Tue. Jan. 3rd.  Married Samuel Durges, Mason, to Betty Battershill.

Fri. Jan. 6th.  Died aged       Mrs Bennett of Willowwray.

Sun. Jan. 8th.  Nanny Stevens the wife of John Stevens Husbandman, as she was returning from Church, fell by which accident she broke her leg. This evening died aged 62 Mr Wm Smale Serge Maker.

Sun. Jan. 29th.  Died aged 7 years, Mary Anna daughter of Joseph Pinsent Esqr of London .

Mon Jan. 30th.  Married John Young Mason to Betty daughter of Joseph Edwards Mason.

Sun. Feb. 5th.  Died aged 43 George Lake Butcher.

Sat. Feb. 11th.  The Dutch Gentlemen on Parole here to the No of 36 received their Passports, and they will leave Moreton, between this and Wednesday next for Gravesend, where a Ship is preparing to carry them to Holland.

Mon. Mar. 6th.  Married Mr Barber Black Smith to Miss Ann Auther.

Tue. Mar. 7th. Died aged 76 Mrs Joan Hart, widow of the late Mr Wm Hart.

Wed. Mar. 8th.  Died aged 71 Mary Bowdon.

Died aged 31 Mrs Pinsent wife of Joseph Pinsent Esqr. of London.

Sat. Mar. 11th.  Died aged     Mr Matthias Worthy, Mason & Hellier.

Mon. Mar. 20th.  Married Thomas Stillman son of Thomas Stillman, Hunter to Mary Mortimore.

Sat. Mar. 25th.  Died aged 87, Joseph Wotton Woolcomber.

Sat. Apr. 8th.  Died aged      Mrs Hamlin Aunt to Mr. George Norrish Boot & Shoe Maker.

Mon. Apr. 17th.  Died aged      Hannah Taylor.

Sun. Apr. 23rd.  Mr Chasty, Clock Maker, detected in stealing a pair of Pantaloons from a Mrs Batt

Tue. Apr. 25th.  Mr & Mrs Chasty left Moreton

Thur. Apr. 27th.  By this mornings Post, Mr George Gray, received a letter from the Captain of the Cherokee, the ship that his son George is on board stating that as they were reconnoitreing the French Coast a random shot an eighteen Pounder from the Batteries struck his son in the right arm, they immediately put back to Deal, when upon examination it was thought proper to amputate the arm, which was done the following morning.

Mon. May 1st.  Died in the 58 year of his age of an Apoplectic Fit Mr. George Lang Black Smith.

Mon. May 22nd.  Married Mr John Waycott Paper Maker to Mrs Susanna Cornish, Widow of the late Mr Thomas Cornish Governor of the Workhouse.

Mon. May 29th.  A few twigs of oak stuck up in honour of King Charles the 2nd but no ringing on account of Miss Mary Christopher being ill.

Sun. June 4th.  His Majesty’s Birth-day – no ringing for the same occasion as on 29th Ult.

Thur. July   Fair-day   the shew of cattle rather small, selling pretty brisk – No amusement.

Sat. Aug. 5th.  Married Wm Wotton son of Mr Joseph Wotton Felmonger, to Miss Philippa Waycott, daughter of Mr John Waycott, Paper Maker.

Mon. Aug 7th.  This afternoon the Duke and Duchess of Bedford passed through this town in his way to Tavistock.

Thur. Aug. 31st.  This morning died in the 57 year of her age Mrs Rowdon, Widow.

Seven Dutch Officers came here on Parole, they were taken in the Island of Walchron.

Fri. Sep. 1st.  Three Dutch Officers came here on parole.

Mon. Sep. 4th.  Mr John Hancock of the Courtenay Arms, from the embarassment of his affairs, is obliged to disappear and left Moreton this day.

Tue. Sep. 12th.  Sale for Mr. Hancocks’s Household Goods and Furniture.

Thur. Oct. 5th.  Survey for letting Mr Hancock’s House & Ground.

Fri. Oct. 13th.  Died aged      Susanna Bond.

Sun. Oct. 22nd.  Married John Tallamy, son of Mr Richard Tallamy, Shoe-maker, to Mary Cornish, daughter of the late Mr. Thomas Cornish, Governor of the Work-House.

Wed. Oct. 25th.  This being the day on which his Majesty enters the 50th year of his Reign, was observed here with every demonstration of joy – The morning was ushered in with the Ringing of Bells.

The Volunteers paraded & marched to Church, were a sermon was preached by the Rev Mr Hole, Minister of North Bovey, Text 97th Psalm Verse – after the service was over the Volunteers assembled in the Century and fired a “Feu de joie”, they then repaired to different Public Houses, where dinners were provided for them by their Officers – In the afternoon the Money subscribed to the amout of £20 was divided and given to the poor of this Town & Parish.

In the evening there was a Ball, and supper at the White Hart which was attended by all the Ladies and Gentlemen of this Town and Neighbourhood and the day concluded with every mark of loyalty.

Thur. Oct. 26th.  All the Danish and Dutch Gentlemen on parole here received orders from the Agent “Mr John Ponsford” to hold themselves in readiness to leave Moreton as their Passports were expected every day.

Tue. Oct. 31st.  Lord Courtenay’s Court held at the White Hart, and the usual business transacted.

Sun. Nov. 5th.  The Anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot.

     Nearly all the Danish and Dutch Gentlemen have left Moreton for their native country.

Sun. Nov. 19th.  Died aged 90 Mrs Newcombe.

Sun. Nov. 26th.  Married William Morry to Jane Camble

Thurs. Nov. 30th.  Fair Day, the number of Sheep produced for sale were 2500 out of which 1700 were sold. No amusement.

This evening died in the 31st year of her age, Mrs Sillifant, wife of Mr John Sillifant Saddler.

Fri. Dec. 1st.  Married George      Stone Cutter, to Mary Shears daughter of Mr William Shears Carpenter.

Tue. Dec. 5th.  Married       Densham to Elizabeth Yandole, daughter of Robert Yandole.

Mon. Dec. 25th.  Christmas day. The morning was ushered in with carols by the Church and Meeting Choirs.

Died aged      William Mardler Husbandman.

Married Mr John Tucker one of the Masters of the Academy to Mrs Brittan.