The photo shows Robert Crump and wife with children Lottie, Mary, Augusta, and Philip C. Crump.  We believe Robert Crump bought Wray Barton about 1862.   For the earlier history of the estate see Wray Barton.

From the Census:

1871:  Robert W., widower, age 42; Augusta E. age 13, Philip C. age 12, Mary Rose, age 10, Charlotte 9.   Charlotte was born in Ilfracombe, the others all in ‘Hindustan’.  Robert was a retired indigo planter.

1881:  Robert William, married, age 52; Augusta age 23; Charlotte age 19.

1891:  Robert, married, age 62.

(Of course the census only shows who was there on one particular night)

From the parish records and graves we have:

1862  Elizabeth Harriet Crump of Wray died age 30  (memorial in church, and initials on grave D045)

1874  Robert W. Crump married Frances Jane Rocke, widow, formerly Dayrell

1899 Frances Jane Crump of Wray, wife of Robert, died aged 74 (grave G016); she was buried beside her first husband,  Major Herbert Rocke who served in the Crimea and died aged 46 in 1873, and she was the daughter of Edmund Francis Dayrell.

1903  Mary Lynburn Crump died aged 48 (grave H076); she was the wife of Philip Charles Crump

1914  Robert W. Crump died age 86 (grave D045)

1938  Frances Charlotte Harris died aged (?) 78, she was the daughter of Robert Crump.

Neither Dayrell nor Rocke are local names (the Dayrells came from Ireland), but it is interesting that in 1871 Letitia Dayrell age 70 was living in Cross Street (she died in 1880) and Commander Dayrell and a young family was living in Courtenay Terrace – perhaps his widowed  sister came to visit him and met Robert Crump.  Letitia Dayrell is buried in the next grave to Frances Jane Crump.