Sat. Jan 2nd.  Died aged         Susanna, wife of Jacob Laskey, who for many years had been afflicted with a violent nervous complaint call’d St. Vitas’ Dance.

Wed. Jan. 6th.  Died aged      of Phrenzy Fever at the Bell Inn in this Town, William White, private in the East Devon Militia native of Crediton.

Thur. Jan. 7th. This evening 13 Danes came here from Plymouth to remain on their parole.

Thur. Jan. 14th.  Six Danes came here on their parole.

Tue. Feb. 2nd.  Died aged 36 Mrs Passmore, wife of the late Mr. Richard Passmore Currier.

Thur. Feb. 4th.  About noon a fire broke at the Dolphin public house, in this Town, kept by Mr. Wm. Tozer, which waged with alarming violence several hours, threating the destruction of a great part of the Town.  At last after consuming the same and some other houses adjoining, its progress was happily stopped, by the energetic exertions of the Inhabitants, the Moreton Volunteers, the Inhabitants of the surrounding country, and the French & Danish Gentlemen resident here on parole. It was pleasing to see about 1500 people of different languages and colors uniting with great chearfulness in making breaches to stop the progress of the flames, in removing furniture and goods to places of security, and in carrying water to supply a powerful Engine, which was kept constantly at work in different points for several hours. As soon as the fire was extinguished a collection was made for the purpose of refreshing the poor who had been hard at work. And in the evening, the thanks of a meeting of Gentlemen at the White Hart was ordered to be communicated through Captn. Ponsford to the Volunteers and the foreigners who assisted; and the Inhabitants cease not to admire and praise the sovereign power that saith to the raging elements “be still”. Several other houses have been greatly damaged, but no just estimate of the loss can yet be made. Several people narrowly escaped being crushed by the fall of the front of one of the houses burnt.

Tue. Feb. 9th.  Mr. John Mann arrested for a debt of £100.

Wed. Feb. 10th.  Married John Guy, son of Mr. John Guy, of Howton in this Parish, to Anna Wotton, daughter of Mr. Joseph Wotton, Felmonger.

Sat. Feb. 13th.  A Sale at Mr James Wright’s for his household goods and furniture. Mr. W–  has left Moreton for debt.

Tue. Feb. 16th.      Langworthy aged    apprentice to Mr James Windeatt of Wooston in this Parish, drowned in the river Teign. He was sent with some corn to grind at Wear Mill, on returning through the ford, ’tis supposed the Horse threw him off – he was found in the river the next morning about 3 quarters of a mile below the Mills.

Wed. Feb. 17th. General Fast, which was observed as usual.

Thur. Feb. 19th.  A Coroner’s Inquest taken on the body of Langworthy, Verdict Accidental death.

Sat. Feb. 20th.  A Bank opened at the house of Mr. Elias Bishop’s, by Albany Salvile Esqr. M.P. for Okehampton

Thur. Feb. 25th.  Married Mr. Wm. Chasty Clock Maker to Miss Susan Heard daughter of Mr. Charles Heard.

Sun. Feb. 28th.  Died aged —- Miss Winifred Buckingham daughter of Mr. Buckingham of Steward in this Parish.

Mon. Feb. 29th.  Birth, Joan Lang a son.

Mon. Mar. 7th.  Died aged 30 Mr. John Tozer of Howton in this Parish.

Thur. Mar. 10th.  Married Wm Collings Stone Cutter, to Ann Snow daughter of Mr Rd. Snow Thatcher

Sun. Mar. 13th.  Died aged —– Mary Holman mother of Wm Holman Shoe-maker.

Sun. Mar. 20th.  Died aged 42 Mrs Bishop wife of Mr Elias Bishop.

Wed. Mar. 23rd.  The remains of Mrs Bishop interred in thc Baptist Meeting yard, and a sermon was preached on the occasion by the Rev. Jacob Isaac, “Text 47th Chapter Genises part 9th Verse “Few and evil have the days of my life been.

Mon. Apr. 4th.  Married with Licence Mr. Wm. Thorn to Mrs Jane Fry.

Tue. Apr. 19th  Married Samuel Cummin Labourer to Mary Edwards daughter of Joseph Edwards Mason.   Died aged —–      John Discombe.

Sat. Apr. 30th.  Died aged   Elizabeth the wife of Bartholomew Parker Mason.

Sun. May 8th.  Died Elizabeth daughter of the late Mr John Tozer, and Heiress to Howton Estate upon her death Mr Charles Tozer came to the Estate.

Tue. May 17th.  A Survey at Howton for the Farming Stock and Household Furniture of the late Mr Tozer. The Volunteers paraded this day, to be inspected by Captain Fulford of the East Devon Militia, but ’tis supposed he came as a Magistrate and not as an inspecting officer, for on the Volunteers marching to field, Cap Ponsford with the Sergeants of the Volunteers proceeded, arm’d to General Rochambeau’s and interrogated him respecting his being in possession of papers or charts inimical to this Government, but he denied having any such thing, however they searched his person and house, but did not find any thing tending to criminate him.

Thur. May 19th.  Married Mr. James Ellicombe to Miss Grace Buckingham daughter of Mr. Buckingham of Steward in this Parish.

Sat. May 21st.  This morning five of the French officers received orders to leave Moreton for Tiverton.

Mon. May 23rd.  Several of the French officers left Moreton for Tiverton.

Thur. May 26th.  Several of the French officers sat off for Tiverton.

Sat. May 28th.  A French officer and his wife sat off for Tiverton. There are but two French officers remaining.

Sat. June 4th.  The anniversary off his Majesty’s birthday, a few peals were rung on the occasion.

Great Market, pretty many Bullocks but few sheep.

Mr Chasty, watch and clock Maker and his wife having some words, she left him, and declared from the cruel manner he had treated her since marriage (14 weeks) that she would never live with him more, in consequence of which a separation deed was agreed on, parted the Furniture and resolved never to live together again.

Fri. June 10th.  Several Dutch officers came here from Plymouth on their parole, they were taken in a Dutch frigate called “Guelderland” by “La Virginia”.

Sun. June 12th.  The Captain of the above ship with several officers came here.

Tue. June 14th.  The Governor of “Batavia” that was going out in the Dutch frigate with two sons and several others came here.

Sat. June 25th.  The Governor and his two sons sat off for Plymouth to embark for Holland.

Tue. June 28th.  Died at Chudleigh on         last Miss Elizabeth Trend aged 54 and this day her remains were brought here and interred in a family vault in the Church.

Sun. July 3rd.  Married John Ledger, Thatcher, to Susan Berry, daughter of Joseph Berry Tanner


Mon. July 4th.  Married with licence Mr Richard Wills of Plymouth to Miss Susan Germon daughter of Mr. Nicholas Germon of Leign in this Parish

Sun. July 10th.  This morning 20 of the Spaniards on Parole here sat off for Plymouth to embark for Spain.

Mon. July 11th.  Died aged      George Daiment son of Mr. John Daiment Shopkeeper.

Thur. July 21st.  Fair-day tolerable shew of Cattle selling rather dull. No amusements.

Sun. July 24th.  Several Spaniards sat off for Plymouth.

Tue. July 26th.  Several more Spaniards sat off.

Thur. July 28th.  The remaining Spaniards sat off for Plymouth.

Thur. Aug. 25th.  Died aged 29 John Horrell, Taylor.

Mon. Sep. 5th.  Died aged 86 Mrs Taverner mother of Mr John Taverner of Dockham in this Parish.

Was found downed, in a small inlet of the sea near Arne, in Purbeck, the body of the Rev John Edwards, of Crediton, Devon. He left home in a deranged state of mind, and eluded the diligent search of his friends.  From the orderly state in which his clothes were found by the water side, it is evident he intended to bathe, and went beyond his depth. He was seen bathing the day before in the river Frome, a few miles from Dorchester. A coroner’s inquest sat on the body, and brought in their verdict, drowned by accident.

Thur. Sep. 8th.  Died aged 25 Ann Bridgman wife of John Bridgman Shoemaker.

Sun. Sep. 11th.  Died aged 30 Mary Lendon daughter of John Lendon

Sun. Sep. 18th.  Died aged 86 Peter Bidder

Sun. Sep. 25th.  Died aged       Mrs Sarah Toms wife of Mr John Toms Heelmaker.

Tue. Sep. 27th.  Died aged 42 Mr Elias Bishop.

Sat off for Deal in Kent Masr. George Gray son of Mr George Gray of Addiscott in this Parish to go on board, as a Midshipman.

Thur. Oct. 13th.  Died aged 56 Joseph White after a long and painful illness.

Sat. Oct. 15th.  Died aged 42 Mrs Waycott wife of Mr Waycott Paper-maker.

Sale commenced for the late Mr Bishop’s Household Goods and furniture.

Sun. Oct. 16th.  Died aged     Mary Liscombe wife of Henry Liscombe Sexton of this Parish

Mon. Oct. 17th.  Married with Licence Peter the Black servant to General Rochambeau to Susanna Parker. The Bells rang merrily all day. From the novelty of this wedding being the first Negro ever married in Moreton a great number assembled in the Church yard, and paraded down the street with them.

Thur. Oct. 20th.  The Dutch and Danish Officers on Parole here have taken part of Mrs. Harvey’s Malt-house, and are fitting of it up for a Theatre.

Sun. Oct. 23rd.  Died aged      John Frost Carpenter & Joiner.

Tue. Oct. 25th.  To commemorate his Majesty’s accession to the Throne a few peals were rung.

Sat. Nov. 5th.  The anniversary of the Gunpowder-plot. Ringing, Bonfire, and a few squibs.

Fri. Nov. 18th.  The Dutch Theatre opened & the House is fitted up in a very complete  manner

Thur. Nov. 24th.  Fair day, the number of sheep produced for sale were 2533 out of which     were sold. The number of Bullocks were but few. No amusement.

Tue. Nov. 29th. Two Troops of the 14th Light Dragoons came here from Exeter on their way for Falmouth to embark for Spain.

Wed. Nov. 30th.  The above Troops sat off for Tavistock. Two troops more came here.

Thur. Dec. 1st.  The above sat off for Tavistock.

Sun. Dec 11th.  Married Mr John Toms Heelmaker to Miss Pudicombe school mistress.

Sun. Dec. 25th.  Christmas Day. The morning was ushered in with Charols by the Church and Meeting Choirs. Married Mr Richard Eastabrook to Miss

Mon. Dec. 26th.  Married John Coleridge Carpenter, to Elizabeth Frost daughter of Mrs Frost of Cossic.

Wed. Dec. 28th.  Died aged 72, Mr Charles Heard Glazier.