The White family (associated with the Unitarian Chapel)

Thomas White (1781-1852), a farmer and tanner, married Susanna Dunsford in 1802, and they had a considerable family who were closely connected with the Unitarian chapel.

The eldest daughter, Susanna Dunsford White (1804-1884) married John Hill, a gentleman of Exeter, and from 1861 they lived in Pitt House;  John Hill was a J.P.

The elder sons, Thomas (1806-1881) and Edward (1811-1886), and daughter Jane (1809-1895) remained single and lived in what is now Moreton House in the Square, running the tannery business after their father retired.

The youngest son William White (1816-1853) became a solicitor, whose name appears on a lot of deeds of properties in Moreton.  Shortly before his death he bought Borohaye House in Court Street, which passed to his youngest sister, Emma White (1823-1898) who had married Edward Bowring, son of Benjamin Bowring, a partner in his fathers shipping and trading business.  The Bowrings lived in Borohaye when they were not elsewhere, and their son Thomas (later Sir Thomas Bowring) appears in the census as a small child staying with his uncle.

The Whites were strong supporters of the Unitarian Chapel and there are memorials to them there.