Fabyan of Ashburton, in Trust, to be equally divided between his three Children Nancy, James and John, when they shall attain the age of 21 years.  Nancy is now about 15, James 13, John 10 years of age.

Sun. Jan. 30th.  This afternoon The Rev James Manning preached a funeral sermon, in the New Dissenting Chapel, for his departed friend The Rev James Rowland. Text 11th Chapter St  John part 25th and 26th verses “I am the &c”   the House was quite full and when Mr M touched respecting the deceased, which he did in a very moving but modest manner, the whole congregation were so deeply affected that ’twas impossible for them to conceal it, the Sermon was delivered with that graceful solemnity, so as to make a lasting impression on the audience who will never forget the awful event that was the means of their assembling to-gether this afternoon.

Mon. Jan. 31st.  Died aged 68 Mr. John Gill Glazier, he had been a remarkable sober and industrious man, scarce ever, in his whole life, drank any Beer, Cyder, Wine or any kind of Spirit. Tea, and Milk and Water were the only liquids he made use of.

Died aged 59 Mary the Wife of Robert Cleft, who sometime since dislocated her ancle, and broke the small bone of the same leg.

Thur. Feb. 3rd.  The Woolcombers had a Dinner at their Club House (The Dolphin Inn) in  honour of Bishop Blaze. The remains of Mr. John Gill, interred in the Baptist Buring Ground, a funeral Sermon was preached on the occasion by the Rev Mr. Isaacs, Text 1st Chap: Phillippians, Verse 23rd “For I am &c”

Tue. Feb. 8th.  The Houses of Saml. Hutchings in Cross Street and Thos. Hutchings in Forder Street searched, by the Supervisor, and Mr. Sarel, Exciseman, for smuggled goods, at the former they took a small Jar of Brandy, at the latter two kegs partly full of spirit and some coffee. Two fellows taken in custody for obtaining money of different persons under false pretences.

Wed. Feb. 9th.  The said two men carried before Justice Roberts, at Drewsteignton, who committed them to Bridewell.

Sat. Feb. 12th.  A Sale for the late Mr Rowland’s House-Hold Goods & furniture…

Sun. Feb. 13th.  Died aged 62 Anthony Tallamy, Woolcomber, he was honoured with the Title of Bishop Blaze, and appeared in that character on several public occasions.

Died aged 74 Mrs.(commonly called Dame) Merry.

Sat. Feb. 26th.  Masr. James Puddicombe, sat off for London, he is going as a Midshipman on board the Europa, East Indiaman, bound for Madras and Bengal. This evening Mr. Martin Dunsford’s Lands in Moreton were sold by public auction.

Mon. Feb. 28th.  Mr. John Sillifant, Saddler, took and entered on the late Mr. Parr’s House.

Sun. Mar. 6th.  The Rev Mr. Trinnick had an order from the Revd. Mr. Clack not to do duty in the Church, and that his services would be dispensed with in future, for he was not looked on after this day to be his Curate.  Mr. Trinnick however attended but was refused admittance to enter the Desk, and the Rev Mr. Holland performed the service of the day. A Law suit is likely to be the consequence of this dispute, between the Rector and the Curate.

Tue. Mar. 8th.  Married Samuel Layman Driver to the London Inn to Charity Ballamy Chamber maid to the said Inn.

Sun. Mar. 13th.  Rev Mr. Trenick this morning took possession of the Church by Stratagem and remained in it the whole day, no person attended in the morning to hear him, and the afternoon service was attended, but by the lower order chiefly.

Sun. Mar. 20th. Rev Mr Trenick did the duty without opposition.

Mon. Mar. 21st.  Rev Mr. Trenick took French leave, we understand he went to Kenn to the Rev Mr.Clack’s  settled for his Salary and bids adieu to Moreton.

Wed. Mar. 23rd.  This evening between 6 & 7 O’Clock a large Meteor of a globular form passed over this town and burst with a loud explosion just over Mardon Down, its direction was from west to east.

Wed. Apr. 20th.  A Free Mason’s Lodge, Instituted at the London Inn, in this town, but under what name is not publicly known.

Sun. Apr. 24th.  Died aged 73, Mrs. Bragg, Widow.

Tue. Apr. 26th.  Died suddenly aged 60, Mr. Nicholas Croot, Pack-carrier. He had been to Parsonage to pay his tithe, drank two moderate Tumblers of Brandy and Water, on his way home he drop’d down supposed in consequence of the Liquor he had drunk, was carried home to his house, sat down on a Chair, with his Head leaning on a Table, where he expired, and was dead, some time before it was discovered. His wife (not one of the politest women in the world) exclaimed “Lor! Lor!! Two tumblers could never kill Nichol, they must have put something in it besides Brandy”.  But there was not the least foundation for such a charge. A Surgeon was called in opened both Temple veins, and attempted to bleed him in one of his arm’s, no blood issued from either, it was then announced that he died of an Apoplectic Fit.

Wed. Apr. 27th.  Died aged 70 after a long and painful illness, Mrs Jane Alway, of the White Hart Inn, in this Town.

Fri. Apr. 29th.  Mr. Hugo, of Newton, Coroner, hearing of the expressions made use of by Mr. Croot’s widow, came here, and insisted on taking an Inquest on his Body which was accordingly done, verdict “Died by the visitation of God”

Sat. Apr. 30th.  Mr. Horrell, Attorney at Law, came here to settle.

Sun. May 1st.  This morning about 9 O’clock the Remains of Mrs Alway was interred in the Church Yard. The Corpse was carried on the shoulders of 8 men with black Gloves and the Pall which covered The same was supported by 8 men with Hat Bands and Gloves. A number of Gloves were given on the occasion and the Funeral was numerously attended.

The Banns of Marriage published between    Mr. Wm.Brockdon Shoemaker, widower, and Mrs Elizabeth Soper, widow of the late Farmer John Soper of Hill. The former is in his 70th year and the latter in the 73rd year of her age.

Tue. May 3rd.  Died aged 71 Mr. John Tallamy, Shoemaker.

Sat. May 8th.  The Rev Mr Walkey Curate, preached here for the first time.

Tue. May 10th.  Died aged 65 Mr Isaac Sparke, Surgeon, Apothecary & Druggist.

Wed. May 18th.  This morning about 8 O’Clock it was given out that the Nuptials of Mr. Brockdon and Mrs. Soper were about to take place, a great number assembled on the occasion, particularly young Females, after the ceremony was over, these young Lasses seized the Bell ropes and rang a merry peal, but a sad disaster had nearly taken place on one of these unexperienced Ringers, for from the great exertion of Body and Limbs, the rope got entangled between her legs, and tossed her topsy-turvy nearly over the heads of several of her merry companions but she suffered no other hurt than exposing her naked bottom; this misfortune put a stop to the Ludicrous scene. This is the third time this old Buck of wax has walk’d to the Temple of Hymen and report says he never did, nor now, never wil1, wear the Breeches.

Sat. May 21st.  A Sale at Court House for Capt Weirs Household Goods and Furniture. He is going to leave Moreton.

Wed. May 25th.  Last night about 10 O’Clock we were alarmed with the cry of Fire, and the Fire Bell rang with more than usual violence, on enquiry found it to be one of Mr. Pinsent’s upper rooms, which appear’d quite in a blaze, however by the timely assistance of a few active persons it was soon extinguished, without doing any other damage than injuring about ten pounds worth of Wick-Yarn. It happened by a Boy’s going into the room with a lighted candle, where there was a quantity of Wick and Cotton yarn.

Sat. May 28th.  Great Market  Cattle not numerous, and the sale rather dull.

Sun. May 29th.  A display of Oak at the Doors and windows of a few individuals; The Ringing cannot be praised, the peals were short and very clashing this we must excuse as the Ringers consist of some young Green horns, that have had but little experience in the said art.

Sat. June 4th.  His Majesty King George the third’s Birth Day, who now enters the 66th year of his age. The Ringing nearly as bad as an 29th May.

Mon. June 6th.  Died aged 63 John Ball, he had lived as a servant with Mrs Babbacombe at Sloncombe near 40 years.

Fri. June 10th.  Died aged 71, Mrs Sarah Gillard, widow, some years since she kept the Bake House near the Town Pump. For five weeks previous to her death she did not eat an ounce of any kind of food whatsoever, her only support for the above time was no more than two tea spoons full of wine a day, a more perfect skeleton was never seen. This circumstance may be depended on as a fact.

Sat. June 11th.  Died at Okehampton aged 23 Richard Clack Esqr second son of the Rev Mr Clack, Rector of this Parish.

Tue. June 14th.  Died aged 70 Edward Saunders, For 13 years previous to his death he laboured under great afflictions, in which time one of his legs was amputated.

Wed. June 22nd.  Mr. Gilbert Frost, Farmer, & Robert Tremlett Husbandman were drawn in the Supplementary Militia for this Parish,  Both got substitutes, at about 14 Guineas each.

Thur. June 23rd.  Last night MOON, the famous conjurer, performed in the late Mr. Rowland’s School Room, to a very genteel company, his Magical Deceptions, went off with great eclat.
Thur. July 7th.  Died aged 80 Mrs Mary Flood, about 30 years since she kept sewing school in this Town, and at that time neither Embroidery, Music or Dancing were taught at any school in this place. Marking Letters and plain Needle Work completed the Education of the Young Ladies of Moreton and it’s vicinity, but at the above period the Fashions of the times beginning to change, she dropped her school and went to Drewsteignton to live as a servant with Miss Mary Ponsford, about 2 years agone

(her labour being done) she return’d again to Moreton. By those, who well remember the good order of her School, she was highly respected, and the living 20 years with the same Person speaks for itself.

Fri. July 8th.  Robert Frost & George Tremlett, sworn as substitutes in the East Devon Militia.

Wed. July 13th.  William Shears Junr gone substitute in the South Devon Militia for a Person of Ashburton.

Fri. July 15th.  Lieut Gomm of the 9 Regt Foot with his Party consisting of two Serjents two drums two fifes came here to recruit for the same Regt.

Sat. July 16th.  A Prize of three Guineas given by Liet Gomm cry’d to be wrestled for on Friday next.

Sun. July 17th.  Richard Tallamy and Susanna Cuming’s Banns published.

Tue. July 19th. The above Recruiting Party march’d for Dock, without getting a Recruit here.

Thur. July 21st.  Fair Day, Cattle, plenty but the selling rather dull. No amusements of any kind .

Fri. July 22nd.  About 4 in the afternoon the Wrestlers began to assemble in a Field near the Town, and there was hard kicking for several hours, the prize was awarded to three of the best Men. Mr. Thomas Lethbridge of Bridford had one of his shoulders dislocated in playing for the prize. What a pity that such barbarous Exercise should be encouraged!

Tue. July 26th.  Generals Simcoe & Grosvenor with the Aid-de-camps &c passed thro’ this place, from their tour of inspection thro’ Cornwell.

Wed. July 27th.  Mr. John Mardon Cross Street drawn in the East Devon Militia.

Mon. Aug. 1st.  The following Persons were balloted for the Army of Reserve for this Parish (viz):  Mr. Philip Frost, Farmer: Mr. John Harvey son of Mr. R.Harvey Maltster;  George Germon, Son of Mr. Gabriel Germon;  John May, son of Mr. May Uppacott; William Cuming, Husbandman;John Cann, Husbandman,;  Jonathan Pethybridge, Husbandman;  Frankmore, Husbandman

Wed. Aug. 3rd.  Lord Rolle pass’d thro’ Moreton and left the Ringers a Half Guinea for giving him a couple of peals.

Sun. Aug. 7th.  Married Mr. Richard Tallamy to Miss S.Cuming.

Mon. Aug. 8th.  Mr George Gray gone to Arscot to reside, and Mr. Samuel Gray takes possession of Mr. George Gray’s House to carry on the Malting business. Last evening the Principal Inhabitants of this Parish met in the school Room for the purpose to raise a company of Volunteers, when upwards of eighty persons entered their names. Mr. John Ponsford, Surgeon was chosen Captain, Mr. Horrrell, attorney, Lieutenant with Mr. John Germon, Ensign. Several resolutions were entered into, the purport of which were to march to any part of Great Britain in case of an Invasion or Rebellion.

This day the above offer was transmitted to Mr. Eales’ office at Exeter, and was favourably received .

Tue. Aug. 9th.  Mr. Sarell, officer of Excise, ordered to Buckfastleigh, and this day Mr. Nicholand, from Steyning in Sussex, took Mr. Sarell’s Books to survey Moreton.  Joshua Lang, Blacksmith, gone a substitute in the Army of Reserve.

Thur. Aug. 11th.  The Constable delivered Schedules to every Housekeeper to make a return of every Male between the ages of 17 and 55 and if they were willing to serve as Volunteers or be classed as ordered by a late Act “Levy-en-masse”.  An officer of the Artillery came here and took Setton [ Sutton] House & Barn for the purpose of lodging stores, Ammunition &c. The Revd. Mr.. Walkey, Curate of this Parish is appointed  Storekeeper, for which he is to have 4/6 per Day. The stores &c are expected to be brought next week.

Mon. Aug. 15th.  Mr. John Peters, and Mrs Mary Hamlin of Budleigh in this Parish, widow, Married with Licence. Intelligence received of the Volunteer’s of Moreton being accepted.

Fri. Aug. 19th.  Died after a lingering illness aged 46 Mr.Samuel Allent, alias Blanchard, Baker.

A Waggon load of Bread (Government Stores) brought here & lodged in a Barn at Setton [ Sutton]. A second Wagon with Bread came here;  A Third  Do. With Do;  A  Fourth  Do. With Do.;  A Fifth  Do. With Do. In the whole 31,000 lbs.

The Volunteers ordered not to meet again till further orders.

Mr. Knight officer of Excise came here to succeed Mr. Nicholand who is order’d to London.

Tue. Sep 20th.  Died aged 72 Mary Saunders, widow of the late Edward Saunders.

Wed. Sep. 21st.  This Day about 11 O’Clock in the forenoon a Fire broke out in the Dwelling House of Mr. Heller at Eastanray in the Parish of Lustleigh which in a few hours entirely destroyed the same with all the out houses adjoining, more of the Household Goods were saved then could be expected, considering there was no man at home to assist.  The House and Goods were Insured.

Wed. Sep. 21st.  A Waggon arrived with Biscuits.

Fri. Sep. 23rd.  Died aged 73 Mary frost, Widow

Fri. Sep. 30th.  Died aged 69 John Rowland, Woolcomber.

Mon. Oct. 3rd.  The Press-Gang, from Exeter Visited Moreton which occasioned some confusion for a few hours, but no insult was offered them.

Tue. Oct. 4th.  The Gang sat off again without pressing a Man. A Stranger enlisted with them .

Thur. Oct 6th.  Last night Nanny Endicott, fell over a piece of Timber which lay in the Corn-market, and broke one of her legs.

Sat. Oct. 8th.  Mr. John Ponsford recvd a Letter of the acceptance of our Volunteers. The Depot of Stores at Setton [ Sutton] compleated which consists of 325 quarters of Oats and Tons of Biscuits.

Sun. Oct. 16th.  £8:8:0 collected in this Parish, for the sufferers by a late Fire at Chulmleigh in this County.

Mon. Oct. 17th.  Moreton Volunteers march’d to Drewsteignton and took the Oath of Allegiance, on their return they had a hogshead of Cyder given them by their officers.

Wed. Oct. 19th.  A General Fast, which was observed with due solemnity.

Mon. Oct. 24th.  Mr. Richard Tallamy, and Mr. Richard Heard, Shoemakers, sworn by the Portreeve examiners of raw hides and skins for the year ensuing, and this evening the Crafts had a great Eat at the Red Lion, in honour of their St.

Tue. Oct. 25th.  A few Peals were rang to commemorate his Majesty’s Accession to the Throne.

Sun. Oct. 30th.  The Banns of Marriage published between Mr Wm Germon, Taylor, and Miss Mary Wotton, daughter of William Wotton, Woolcomber.

Tue. Nov. 1st.  Lord Courtenay’s Court held at the White Hart, when Mr. John Sillifant Saddler, Mr Richard Snow, Thatcher, and Mr. Richard Passmore, Currier, were sworn Constables for the Borough, and Mr John Tozer of Howton, sworn Constable for the Manor, other officers were sworn, and appointed as usual. An order was likewise made to pound all Pigs that should be found in the streets after Monday and the owners to pay 1s/ each. A Company of Pioneers, proposed to be raised in this Parish, near 50 immediately entered their names, and appointed Mr. George Gray, Lieutenant.

Fri. Nov. 4th.  Mr. John Mann, Tallow Chandler, appeared to the Castle of Exeter, being summonsed by the Supervisor of this division, for having in work eighteen rods of Candles more than he had been given notice to make, after a full hearing Mr. Mann was fined Six Guineas, & Mary Hutchings, Cross Street was fined, Three Guineas, for smuggling of Brandy &c.

Sat. Nov. 5th.  A Sermon Preached at Church by the Revd Mr. Walkey, and the Ringers did their duty, otherwise the Gunpowder Plot was passed by unnoticed.

Mon. Nov. 7th.  Mr. Clampit, Mr. D.Harvey, and Mr. Hooper, Butchers of Chagford and Mr.George Stoneman & Mr John Clarke Butchers of Drewsteignton, fined 7s/6d each, by Justice Burrington of Chudleigh, for refusing (in this market) on Saturday 29th to have their hides and skins cut and marked agreeable to an Act of Parlemant for that purpose .

Fri. Nov. 11th.  Mr. Thomas Mardon, drawn in the Army of Reserve, in the room of Ash who was a substitute for John Cann, Labourer in this Parish. Ash was discharged for a complaint in one of his arms, which he had previous to his going a Substitute. Mr. Mardon is in a club, 20 in No. who have subscribed one Guinea each.

Fri. Nov. 18th.  Married James Salter, private in the East Devon Militia to Ann Croot, Daughter of the late Nicholas Croot, Carrier.   Mr Thomas Mardon, procured a Substitute for £22, and this day was sworn at the Castle of Exeter. He was an Irish youth about 19 years of age, and a Taylor by trade.

Mon. Nov. 21st.  This Day Sixty four French Officers arrived here from Tavistock, they are quartered at the different Public Houses.

Tue. Nov. 22nd.  The French officers sat off for Exeter on their way to Litchfield in Staffordshire, they had four waggons to carry their baggage.

Thur. Nov. 24th.  Fair Day, the morning fine for the season – 2113 Sheep were produced for sale, about half of them were sold but at reduced prices – No Amusements.

Wed. Nov. 30th.  The Arms and two Drums for the Volunteers brought from Plymouth Dock – they are neat Firelocks and all new.

Thur. Dec. 1st.  The Volunteers inspected by Lieutenant Colonel Gore, who was highly pleased at their appearance, they were drilled this day by Sergeant Greenslade of the East Devon Militia.

Sun. Dec. 4th.  Married Mr. William Germon, Taylor, to Miss Mary Wooton..  Banns of marriage published between Mr. Edward Laskey and Miss Mary Peters.

Wed. Dec. 7th.  Died aged 28, Mary the daughter of Thomas & Jane May. This unfortunate Young woman at an early age give her self up to bad company which proved her ruin, and from a complication of diseases died in the prime of life. She was at last a most pitiable object, and breathed her last in her tattered clothes, Iying on a bundle of straw.

Sat. Dec. 10th.  Died aged 80 Mr Thomas Westlake

Wed. Dec. 21st.  75 of the North Devon Militia, march’d in here, from Okehampton, they march’d here to give room for part of the Army of Reserve who going to march up the country,

Fri. Dec. 23rd.  This morning the said 75 Men, march’d back again to Okehampton. They were greatly pleased with their quarters in Moreton and wished they could remain here during the winter.

Sun. Dec. 25th.  Christmas Day, Chorals sung as usual by the Church & Meeting Choirs and the Choristers were well soaked for their pains, for we had heavy rain all the morning with a high wind. This day the Moreton Volunteers appeared in their Regimentals for the first time, paraded before the Captain’s door and marched to Church, the weather was unfavourabele, however they looked extremely smart and are thought to be a fine company of Men.