Tue. Jan. 1st.  Mr. John Parker Senr. Mason seized in a fit of the palsy as he was sitting in a Chair by the Fire

Wed. Jan. 9th.  Died aged 60 Joan Trood wife of Mr John Trood Cooper.

Tue. Jan. 22nd.  Died aged 79 Ann commonly known by the name of Dame Guy.

Sat. Jan. 26th.  Stage erected on Greenhill for the Mountebanks, about 2 O’Clock this afternoon they mounted the stage. The Manager a Mr Passmore, who had been bred up under Dr. Johnson of Exeter A few prizes were given and the diversions consisted of idle talk and tumbling as usual on these occasions..

Sun. Jan. 27th.  Banns of Marriage published for the first time between Mr John Germon, Son of Mr Gabriel Germon of Coomb in this Parish, and Miss Maria Tozer of Howton.

Sat. Feb 2nd.  The Mountebanks second appearance, the principal prize a fat sheep.

Tue. Feb. 5th.  The Volunteers inspected by Colonel Taylor, and awful to relate Mr. Robert Cleft  aged 62 one of the drummers, immediately after beating round in the morning fell down in an apoplectic fit and died instantly without a groan or struggle. He was an honest inoffensive Man very attentive to his duty as a Volunteer, and greatly respected.

Thur. Feb. 7th.  This afternoon the remains of Mr Robert Cleft late drummer in the Volunteers were interred with military honours, the procession, moved off from his House, near the Six Bells about 3 O’Clock in the following manner  first the firing party with arms reversed, second the Fifes and Drums playing and beating the tune of the 104 psalm  third the corpse followed by the children of the deceased after which the Volunteers march’d with the officers in the rear, a great concourse of people attended who were deeply affected with the solemnity of the funeral – This is the first death since the Volunteers were sworn which was October 17th 1803.

Sat. Feb. 9th.  The Mountebanks third appearance principal prize a Silver cup.

Sat. Feb. 16th.  The Mountebanks fourth and last appearance principal prize a Silver Bowl

Wed. Feb. 20th.  This being the day appointed for a General Fast, was observed here with becoming solemnity.

Sat. Feb. 23rd.  Married, Mr John Germon to Miss Maria Tozer.

Mon. Mar. 18th.  Died aged 55 Mrs Mary Germon wife of Mr Gabriel Germon of Coombe in this Parish.

Wed. Apr. 10th.  Died at Kenn parsonage aged 60 the Rev Thomas Clack rector of Kenn and Moretonhampstead, and one of the prebendaries of the cathedral of Exeter.  He had  been rector of Moretonhampstead 31 years

Thur. Apr. 18th.  This day the Moreton Volunteers marched for Bovey heath field to be inspected with the other part of teignbridge regiment.  They marched from Moreton at 8 O’Clock in the morning and return’d about 7 O’Clock in the evening.

Tue. May 7th.  Married with Licence Mr. George Wills of lower Hisley in the Parish of Lustleigh to Miss Susan Cuming of Yalworthy in this Parish.

Wed. May 18th [8th].  This day the remains of Elizabeth Tozer, wife of William Tozer, Shoemaker, were interred   she departed this life on Sunday last (aged 62) at Dunsford where she and her husband had resided for some time.

Thur. May 16th. This morning about half past 4 O’Clock the Moreton Volunteers march’d to castle hill an eminence between haldon and longdown, where they were joined by the Worcester militia, Chudleigh Volunteers, and a company of Artillery with field pieces commanded by General Gower, which formed an army to have a sham fight -The other army which consisted of the North Devon Regiment, Exeter & Kenton Volunteers, and Sir Stafford Northcot’s Troop, were stationed near Exeter, and commanded by General Simcoe, the firing commenced with spirit on both sides, but all of a sudden a stop was put to this business, and each army was ordered to march to their respective homes, ’tis supposed a misunderstanding took place between the two Generals which was the cause of the retreat of both armys

Sun. May 26th.  Married Wm Bennett, Husbandman, to Susanna Saunders daughter of Mr. John Saunders.

Wed. May 29th. This being the anniversary of the restoration of King   and doors of a few individuals decorated with some sprigs of oak.

Sat. Jun 1st.  Great Market, a pretty large shew of cattle, selling rather dull, except cows  & calves, which sold brisk, but not at advanced prices.

Tue. June 4th.  His Majesty’s birth day, which was observed here with every mark of loyalty &  respect.  About 3 O’Clock this afternoon the North Tawton, South Tawton & Sampford Courtenay Volunteers consisting of 350 men march’d in here, to remain for 21 days on permanent duty, they appear to be a fine hardy body of men.

Thur. June 6th.  Died aged 70 Mr Gilbert Frost.

Sat. June 15th.  Between ten and eleven O’Clock P.M. we were alarmed by the ringing of the fire bell, & a cry of fire, on enquiry found it to be a small house at Nod belonging to Mr John Neck, and in about an hour it was quite burnt down, it was occasioned by filling in the house with oak-bark, wherein he had made fire in the morning for the purpose of drying bark, but had not carefully extinguishing the coals which remained in the ashes.  Great praise is due to the Officers commanding the Volunteers now on permanent duty here for their readiness in affording every assistance in their power.  The drums beat to  arms and the men turned out with the greatest alacrity, and for half an hour the town appeared in great confusion, but fortunately the damage done was not very  considerable.

Mon. June 17th.  Married, the Revd. Mr Bransby to Miss Sarah Isaac

Thur. June 20th.  This morning the Volunteers here on permanent duty and the Moreton Volunteers accompanied by two field pieces (six pounders) which arrived here last evening from Exeter, march’d for Reedyford Down near Bovey Tracey to have a sham fight, with the Chudleigh and Stover Volunteers, a company of militia, Lord Clifford’s  Troop, accompanied with several field pieces. After the different manoeuvres were gone through, a very heavy rain sat in, and the army returned well soaked.

Fri. June 21st.  This day the Volunteers here on permanent duty. Were inspected by General Popham .

Sat. June 22nd.  One of the North Tawton Volunteers drumm’d out of the regiment, for stealing bacon from Mr Wm Thorn at the Bell Inn.

Sun. June 23rd.  Died aged 52 Mrs. Eastabrook, wife of Mr Richard Eastabrook of Bowdon in this Parish.  Rev. Mr Bransby preached his farewell sermon, Text 13th Chapter 2nd Corinthians 11th verse.

Mon. June 24th.  March’d for their respective Parishes the North Tawton, South Tawton & Sampford Courtenay Volunteers.

Fri.  June 28th.  Rev Mr Bransby left Moreton for Dudley.

Sat. June 29th.  This day the Moreton Volunteers were inspected by Colonel Taylor.

Sun. July 14th.  Married at Teignmouth, Mr. John Germon, Lieutenant in the Moreton Volunteers, to Miss Sarah Pinsent, both of this place.

Died aged 75 Susanna Pinsent.

Thur. July 18th.  Fair Day, cattle sold rather dull. Mr. Moon the famous conjuror and Mr. Seyward with punch’s opera, were the only amusements.

Wed. July 18th.  Died aged 65 Mr John Parker, Mason

Tue. July 30th.  Died aged 80, Nathaniel Tremlett Shoe-Maker.

Sat. Aug. 3rd.  Married, with License, Mr John Tozer of Howton to Miss Elizabeth Wotton, daughter of Mr Joseph Wotton, Leather-Dresser.

Sun. Aug. 4th.  £24-2-6 collected by the Rev Mr Frecke curate of this Parish for the Devon and Exeter Hospital.

Wed. Aug. 7th.  24 Spanish prisoners came here from Crediton in their way to Plymouth.

Thur. Aug. 8th.  The above prisoners were conveyed to Ashburton.

Sun. Aug. 11th.  Rev Mr Manning of Exeter preached at the New Chapel in this Town in the Afternoon an appropriate sermon on the state of the Devon & Exeter Hospital. Tcxt 5th Chapter St John from the 5th to 9th Verse both inclusive, at the close of the service a collection was made for the benefit of that institution which amounted to £9-4-2¾

Thur. Aug. 22nd.  The Moreton Volunteers inspected by Colonel Taylor.  The collection at the Baptist Chapel for the benefit of the Hospital amounted to £3-11-6.

Thur. Aug. 22nd.  Mr Jeremiah Tavernor began his business as Saddler & Harness Maker in a shop opposite the White Hart in this town.

Thur. Sep 12th.  Died aged 70 Susanna Aller.

Wed. Sep. 18.  Mr. Thomas Neck, Grocer, in carelessly unloading a cask of treacle from a wagon staved the cask, and spilled all its contents, by which accident he sustained a loss of near £20.

Sun. Sep. 22nd.  John Dingle, Shoemaker, married to Mary Smale daughter of Mr John Smale, Carpenter .

Wed. Sep. 25th.  Rev Mr Crowther presented to the living of Moretonhampstead  We understand Mr Crowther holds it before Mr Wm Clack becomes of age to hold it himself .

Mon. Oct. 7th.  This morning about 9 O’Clock the Moreton Volunteers march’d for Newton Abbot to remain for 21 days on permanent duty.

Mon. Oct. 7th.  This afternoon 4 Kegs of Spirit (viz) 2 of Brandy and 2 of Gin were carriing to the Parsonage house, they were seized by the Chagford Exciseman.  ‘Tis said it was bought at a custom house, but there being no permit with them they were deemed seizable .

Sat. Oct. 26th.  Sale at the White Hart in this Town for 325 quarters of oats & 620 Bags of Biscuit 112 lbs each the property of his Majesty, in the Magazine at Court House near this Town.  It was all sold in about an hour, the oats at about 2/7½p pr Bushel and the Biscuit at about 10/6 pr. Sack.

This day the Volunteers return’d from Newton Abbot and remain’d on duty till Sunday evening.

Tue. Nov. 5th.  The anniversary of the Gun powder plot, which seems almost to have been forgot.  Lord Courtenay’s Court for this manor and borough held at the White Hart, where the usual business was transacted.

Thur. Nov. 7th.  This morning’s post brought us an account of a glorious and decisive Victory over the combined Fleets of France and Spain, on the 21st October off Cape Trafalgar about 30 miles S.E. of Cadiz.  Enemy 35 sail of the line. Lord Nelson’s fleet 27 sail of the line.  The action commenced about noon and continued the whole of the afternoon, and the most bloody in the naval annals of Old England, which finished a most decisive  victory on our side, 19 sail of the line were taken, but the death of Lord Nelson, has thrown a gloom over the conquest of a very superior enemy.  His Lordship was killed by a musquet shot from the tops of the Santa Trinidada of 136 guns, and Captn Cooke of the  Bellerophon, & Capt Duff of the Mars were likewise killed.  In consequence of the above news the Volunteers were called up and fired three vollies.

Sat. Nov. 9th.  The Gazette received of the foregoing victory, and the ringer, as a tribute of respect to the much to be lamented Lord Nelson, rang a knell, after which they rang a few merry peals.

Mon. Nov. 11th.  Intellegence recvd. of the capture of 4 French of the line, by a squadron of  British ships under the command of Sir R.Strachan, off Cape Ortegal, they were four that ascaped from the fleet off Cadiz.

Sat. Nov. 16th.  Died aged 43 Mr Richard Passmore, Currier.

Sun. Nov. 17th.  Died aged 75, Mr Wm Hart Woolcomber.  Married, William Withecombe, Taylor to Ann Leat.

Wed. Nov. 20th.  Mr. Thomas Neck, Crocer, removed from his house near the shambles, to a house opposite the White Horse, late Mr John Mardon’s

Thur. Nov. 28th.  Moreton Fair.  No. of sheep for sale 2351, out of which 1500 were sold.  Died aged 63 of an apoplectic fit at Mr Ponsford’s Surgeon, Mr Richd. Thorn of Chagford, Father to Mr Thorn of the Bell Inn in this Town.

Thur. Dec 5th.  Thanksgiving Day, for the Victory over the French and Spanish Fleets October 21st last off Cape Trafalgar. The day was observed with due solemnity.

Thur. Dec. 26th.  Died aged 34, Mrs Thorn wife of Mr William Thorn at the Bell Inn in this town. Mr Thorn is left a widower with six young children.